Leisure Pools: Top Pool Designs

There are many considerations when buying a pool, and one of the exciting choices is selecting your pool design. At Leisure Pools, we stay on top of the latest trends swimming designs, and put significant research and development into the pools we design and offer. Our online pool showroom features our pools–all top designs–where you can peruse options to fit nearly any function or aesthetic. As you consider the pool design that’s the right fit for your family home, we’ve provided a list of categories to help you narrow it down.

Rectangular vs Freeform


Pool designs tend to fall into two categories: rectangular and freeform. Rectangular is just as it sounds. These pools have sleek, modern lines and 90 degree angles. Our Reflection and Elegance have been top designs for years, and we more recently introduced the SupremeHarmony and Infinity. We also have the Icon, Pinnacle, Limitless and Ultimate in this category which have added features–the Icon and Pinnacle have a splash deck and the Limitless and Ultimate have a splash deck and spa.

Freeform pools have soft, flowing curves and can provide many options for landscaping. The Caribbean, Mediterranean and Riviera are top pool designs in this category. We also introduced the Eclipse and Allure for those looking for the added features like the splash deck. The Allure also has a built-in spa.

If you’d like a little of both, the Moroccan has sleek lines with rounded corners and a curve on one side of the pool.

Traditional Pool Designs

The kidney-shaped pools have been around since the 1930s and are still a great option today. The benefit of kidney-shaped pool is it can often fit oddly-shaped backyards or spaces, like the Tuscany. Roman-shaped pools, like our Roman and Courtyard Roman, date back thousands of years! The long history of these pools shapes shows these designs stand the test of time.

Vanishing Edge Pools

Leisure Pools’ Horizon is designed to be a vanishing edge pool, also known as an infinity pool. This pool is stunning as it’s designed so it appears water is vanishing off the edge and into the horizon. This pool design is popular at high-end and luxury resorts with breathtaking views, and can make your pool space equally breathtaking.

Plunge Pools & Pools for Smaller Spaces

Many people have a limited amount of space to work with when choosing a pool. Those with smaller, challenging spaces are still in luck though. Leisure Pools offers top designs in smaller options like the Palladium Plunge. The Courtyard Roman is also a great option for smaller spaces. Many of our pool designs come in different size options.

Packed with Features

What makes our designs stand out? Not only do we look to design beautiful pools, but we ensure our pools are functional, offering features that make sense and are useful. Each Leisure Pool has a safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool. If you look at the features on each pool, you’ll also notice that many of them have a step or steps on both ends or both sides of the pool offering many options for entry or exit. This also provides more options as to where to place your pool in your backyard. If you’re looking for a pool for many of your friends to relax and hang out, you can choose one of our many pool designs with ample benches. Or, if you prefer a pool you can swim laps in, you may like one of our designs with an obstructed swim corridor.

Endless Options

When choosing a pool design, Leisure Pools also offers great pool additions. If you’re looking for a truly stunning pool, you can choose from one of our water feature designs, wall panel designs, a tanning ledge or our Sorrento Spa. Our pools also come in seven great gelcoat color options!


Now is the perfect time to “dive in” to pool ownership and have a top pool design by Leisure Pools in your backyard or home. Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepoolsusa.com) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.