Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers can help protect your pool year round.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers can help protect your pool year round.

Cover and Protect Your Investment with Ease and Style

When you have a backyard swimming pool, the fun and pleasure it brings to you and your family is immeasurable. You plan to enjoy those moments for years to come. However, it is important to protect your investment with an automatic swimming pool cover.

First of all, an automatic swimming pool safety cover offers peace of mind. An automatic pool cover keeps anyone and anything out of your pool. You have the confidence that when your pool is closed, it is closed. There is no unsupervised access to your pool.

Secondly, an automatic swimming pool safety cover keeps heat in the pool and minimizes water loss due to evaporation.

Finally, an automatic inground pool cover is all about convenience. The cover helps to maintain the integrity of the water temperature and chemical levels while also keeping the swimming pool clean. As a result, you spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it.

Now that a an automatic swimming pool cover is on your list of priorities, let’s take a deeper look at what they are, what they do, the types of styles available, and how you ultimately maintain them to ensure their longevity and convenience to you.

What’s the Difference Between an Automatic Safety Pool Cover vs. a Winter Pool Cover?

Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers help protect our pool from trash and debris.

One of the most important things to know initially is that a regular pool cover is different than a safety pool cover.

Winter (replacement) covers are not safety covers but are intended to replace those winter covers that may be getting old and ragged. A winter cover is essentially a large tarp that covers your pool to keep out any debris and damaging sunlight. It can also help protect your pool against damage overall, making it that much easier as you transition from winter to swimming season. In other words, winter covers help protect the water and keep you from having to do a lot of maintenance work when you are ready to go swimming again in the summer.

Safety covers, on the other hand, protect your pool year-round. They are specially designed to add another layer of protection against debris and sunlight, as well as to prevent drownings and damage to your pool. A safety pool cover does not allow for excessive gaps between the pool cover and your pool so water cannot collect and injure someone.

Additionally, you want a safety cover that protects people from getting under water and then not be able to come out. When a pool cover does not meet proper requirements, it cannot be considered a safety cover and thereby poses a potential risk to your family and friends.

What’s the Difference in Price Between an Automatic Safety Pool Cover and a Winter Pool Cover?

Automatic swimming pool safety covers can range from $8,000 to more than $15,000, depending on the size of the pool. Winter covers are much less costly (ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars) but are not actually safety covers, so there is a difference. If you are closing down a pool for the winter and have a traditional cover, that is not a safety cover, so you will need to have a fence around your pool.

Winter covers are not designed for rolling back and forth, either, as are automatic safety covers. You use winter covers to close down your pool at the end of the swimming season. Automatic safety covers allow you to open and close at will for a far more pleasant swimming pool experience throughout the swimming season while still providing all of the benefits mentioned previously.

Automatic Covers Provide Safety and Protection & Save Time and Money

A Cleaner Pool

With an automatic pool cover, dirt and debris are kept at bay. This will significantly cut down on the amount of time you have to spend vacuuming and skimming your pool. When you are ready to get in the pool, you can open it with a simple turn of a key (an added layer of security!) where the sparkling clean water awaits you.

Water Conservation

Did you know that uncovered pools can lose about 2 inches of water per week? That adds up as your water bill escalates. An automatic safety pool cover helps to prevent evaporation and conserve the water in your pool.

Maintains Water Temperature

You know how it can be. You have a chilly night and the next day the water temperature in your pool has dropped a bit. An automatic safety pool cover will help to keep an ideal water temperature. When you are ready to jump in, the water will be as you like it. The cover not only retains heat but can add heat to the water.

Chemical Conservation

When the water evaporates in your pool, the chemical evaporate in tandem. An automatic safety pool cover will help to keep those chemicals in the pool. This saves you both time and money, leaving you with more time to simply enjoy being in the water.

How Do Automatic Safety Pool Covers Work?

A swimming pool cover definitely makes the time you have to spend maintaining and cleaning your pool easier. By now you probably know what one is, but you probably want to know how one works. It’s all pretty simple.

There is a leading edge tube incorporated into the pool cover to which the leading edge will be attached. The edges of the pool cover will run parallel to one another on two parallel tracks that are placed along both sides of the pool.

Mechanically speaking, the automatic pool cover is comprised of interlocking gears. When you activate the system – usually with the simple touch of a button – the gears go to work and automatically begin to spin the aluminum tube. The pool cover will then roll off or on the pool to either uncover or cover it.

Automatic pool covers are extremely convenient. You don’t have to manually do this before or after using your pool. You can reserve your energy to enjoy time in your pool.

Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers can offer piece of mind.

Take Care of Your Pool Cover

Once you have an automatic safety pool cover installed, you will want to maintain it to ensure its longevity. But don’t worry; it’s not complicated. We have a few tips to help you care for your pool cover that will pay off in the long run.

Keep Water off the Cover

A cover pump can easily remove any standing water from the tip of the cover wherever it accumulates.  These pumps are lightweight, easy to use, and efficiently get rid of those unwanted puddles.

Keep Dirt and Other Debris off the Cover

While automatic pool safety covers are strong and durable, it is not wise to let leaves, twigs, dirt and more collect on top of them.  Use a broom or soft pool brush to gently sweep the unwanted debris from the cover.

When It’s Time to Add Chemicals

After you have chemically treated your pool, be sure to leave the cover open for at least two hours so any gases created by the treatment can escape.

Stay on Track

Be sure to clean and examine the cover tracks on a regular basis. Every week or two, spray the tracks with a standard garden hose to remove any debris or dirt. This is especially important if you have a saltwater pool. Residue from the salt can damage the unpainted and painted parts of the tracks if allowed to accumulate. Be sure to clean the pool cover housing regularly, as well.

Open the Cover Weekly

So that harmful gases won’t accumulate under the cover, open the cover weekly.

Examine the Fabric on Occasion

If you see any signs of wear and tear, it might be time to replace the cover. The fabric should last about 7-10 years. This can be impacted by frequency of use and by the water chemistry. If you have good water chemistry, the fabric will last longer than if you have bad water chemistry.

Have the Cover Serviced Professionally

It is important to have the cover and the system evaluated and serviced by a professional annually. They will look for any parts that may need to be repaired and will also adjust and inspect the entire unit. Any ill-working components can cause your pool cover to run poorly or stop working altogether.

Automatic Pool Safety Covers: A Deeper Dive into Designs and Styles

Integra Pool Covers is one of the leading automatic swimming pool manufacturers and can meet all your needs in this area. Integra’s covers are made to your specifications, are hand sewn and are comprised of 17 oz. Aegis Acrylic Coated Vinyl. This results in less friction and drag. And they come in six beautiful colors.

Who to Call When You Are Ready to Purchase Your Automatic Safety Pool Cover

You have made a significant investment in your pool. Doesn’t it deserve the best protection available? An automatic pool safety cover is the answer.

Be sure to check with local municipalities and homeowners’ associations to see what is allowed in terms of pool covers. Some states do not require a fence if you have an automatic pool cover. Talk to your Leisure Pools dealer to learn if this is true in your location.

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