Ensure You’ll Be First In Line for a Pool This Spring

Although the weather is just now turning cooler and the leaves are changing, at Leisure Pools, we’re already booking spring pool installations! Imagine having a pool installed and ready to go so that when warm weather hits, your family is enjoying all the fun that can be had with a backyard swimming pool. We’ve put together a list of the reasons to start now and plan your pool purchase.

1. Springtime is a high-demand season.

Springtime bookings are already underway with customers putting down deposits for pools with plans to have them installed this spring. By planning your pool purchase now, and putting down a deposit, you’ll be able to rest assured that your pool and installation is booked so that you’re first in line come spring.

2. You don’t miss peak pool season.

Buying a pool is exciting and many pool owners look forward to finally being able to enjoy their pool. The sooner your pool is installed and ready for swimming, the sooner you can be enjoying it. By booking your pool for spring, you can make the most of a full pool season instead of having it installed towards the end.

3. You can start making other decisions.

The choices that come with buying a pool go beyond just selecting the design and color. There is pool and landscape lighting to think about, the type of decking and also the landscaping and any pool furniture you may want. By going ahead and booking your pool now, you can started making all these other decisions and preparations for pool ownership.

4. You start planning pool parties or family reunions.

Homes with pools are desirable places for people to gather since pools are enjoyable for any age and people with nearly any interest. By planning your pool now, you can also start planning spring and summer pool parties, family reunions, poolside BBQs or even poolside staycations!

5. It can make a great holiday gift.

By booking your pool now (and keeping it a secret) you can surprise your family with the pool purchase as a holiday gift. While a pool can’t be gift wrapped, you could write it in a card or get your family pool toys or items as a gift. When they open them, you can announce the pool purchase. There are many ways to give the gift of a pool!


How do you start the pool buying process? Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepoolsusa.com) and be on your way to Swimming in Quality and Style!