How to Winterize Your Leisure Pools® Swimming Pool

Autumn is underway across the country, with winter close on its heels. As the weather turns colder, it’s time to consider whether to winterize your Leisure Pools® composite fiberglass swimming pool. It’s always best to wait as long as possible in order to keep your pool the cleanest but this will depend on your local climate.

When you winterize your pool, you’re ensuring the water chemistry is ideal for the long-term and that equipment is properly drained and that equipment lines are blown dry or filled partially with antifreeze and then plugged. The best thing is that this only takes about 15 – 30 minutes to winterize your Leisure Pools® swimming pool.

Why Winterize?

First, let’s look at why pools should be winterized. The first reason is to prevent freezing temperatures from damaging your valuable pool equipment.

The second reason is that you may want to stop maintenance over the winter. If you cover your pool with water in it but do it without running a filter through the winter, algae can build up over the months it’s closed causing you to gasp when you uncover it in the spring and forcing you to do some much bigger clean-up in the spring.

Of course, that’s the most important reason to winterize your pool – so that you’ll be ready to quickly enjoy your pool in the spring & summer when the warmer temperatures come back.

Composite Fiberglass Swimming Pools are different than regular pools

Draining a fiberglass pool can run the risk of potential damage to the pool, and an expensive repair bill, so during the winter, it’s important not to drain your pool. In most cases, you can just drain your pool to the bottom of your skimmer but don’t drain it more than 2 inches below the skimmer.

Maintaining water in your pool is important to preserve the structural integrity of your fiberglass pool even if it is frozen. In fact, fiberglass pools are fine with frozen water inside of them.

If you’ve never winterized your pool before, you may be wondering what the steps are and how to properly accomplish this without any damage to your pool. Leisure Pools dealer, Albert Group Landscaping & Swimming Pools, has made a helpful video that shows the supplies needed for winterization and a step-by-step process of how to winterize your pool.

To learn the steps to proper winterization, watch this video by Jamie Snyder with the Albert Group. We certainly encourage you to talk to your local Leisure Pools® dealer for advice. Many dealers also offer service to help you “close down” your pool, if needed.

Steps to Winterize Your Fiberglass Swimming Pools

  1. Make sure that the pool is clean when you start
  2. Check for ground water
  3. Install return plugs
  4. Drain the plumbing
  5. Blow out the filter system
  6. Clean out the cartridge filter and the lines of sand/ debris
  7. Drain the returns
  8. Drain the skimmer
  9. Cap the returns
  10. If available, place your Winter Safety Cover on
  11. Turn off your electrical system for the winter

After you do this once, you will find that this process only takes 15 – 30 minutes but the first time you do it, you probably want to get someone to help you.


If you’re thinking about buying a Leisure Pools® composite fiberglass swimming pool, now is a great time as pools can make great holiday gifts for the entire family. Contact Leisure Pools® today ( and live the life of leisure that you deserve.