Aqua Blue Designs: Your Partner in Pools

More people are purchasing an inground fiberglass backyard pool to create a livable space as a source of relaxation, fun, and beauty that can be immensely enjoyed for years to come.

Creating that idyllic backyard oasis with a swimming pool is the perfect way to bring your family together during the summer, and even beyond. While you could certainly invest in an inflatable pool from your local big box retailer or even snag one of those trendy stock tank pools, an in-ground fiberglass pool is designed to serve your interests much better in the long run. If you have ever wondered what Heaven on Earth is like, a stunning inground fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools® and Aqua Blue Designs could be it.

It May Still Be Winter but It’s Time to Think Summer if an Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool is on Your Mind.

If you want a fiberglass swimming pool in the near future, it is best to put down a deposit now and get on the waiting list. Why? Because it could potentially take up to a year to have your new pool delivered and installed.

“Patience is key for any kind of pool right now,” emphasized Norm Whitted, owner of Aqua Blue Designs, serving the greater Kansas City metro area.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a backyard fiberglass swimming pool, Norm issued a few suggestions regarding what to do before the pool is installed:

  1. Get any trees out of the way.
  2. Work with the pool dealer on preliminary designs and think about it for a couple of months.
  3. Spray out the design in the backyard so you can see it from all angles, even from the upstairs window.
  4. Six months down the road, you still have time to change your mind as most likely the pool has not yet been ordered.
  5. Make sure all city requirements for a backyard swimming pool are satisfactorily met.

Although waiting up to a year to get a backyard swimming pool may seem like a long time, Norm indicated it can actually be somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

“The longer you wait to make a decision, the better decision you will make,” he explained. “it is well worth the wait. And we keep an open mind on how to build your new pool and how it will be installed until we can’t.”

The Fiberglass Swimming Pool Difference

Fiberglass pools offer a customized way to turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they are also one of the easiest pools to maintain and are made of the strongest and most durable materials. If you want a swimming pool to last a lifetime and one that will continually invite you to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, then it’s time to get acquainted with Aqua Blue Designs.

This company is the place to go in Kansas City for fiberglass pools. They have been in business for two decades and continue to gain traction at a highly-accelerated pace. When you partner with Aqua Blue Designs, you are working with one of the area’s oldest and most experienced fiberglass pool contractors and installers. The best at what they do, this team of experts knows exactly what it is doing and does it right each and every time.

“This is all we’ve ever done,” expressed Norm.

From Surveying to Swimming: Finding the Right Lane

But before Norm got his feet wet in the swimming pool industry, he built his professional resume in myriad ways. A self-described “fiberglass pool guy” for more than 21 years, Norm worked for a commercial pool company prior to going down the exciting fiberglass pool road. But his journey doesn’t start there. (Hang tight – we will get back to the swimming pool portion of this story in a bit!)

Born North of the river in Kansas City and raised in Clinton, Missouri from age 12 on, Norm took a job in Bartlesville, Oklahoma after high school as a surveyor for Phillips Petroleum. From there he moved to Denver to work in the construction surveying arena, working for two to three small construction staking companies in that area for a few years. He then returned to Kansas City to train surveyors and eventually traveled around the country as a trainer for surveyors. One job in this particular industry led to another until economic changes forced him to reconsider his next move. Through a random sequence of events, Norm ended up working as a business manager for a commercial pool company. By 2000, Norm struck out on his own and Aqua Blue Designs was established.

“I am a bit of a free spirit and tend to go where my nose leads me,” he reflected. Instead of continuing down the concrete swimming pool road, however, Norm gravitated towards the fiberglass option, and for good reason.

“Fiberglass pools are good products that just make sense to me,” he recalled. “For residential pools, fiberglass pools are the best possible answer for backyard pool advantages for many reasons: the water chemistry, the warranties, the shapes, styles and colors.”

A jack-of-all-trades, Norm handles virtually every aspect of his business, and does so with extreme passion for his work. He designed his website (and with the help from a customer with the latest version!) and handles all of his own marketing materials (including logos, brochures, and truck designs), mainly because he enjoys it. He also handles all sales, secures all permits, and interacts with the engineers as needed.

“I am an independent guy,” he expressed.

Although Norm does offer pools from other vendors as part of his diverse products and services portfolio, he applauds Leisure Pools® for having a good product that is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a crowd favorite. In fact, Norm emphasized the backyard swimming pool business has been exploding in the past 18 months, and he is excited to serve his clients.

“Backyard pools give homeowners a tremendous opportunity to spend time with their family and friends, and I personally don’t think there is a more relaxing place,” he noted. “And the best part about having a fiberglass pool is that you don’t spend all of your time cleaning it and taking care of it.”

The Aqua Blue Designs Philosophy of Doing Business

In order to keep pace with the requests of his clients, Norm has covered all of his bases. He maintains a warehouse in Grandview, Missouri that holds up to 15 pools. He also has his own crane, trailer, and truck. Further, he obtains his own permits to drive across interstate highways and has a DOT number establishing his company as a registered trucking company.

Overall, Aqua Blue Designs stand out as one of Leisure Pools® best installers providing the highest quality of work.

It’s no secret a backyard pool is wonderful place to spend time, and Aqua Blue Designs can install the pool of your dreams quickly without sacrificing quality along the way.

“These are well-engineered products,” noted Norm, emphasizing the rigorous quality control measures and high standards to which these factory-made pools are subjected. “These pools are handcrafted in molds and delivered to your home ready to be installed by specially-trained technicians.”

Further, the variety of styles ensures you will find the perfect complement to your backyard setting.

“We have 200-300 shapes and sizes to choose from through three manufacturers, making it easy for you to find what you want” said Norm, whose company also offers accompanying inground spas that can be installed either flush with the ground or raised.

Norm explained that fiberglass pools are highly compatible with salt chlorine generators, too. Even though saltwater pools are popular, the substance is less forgiving on concrete and metal surfaces. Conversely, fiberglass pools will stand up to salt virtually unscratched, and the salt chlorine generators used by Norm are equipped with automated adjustments to allow for ease of maintaining the water chemistry. And when it comes to heat pumps to control pool water temperatures, Norm only installs the most economical pumps.

“A fiberglass pool can save you time and money,” expressed Norm. “Fiberglass pools allow for more time to enjoy the backyard pool experience. Our customers spend about 20 minutes a week in pool maintenance because of the superior characteristics of the fiberglass surfaces.”

Just like a fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools® creates opportunities for you to spend more time with your family, pool dealers like Aqua Blue Designs also benefit from the relationships.

“Leisure Pools® treats all dealers like a part of the family,” Norm reflected.

What sets Aqua Blue Designs apart from the competition is a strong focus on doing things right the first time.

“We just have a lot of experience,” Norm emphasized. “Plus with us, honesty is guaranteed.”

For more information on Aqua Blue Designs, Inc., visit them online at or call 816.767.1300.

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