local fiberglass pool supplier

How to Find a Local Fiberglass Pool Supplier Near You

local fiberglass pool supplier

Making the decision to install an inground fiberglass pool in your backyard is a significant decision. If you are wondering how to find a local fiberglass pool supplier and what to expect after selecting a pool company, we have done a bit of research to find the best pool contractors near you.

Finding a Local Fiberglass Pool Supplier

No matter where you might be on that incredible adventure of creating your own backyard oasis of which you have always dreamed, finding a Leisure Pools fiberglass pool dealer near you is easy. Our independent dealer network is 500+ strong. Plus, many of our pool installers are locally owned, family-run businesses. Out pool builders understand the importance Leisure Pools places on producing the highest quality fiberglass pools, so they take equal responsibility for providing the highest quality installation and overall customer service experience.

What to Expect from Your Local Fiberglass Pool Dealer

Our Leisure Pools USA Network of Certified Dealers are in a class by themselves. If you are searching for a local swimming pool company, you probably want the confidence that the dealer, installer, or company you choose is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. When you select a Leisure Pools fiberglass pool dealer near you to install your inground fiberglass pool, you will find yourself on the receiving end of so many wonderful benefits.

First of all, Leisure Pools dealers offer only the highest quality composite fiberglass swimming pools on the market, which includes 27 fiberglass pool designs from which to choose and 66 unique pool models, shapes, and sizes.

Secondly, a Leisure Pools dealer can typically install your fiberglass pool faster than the competition.

Next, you can enjoy most any fiberglass pool design style you desire, from contemporary to traditional, many of which come with innovative features. If you desire a spa or a tanning shelf, you have definitely come to the right place. We’ll gladly help you design the inground backyard fiberglass pool of your dreams.

Leisure Pools warranty seals

Finally, our Leisure Pools dealers operate from the highest level of quality control and offer the best warranties in the industry, along with lifetime structural warranties, lifetime structural osmosis warranties, and a ten-year gelcoat warranty. (Did we mention Leisure Pools has seven stunning gelcoat color options?)

Questions to Ask Your Local Fiberglass Pool Supplier

When it comes to big ticket items like an inground fiberglass swimming pool, you probably don’t want to rush out and buy the first pool you see from the first pool company you find. If you are strategic in your approach to such decisions, you have probably already laid out some sort of game plan, researched manufacturers, explored reviews, and more. In other words, you have done your homework.

In the fiberglass pool industry, it is important to not only research the pool companies near you that install pools but also the companies that make the fiberglass pool shells. Leisure Pools stands among the leading experts in the fiberglass pool manufacturing industry and are regarded as industry experts. Bearing that in mind, however, no matter which local fiberglass pool company you approach in your research, there are a few questions you should be prepared to ask of them:

the manufacturing of a fiberglass pool
  1. Do the pools come with structural and surface warranties? (Your fiberglass pool should at least come with these warranties.)
  2. Do the pools have a vinyl ester barrier coat? (This barrier coat prevents osmotic blisters on the pool’s surface from forming.)
  3. At what thickness is the gelcoat applied? (The ideal thickness is 25-20 mls. At this thickness, the surface stays strong and flexible.)
  4. Was the shell of the pool built on a level surface? (When built on a level surface, this prevents future damage.)
  5. Is the gelcoat a solid surface? (When a gelcoat is solid, repairs are easier to make and far less noticeable.)
  6. What fiberglass pool design is right for me? (This is where you take into consideration the size of your backyard, the style of your home, and the size, depth, and features that will work well for your needs.)

The Leisure Pools Advantage: A Swimming Pool Contractor Near You that You Can Rely On

Finding the best pool supplier near you shouldn’t be stressful. When you choose your local Leisure Pools dealer, you have tapped into the largest logistics and distribution network of any fiberglass pool manufacturer. The network management team at Leisure Pools is highly skilled, bonded, licensed, and permitted. From beginning to end, your experience with your local Leisure Pools contractor promises to be a fun-filled and worry-free one.

When you work with a local Leisure Pools swimming pool dealer, you can expect faster service due to multiple distribution yards strategically located across the country. Our network of swimming pool builders can have a fiberglass pool ready to install in your backyard in record time.

What to Expect in the Typical Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

Once you have made the selection of your inground fiberglass pool, the excitement continues to grow. Once manufactured, the installation process goes very quickly, as opposed to vinyl liner pools and concrete pools, which can take much longer to install.

Because fiberglass pools are made in a manufacturing plant and are completely built upon arrival at your home, moving from point A (excavation) to point B (filling the pool with water) happens faster than you can say, “Everybody in the pool!” (Well, not exactly that fast, but you get the idea! Be sure you have your new swimming suit picked out well in advance of excavation day.)

In a nutshell, the steps it takes from selection to making a splash include the following. (There could be other steps based on any additional features or unexpected hiccups that might occur, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what ot expect throughout the overall process.)

  1. Excavation of the pool. This can take up to a couple of days, depending upon the size of the pool.
  2. After the pool gets to your home, the pool supplier’s team unloads it and commences the installation of fittings and plumbing.
  3. A layer of crushed stone is placed in the hole, about two inches thick. This is to help keep the pool from settling and shifting over time.
  4. The pool is then placed into the hole and leveled.
  5. The filter system is then installed.
  6. Backfilling is then done around the pool. This is done at the same time the pool is filled with water so the pressure can be equalized on both sides.
  7. The pool is inspected.
  8. Pool coping and the surrounding patio are installed.
  9. In most cases, a pool fence will be required for safety and security. Your local pool builder can install the fence at this point.

How to Find and Select a Local Fiberglass Pool Company Near You

When you work with Leisure Pools, finding a fiberglass pool company near you is simple. Just fill out our dealer locator form. You will receive your free design consultation and a FREE PROJECT STARTER KIT to get you on your way to pool ownership.

To get started, the information we need from you is:

  1. Who you are and where you are located.
  2. Choose the size, shape, and style of fiberglass pool that is of interest to you.
  3. Select any added features and fittings that you want to enhance your fiberglass pool.

At Leisure Pools, we encourage you to live a life of leisure For more information and/or assistance in finding a fiberglass pool dealer, pool company, pool builder, or pool installer near you, call 855-857-7527 or go to our website.

Leisure Pools has a network of independently owned Dealers who are separate from us as the manufacturer of the Leisure Pool.  In that regard, we recommend that you undertake your own research and make your own determinations on whether the independent Leisure Pools Dealer is suitable for your project.  We recommend that you do not pay monies in advance unless works have been undertaken.  We recommend you obtain independent legal advice before entering a contract.

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