Leisure Pools' pool of the month march 2023

Pool of the Month for March 2023

Leisure Pools' pool of the month march 2023

With over 13 acres comprising this envy-inducing property, the homeowners of this particular slice of paradise wanted to transform their backyard into their own personal Zen. Working from a blank slate, the options for creativity and inspiration were seemingly endless. All it took was strategic planning, methodical insight, and a strong passion for breathing new life into spaces that started with rather humble beginnings but have the potential for something far greater. Well, all of that…and water. Definitely water. When you just add water to life, some of the most beautiful and amazing things can transpire.

The Backyard Pool: a Study in “Soft Fascination”

When it comes to water, all you have to do is show up. At least, that is how Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, Research Associate at California Academy of Sciences, views the situation. As a researcher who describes water as having special properties that may boost nature’s positive impact, Nichols asserts when one is near water, the visual and auditory information that typically surrounds us is greatly mitigated. Water gives the mind respite from the chaotic noise that envelops are daily lives. It is equally dynamic and mesmerizing, catching our attention while also capturing our hearts.

That is what Fairfield Pool has achieved with this particular backyard fiberglass pool installation in Redding, Connecticut. In an effort to obtain that Zen-level mindset, Fairfield Pool, which serves the counties of Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven in Connecticut, pulled out all the stops in terms of inspired imagination, creativity, innovation, and experience.

A unique fiberglass backyard swimming pool

Fairfield Pool: Picture Perfect Pools 

Jeremy Blum, President of Fairfield Pool in Fairfield, Connecticut, began his career within the financial industry across a rather large body of water known as the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, his career took him from London to Luxemburg to Switzerland, and eventually to the United States. In 1978, he arrived in New York City. Feeling as if his background in European currencies might have a limited shelf life due to the changing markets, Blum put his proverbial Plan B into action.

Initially, Blum considered opening a vineyard, but after doing his due diligence, he decided it was best to move in another direction. A lover of the outdoor life, he was soon drawn to the exciting world of backyard pool installations. After responding to an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal at the end of 1999, Blum’s career gained considerable velocity after he closed on a deal to purchase a long-standing pool company with roots that go back to 1965. Although that particular company specialized in vinyl liner pools, Blum later transitioned to fiberglass pools. Through a series of fortunate events, Blum ultimately connected with representatives from Leisure Pools. In 2015, Fairfield Pool, which has installed 3,000+ pools throughout Connecticut since the company was originally founded, became a dealer for Leisure Pools. Fast forward to 2022, and Fairfield Pool successfully completed many fiberglass swimming pool installations by the end of that year.

Serving an affluent demographic in Connecticut just outside of New York City, Fairfield Pool also owns a distribution center that sits on a five-acre lot from which pools are delivered to most of Connecticut. This provides ease of access to inventory that serves to enhance Fairfield Pool’s already efficient installation process.

The Art of Zen: a Backyard Pool Paradise

Pool of the month: The Ultimate™ 40’ in Graphite Grey

Blum describes this property as sprawling and secluded. The owner knew her backyard needed a transformation. As such, she turned to Blum and Fairfield Pool to get the job done. She wanted that perfect Zen getaway. Blum and his crew knew precisely how to deliver. It came in the form of The Ultimate™ 40’ in Graphite Grey , complete with a saltwater chlorination system and heater, along with all of its surrounding appointments.

“We were working with a blank slate,” he emphasized. “The backyard had a substantial pitch, sloping away from the back of the house. On our initial meeting, the owner wanted to put the pool off in the distance, at the bottom of the slope. We encouraged her to bring the pool up to the house, level with the back door. Bringing the pool up to the house gave us the opportunity to install the outdoor living oasis she imagined. This also required us to build a two-tiered natural stone retaining wall. The natural stone wall matches the old farm walls on the property.”

Further, the owner really wanted a very quiet retreat with her horses visible in the distance. She wanted to capture the horse pastures from the main pool deck. As a result, the natural gas fire rock is situated perfectly so she can enjoy gazing the pool and the horses simultaneously.

Blum and his team installed a three-spill water wall with a 7′ natural gas burner on top. The backside of the water wall has three barstools with a bar top so folks can sit and enjoy a glass of wine.

“The granite coping complements the thermal finish full color bluestone porcelain,” noted Blum. “The entire patio was built on a reinforced concrete slab. Plus, low voltage lighting was installed in all the planting beds, in the water wall, on the stair treads, and in the stone wall.”

The final project turned out far better than one could imagine. In fact, it greatly exceeded the homeowner’s expectations as it completely transformed the property.

“We simply stick to what we are good at,” emphasized Blum, who also credits Leisure Pools with quality products and amazing service. “Leisure Pools takes good care of us. It is a well-run company.”

A fiberglass inground swimming pool with night illumination

Zone in on the Zen: Create Your Own Personal Oasis with Leisure Pools®

Is it time to create your own personal Zen? If you are ready to give yourself a break from all that “outside noise” and focus your attention on the wonder of water, then Leisure Pools™ can offer something beautiful to achieve that goal. We can put your mind and body at ease. Explore our range of stylish fiberglass pool designs or even better, contact us to bring your dreams of a life of leisure to your backyard.

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