7 Ways to Enjoy a Swimming Pool on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and as we remember our country’s fallen heroes it’s also a great time to connect with loved ones and friends. When you own a pool, there are many ways you can enjoy holiday weekends like Memorial Day. We put together a list of seven of the most fun ways to enjoy friends and family.
1. Memorial Day Weekend staycation
What’s better than a vacation? How about a pool-side staycation! With a staycation, you can avoid the cost of travel, busy holiday traffic and enjoy the convenience and peacefulness of your own backyard swimming pool.

2. Pool-side BBQ

Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to grill out and enjoy the warm weather. When you own a pool, you can throw a pool-side BBQ and friends and family can enjoy splashing around before the BBQ dinner. It’s a nice way to stay cool during a time when the weather can often be hot.

3. Spending quality time with your kids/family

Life is busy, and sometimes it’s hard to connect with family and spend time with your kids or grandchildren. A pool is something anyone, any age, can enjoy. Swimming pools have a way of bringing people together and create lasting memories.

4. Exercising (swimming laps, water aerobics, pool sports)

It’s also sometimes hard to find time to exercise. When you own a pool, you can utilize Memorial Day Weekend as a time to catch up on swimming laps or inviting friends over for water aerobics or pool volleyball.

5. Catching up on relaxation (by the pool)

Sure, the spa is nice, but how about a peaceful nap or catching up on reading aside the serene, sparkling waters of your pool? You can add a Leisure Pools water feature to your pool to add the calming sound of cascading water. Owning a pool allows you to enjoy a peaceful escape instead of a crowded public or resort pool.

6. Throwing a Memorial Day pool party

Everyone loves a good pool party! Invite family and friends over for a Memorial Day pool bash.

7. Instead of going to the beach, throw a beach-themed party

The beach is great, but unless you have a beach house, there’s travel involved, traffic and you’ll have to pack your bags and prepare. Plus, the water is salty and sand always somehow gets everywhere. A pool provides ease and convenience, and if you forget something, you can just walk back in the house!
While you may not have time to install a pool for Memorial Day Weekend this year, there’s plenty of time to install a pool by Labor Day Weekend! Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepoolsusa.com) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.