combination pool

With a Combination Pool You Can Have It All

combination pool

Have you desired a pool, spa and splash deck? With Leisure Pools, you can have it all in one combination pool! We offer a variety of different options and sizes—plus you can choose from a variety of colors in our diverse range.

Benefits of Swimming Pools with a Combination of Features:

It Meets Everyone’s Needs and Desires

When purchasing a pool, you may find that different family members like to use the pool in different ways. For example, one person may enjoy sunbathing most, while another person would prefer to have a spa and your kids want to use the pool for pool games. Purchasing a combination pool like our Allure, Icon, Ultimate or Limitless would be a good way to go.

Everyone Can Enjoy It at Once

Owning a swimming pool with this variety in built-in features allows you to have all your friends or family, despite their preferences, enjoy all at once and in the same place. While some people are enjoying the pool portion, they can talk and interact with those enjoying the spa or splash deck.

It’s Convenient

Instead of having to purchase a spa or splash deck separately, it’s much easier to have it all in one. If you don’t need all three features (pool, splash deck and spa) you can opt for one of our other pool designs that has a pool with a splash deck like our Precision.

To find the right pool to suit your needs, visit our online swimming pool gallery: Pool Styles

You can be on your way to enjoying a variety of pool features all in one design! Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

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