Leisure Pools Esprit small fiberglass inground swimming pool

Small Inground Pool Design Ideas

Leisure Pools Esprit small fiberglass inground swimming pool

When considering an inground pool for your backyard, your thoughts may immediately turn to grand spaces with lavish amenities. You know, the kind of which high-dollar resorts are made.  But that does not necessarily have to be true. In fact, some of the most amazing inground pool projects involve smaller pools in the most ordinary of settings.

Many of our pool designs come in smaller dimensions to accommodate limited backyard settings.

The Esprit

The Esprit™, for example, offers a perfect fit. It even comes with full length bench seating. At nearly 19’ long and 7.5’ wide, its enticing trim design can comfortably fit demanding space considerations.

Leisure Pools Esprit fiberglass inground swimming pool

The Harmony

Leisure Pools Harmony fiberglass inground swimming pool

If you want to swim but think a small inground pool is not up to the challenge, think again. The classic style and trim fit of The Harmony offers a full-length bench and swim channel.

The Fiji Plunge and The Palladium Plunge

We also specialize in plunge pools, including the Fiji Plunge and the Palladium Plunge™These are typically smaller in overall depth and size than a standard pool. But that doesn’t mean they have to limited on inspirational ideas. These compact inground pools are bursting with style and features.

Leisure Pools Palladium Plunge fiberglass inground swimming pool

We have assembled some small inground pool ideas to delight and inspire you. Your small inground pool can easily become a delightful outdoor living space with just the right touch.

11 Small Inground Pool Ideas to Consider Adding to Your Backyard

1. Add a tanning ledge.

Also referred to as a sun shelf, Baja shelf, or splash pad, a tanning ledge will definitely give your small inground pool a boost. This is the ideal place to relax on a hot, lazy day. Even if your pool does not come with one built in, you can add it to the side of your pool.  At Leisure Pools, many of our pool designs have built-in tanning ledges.

2. Add some gorgeous coping and patio elements.

An easy way to elevate your inground backyard pool is to incorporate some beautiful stone, brick, or even marble to frame your pool. (Hint: just make sure it is slip resistant.)

3. Add an underwater mosaic.

If you want to add some charm and character to your inground pool, consider an eye-catching mural or mosaic. What is unique to these is that you can have it customized to your tastes and style.

4. Install a rock waterfall.

If you want your surrounding landscape to play in harmony with your pool, a rock waterfall can seamlessly add the perfect touch. This layer of material and texture can be the perfect complement to your backyard setting.

5. Consider a cascade.

You can add a cascade waterfall to a retaining wall for a soothing and relaxing vibe. However, it is a good rule of thumb to have a waterfall or cascade plumbed in advance and added when the pool is installed.

6. Add a layer of ambient lighting.

If you like to hang out by the pool at night or entertain friends in the evening, some pool landscape lighting provides an elegant and special touch. When strategically placed, pool landscape lighting can take your backyard pool to an entirely new level.

Inground fiberglass swimming pool ambient lighting

7. Tile it up.

If you want to add some additional style to your inground pool, waterline tile is a great option. This is where you can showcase your color scheme and add a layer or artistic beauty.

8. Fire it up.

Who doesn’t love a poolside fire pit? Have you ever considered bringing the fire into the pool? A fire bowl is the ideal choice in this regard. Your creativity knows no bounds Feel free to express yourself here.

9. Hoop it up.

If you enjoy playing a few games in the pool, a basketball hoop may just be the answer. Install one just on the edge of the pool and make the pool your court. Just have fun with it. We won’t keep score!

10. Add some plants around the perimeter of your inground pool.

Sure, you could just have a concrete patio surrounding your pool, but why not jazz things up a bit with some poolside landscaping? Opt for some strategically placed planters along a retaining wall. You may also want to add a rock garden with a few planters to one side of the pool.

11. Jets and bubblers.

A few jets added to your pool can take your inground swimming pool experience up a notch. With a spa-like touch, you can enjoy a relaxing life of leisure at any time. For a fun in-pool fountain, a bubbler (or two!) can be a great complement to a tanning ledge.

Add In an Automatic Pool Cover

And when it is time to turn out the lights and go to bed, don’t forget an automatic pool cover to protect your inground pool.  For added safety, security, and strength, a pool cover is the way to go.

No matter what options you choose, don’t be afraid to express yourself and indulge a bit of imagination. Your small inground backyard pool can have a significant and lasting impact for years to come. Making lasting memories is one of the best add-ons you can have.

Leisure Pools is one of the world’s largest fiberglass pool manufacturers. We are in the business of providing you a place to enjoy with family and friends. Your own slice of paradise is just a click away.  Contact us today to get started on your own inground pool project.  To find a dealer near you, call 855-857-7527.

A life of leisure is waiting for you. Your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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