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Fiberglass Pool Shells: Where Beauty Meets Durability

Think of a shell as nature’s perfect design—elegant yet robust, providing both allure and protection. Fiberglass pool shells embody this same philosophy. They offer not just aesthetic appeal but also unparalleled durability against elements like weather, salt, chemicals, and of course, swimmers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the art and science of crafting fiberglass pool shells. We’ll explore their aesthetic features, technological advancements, raw materials, and what sets one manufacturer apart from another. Plus, we’ll guide you on how to find the best fiberglass pool manufacturer and dealer near you.

The Evolution of Fiberglass Swimming Pool Shells

The first fiberglass swimming pool was a brainchild of Pascal Paddock, a trailblazer in modern pool construction back in the early 1900s. Interestingly, that inaugural pool was sold in four separate pieces. Fast forward to today, and fiberglass pools are engineered as a single, structurally sound shell.

So why are today’s homeowners overwhelmingly opting for fiberglass pool shells? Here’s why:

  • Modern fiberglass pools boast durability that far surpasses their mid-20th-century counterparts.
  • They offer a plethora of choices in color, size, shape, and built-in features.
  • Advanced gel coats ensure a soft, tactile experience and come with guarantees against fading and blistering.
  • Installation is swift, often completed in a fraction of the time required for traditional pools.
  • Maintenance is both simpler and more cost-effective.
  • They are easily compatible with salt-water systems.
  • Fiberglass pools are exceptionally pet and child-friendly.

The Advantages of Composite Fiberglass Pool Shells

Beyond their undeniable beauty, one of the standout benefits of inground fiberglass pools is their prefabricated, ready-to-install design. These pools offer the fastest route from excavation to your first swim. Typically, a pair of certified installers can set up the shell in just a few hours, eliminating the need for a team of subcontractors. This is a stark contrast to the lengthy, weather-dependent, and quality-variable process associated with concrete or vinyl-liner pools.

Fiberglass pools offer the quickest time to swim because the fiberglass shells are delivered to the excavated site and installed in a couple of days instead of months. In most cases, fiberglass shells can be installed by two certified installers, replacing a team of various sub-contractors. But with concrete or vinyl-liner pools, the installation is a far more complex and lengthy process prone to weather delays and quality control challenges.

Uncompromising Quality: The Hallmark of Fiberglass Pools

Quality isn’t just a buzzword when it comes to fiberglass pools; it’s an integral part of the manufacturing process. Crafted in controlled factory environments by skilled artisans, each pool shell undergoes rigorous quality control checks. This meticulous process ensures that every pool meets the highest standards before it even leaves the factory—let alone arrives in your backyard. On the other hand, pools constructed on-site face a myriad of challenges, from unpredictable weather to varying skill levels among builders.

When it comes to choosing an in-ground swimming pool, you have three primary options: concrete, vinyl-liner, and fiberglass. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of each in another insightful article, “Fiberglass Vs. Vinyl Liner Vs. Concrete Inground Pools.” However, once you understand how the quality and features of fiberglass pools directly impact both your return on investment (ROI) and your return on beauty (ROB), we’re confident you’ll find fiberglass to be the clear winner.

So go ahead, dive into the world of fiberglass pools, where beauty meets durability, and start creating lasting memories in your very own aquatic paradise.

Industry-Leading Construction Process

When it comes to choosing a pool, the construction process of the shell is the linchpin that determines both its durability and beauty. It’s crucial to understand that not all fiberglass pools are crafted with the same level of expertise or materials.

Your pool shell isn’t just a functional element; it’s the crown jewel of your backyard. It should harmonize with your landscape, complement your home’s architecture, offer amenities that elevate your leisure time, and provide a surface that’s inviting and gentle to the touch. Above all, it should be a long-lasting investment that resists fading, buckling, cracking, and the damaging effects of chemicals, salt, and UV rays.

At Leisure Pools, we set the industry benchmark by offering a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. Here’s why:

The Leisure Pools Composite Armour™: A Symphony of Strength and Beauty

Our fiberglass pool shells are engineered with cutting-edge Composite Armour technology, a patented innovation born from relentless research and development. We utilize only the finest raw materials, including DuPont™ Kevlar®, basalt, and carbon fibers, to create a pool shell that’s not just durable but virtually indestructible.

Flexibility Meets Durability: The Best of Both Worlds

DuPont™ Kevlar® is renowned for its use in military-grade body armor and aerospace applications. When combined with Carbon Fiber and Basalt Fiber—materials also used in aerospace and high-performance automotive industries—you get a pool surface that’s nothing short of “bullet-proof.”

