Celebrate Halloween with a Pool Party

Halloween is a few weeks away, and when you own a pool, it can make the perfect Halloween party setting–even though it’s fall. Although the weather may be crisp and cool, there are still ways to have a fun and entertaining pool party. This year, skip the trick-or-treating and enjoy a Halloween pool party with these tips:

1. Decorate with Spooky Pool Floats

Choose spider pool floats, or float a skeleton on a pool float.

2. Set the Ambiance with Jack-o-lanterns

For a nice glow, light jack-o-lanterns around the pool for light. It’s a nice festive touch.

3. Floating Pumpkins

Did you know pumpkins can float? Well, they can! If you don’t want to use real pumpkins, you can float the plastic pumpkin pales used for trick-or-treating.

4. Pool or Beach/Ocean-related Costumes

A Halloween pool party isn’t complete without costumes. Encourage your guests to dress up in something imaginative. With a pool theme, you can opt for mermaid, pirate, scuba diver, shark, Finding Nemo inspired, lifeguard or sea captain. For some added fun, have a costume contest.

5. Pool Games

If your Halloween pool party has kids, games are a great way to keep them entertained. Instead of bobbing for apples, have the kids dive for pumpkins. Each child can go home with a pumpkin, but they have to hop in and get it. This works best for warmer climates, or pools that are heated.

6. Halloween Decor

Go all out with the decorating: spider webs, tomb stones, plastic spiders and a black and orange color scheme.

7. Halloween-themed Food

A pool party isn’t complete without food options. There are so many ideas for Halloween snacks and appetizers. Use dry ice by the food to create a mysterious feel and serve a ghoulish bowl of punch. Cups of pudding with cookies for tomb stones and gummy worms are a fun treat, or cookies in Halloween shapes with orange and black frosting. Pinterest has many ideas for Halloween themed snacks.

If you don’t yet have a pool, start the pool buying process now! You can be on your way to hosting a Halloween themed pool party in your very own backyard pool. Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepoolsusa.com) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.