Our Composite Armour technology doesn’t just offer unparalleled durability; it also provides exceptional flexibility. The flexural and tensile strengths of our pool shells are meticulously engineered to withstand ground shifts, weather extremes, and even natural disasters when properly maintained. Whether it’s floods, droughts, scorching heat, or freezing cold, Leisure Pools’ Composite Armour stands unyielding.

Continuous Innovation: The Leisure Pools Commitment

We’re not content to rest on our laurels. Leisure Pools continues to invest heavily in Research and Development to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fiberglass pool construction.

In summary, when you choose a Leisure Pools fiberglass shell, you’re not just getting a pool; you’re investing in a lifetime of beauty, durability, and peace of mind. So dive in and experience the Leisure Pools difference.

Osmosis Warranty

The Unbeatable Strength of Leisure Pools’ Patented Vinyl Ester Resin Construction

When it comes to fiberglass pool shell construction, the industry standard typically involves the use of Gelcoat Color, Vinyl Ester Resin, and Structural Polyester Resin. However, the game-changing innovation over the past two decades has been the integration of corrosion-resistant Vinyl Ester Resin into the fiberglass layer. This high-performance resin acts as a formidable barrier, making your pool’s surface highly resistant to osmosis. In layman’s terms, this specialized resin is your pool’s best defense against the infiltration of water and chemicals.

What sets Leisure Pools apart from the competition is our unique approach to Vinyl Ester Resin application. While most manufacturers settle for a single layer, we infuse every interior layer of our pools with this high-grade resin. Why do we go the extra mile? Because incorporating Vinyl Ester Resin into each layer offers the most robust protection against osmosis. Polyester Resin may be the more economical choice, but it falls short in effectiveness. Opting for a Leisure Pools swimming pool fortified with Vinyl Ester Resin is the strongest safeguard you can invest in for both your family’s safety and a lifetime of poolside enjoyment.

The stark reality is that pool shells constructed with only a single layer of Vinyl Ester Resin are far more vulnerable to osmosis. This is precisely why many manufacturers shy away from offering a lifetime warranty. At Leisure Pools, we stand by the unparalleled durability of our pools, and that’s why we confidently offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

In essence, when you choose a Leisure Pools fiberglass shell, you’re not just investing in a pool—you’re investing in a fortress of leisure that’s built to last. Dive in and experience the unmatched resilience and quality of a Leisure Pools swimming pool.

Fiberglass Pool Shells, 6 Layers of Protection

AquaGuard™ Color System: Where Vibrant Beauty Meets Unmatched Durability

Experience colors that not only dazzle but also stand up to salt, chemicals, and the elements.

Whether you’re drawn to deep, rich hues or lighter tones that evoke the feel of a sun-soaked tropical paradise, Leisure Pools has the perfect palette for you. Our fiberglass pool shells don’t just come in colors; they come alive, sparkling like gemstones as they interact with water and sunlight.

But we don’t stop at mere aesthetics. Our AquaGuard color options are engineered for resilience. Infused with cutting-edge technology, these colors are designed to resist the harmful effects of UV rays, chemicals, and salt. They’re even tough enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear from your family and pets.

In essence, we offer beauty that’s more than skin deep. It’s a beauty fortified by AquaGuard Gelcoat resin finishes, and we’re so confident in its lasting brilliance that we back it with a 10-Year Warranty.

So go ahead, make a splash in a pool that’s as enduring as it is exquisite. With Leisure Pools’ AquaGuard Color System, you’re not just choosing a color—you’re choosing a lifetime of vibrant, worry-free enjoyment

Would you like to see more examples of these beautiful pool shell colors in real-life applications? Take a look at What do Swimming Pool Colors Really Look Like?

The Final Touch: Why Surface Polish is the Crown Jewel in Leisure Pools’ Fiberglass Shell

Discover the ultimate blend of aesthetic brilliance and unparalleled durability, all backed by a lifetime warranty.

You’re already familiar with the six layers of protection that Leisure Pools’ Composite Armour brings to every fiberglass swimming pool shell. Crafted from the finest engineered raw materials, these shells are designed to withstand anything that Mother Nature or chemical treatments can throw at them. And with our lifetime structural and osmosis warranties, these pools are genuinely built to last.

Add to that the dazzling array of AquaGuard colors that can range from deeply intense to softly serene, and you’ve got a pool that’s a true reflection of your personality and home.

While beauty and durability are cornerstones of your ultimate pool design, the final—and most critical—step is the surface polish.

Top 3 Benefits of Our Surface Polish
Radiant Color and Sparkle: Our AquaGuard Color System offers a spectrum of hues that truly come alive when the pool surface is polished to perfection. Whether you opt for vibrant, intense colors or soft, calming blues, the final polish makes them shimmer like never before.

Silky Smooth to the Touch: One of the key reasons people opt for fiberglass over concrete pools is the tactile experience. Say goodbye to scraped fingers and snagged swimsuits. Our fiberglass pools offer a luxuriously soft underfoot feel, far surpassing the durability of vinyl-liner alternatives.

Resistant to Elements: The high-polish finish not only looks great but also makes maintenance a breeze. These smooth surfaces are less likely to harbor dirt and algae, making your pool easier and more cost-effective to keep clean.

Beyond Easy Maintenance: The Cost Savings
Our final Gelcoat is nonporous, making it chemically inert. This means your pool’s water chemistry remains stable, translating to significantly lower chemical costs compared to concrete or vinyl liner pools.

Ideal for Salt Chlorination Systems
The high-polish surface and protective under-layers make our fiberglass pools the only choice for those considering salt chlorination systems. Imagine a pool where the water is as soft as its surface, without the harsh smell of chlorine. While salt chlorination systems are not recommended for concrete or vinyl liner pools, they integrate seamlessly with our fiberglass pools. For a deep dive into salt chlorination, check out our Definitive Guide to Salt Water Pools.

In summary, when you choose a Leisure Pools fiberglass shell, you’re not just investing in a pool—you’re investing in a lifetime of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. Dive in and experience the Leisure Pools difference.

Pool Shell Size and Shape

vintage pools

The Evolution of Pool Styles: From Past Decades to Modern Versatility

Discover how swimming pool designs have evolved and how today’s options offer something for every space and taste.

Swimming pool designs have come a long way since the days of diving boards in the ’70s and mansion-esque stone features of the ’80s and ’90s. Today, the possibilities are virtually limitless—whether you’re in the market for a minimalist oasis or a feature-rich aquatic playground, you can have it all. For the complete line of Leisure Pools, check out all of our award-winning swimming pool designs.

While expansive landscapes offer a blank canvas for pools of any size or shape, urban settings present their own unique set of challenges. But don’t worry, small spaces don’t have to mean limited options. For those navigating the complexities of smaller landscapes, explore our blog article, “Small Backyard Pools for Small Spaces That Are Big Fun”, for innovative solutions that maximize enjoyment without sacrificing space.

In summary, no matter your spatial constraints or design preferences, today’s pool styles offer unparalleled versatility. From modern minimalist to freeform tropical, to smaller pool shells that still dazzle, we have the designs ready to deliver a Life of Leisure.

Safeguard Your Investment with Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

When it comes to investing in an inground swimming pool, settling for anything less than the best is not an option.

Investing in an inground swimming pool is a significant commitment, one that demands nothing less than the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Strength, beauty, and durability are non-negotiables, and subpar manufacturing simply won’t cut it.

A Symphony of Expertise: How Leisure Pools Achieves Superior Quality

Creating a top-tier fiberglass swimming pool involves more than just premium raw materials. It’s a harmonious collaboration among artisans, engineers, architects, designers, and chemists. Each expert plays a vital role across all production areas, united by a single, laser-focused objective: to craft products of unparalleled quality that stand the test of time. This commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is embedded in every fiberglass pool shell we produce.

The Pillars of Leisure Pools’ Quality Control

  • Specialized Staff: Our technical center boasts a team of polymer chemists.
  • Rigorous Testing: Raw materials undergo scrutiny via an FTIR Spectrometer.
  • Strength Assurance: Each layer is tested for flexural and tensile strength.
  • Comprehensive Checks: Barcol Hardness, burn, and boil tests are conducted on laminates.
  • Precise Weight Management: Ensures the exact material levels are applied.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing: Guarantees no weak points in the pool structure.
  • Impeccable Finishes: White glove testing ensures every finish is flawless.

Your Next Steps: Dive Deeper into Leisure Pools’ Advanced Technology

While there’s a wealth of technical details to explore in choosing your fiberglass swimming pool, spa, or tanning ledge, the key takeaway is this: an extraordinary level of advanced technology is built into every Leisure Pools product. This empowers you to select the perfect design, color, and dealer with full confidence.

To delve further into pricing, timing, and installation specifics, call us at 855-85-SPLASH (855-857-7527) or contact us for more information or to connect with a local expert.

We eagerly anticipate the beginning of your Life of Leisure, starting right by your new pool.

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