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Can You Add a Spa to Your Fiberglass Pool?

Leisure Pools Sorrento Spa Square

Isn’t it exciting to have your backyard fiberglass pool installation completed? You have looked forward to this day for so long and now you can enjoy countless relaxing days and evenings with family and friends. You’ve created the backyard oasis of your dreams.  Everything is complete and in order.  You can’t think of anything else that could further elevate this tranquil setting. Or can you?

What if you decide you want to add a luxurious spa after you pool has been installed? Is that even possible? Well, you are in luck.  Yes, it is possible to add a spa post-installation of your fiberglass pool, as long as there is enough space to do so and that no other limitations exist. Besides, a spa offers many benefits, such as stress reduction, relief from pain, improved circulation, potential increased property value, and, above all, just a whole lot of fun.

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Will Adding a Spa to Complement my Fiberglass Pool Look Good?

Yes, it will!  When you work with an experienced installer and designer who work in concert to create a spa that blends seamlessly and adds to the existing beauty of your backyard, you can be assured the results will be stunning.

Types of Spas to Add to Inground Backyard Fiberglass Pools

If it’s a free-standing, above-ground spa you want, that can be easily incorporated into your backyard wherever there is room for it. Even if you want an in-ground spa that is separate from your fiberglass pool, as long as there is room for it, it can be installed. You may even want to place a spa adjacent to the pool and pool deck area. However, for the best in overall aesthetics and enjoyment, an attached spa will definitely create an idyllic setting in your yard.

Advantages of an Attached Spa

When a spa is connected to your pool (in that it shares the same water with the pool), it offers a lot of advantages.

First of all, it is easier to install. It will easily tap into any existing utilities and circulation systems.

Secondly, because the pool and spa share the same water, it is an easier process to maintain the water and keep its chemistry balanced.

Finally, an attached spa offers the best of both worlds: you can warm up and cool down in a continuous loop if you prefer. In just a step or two, you can go from being warm to cooled down and vice versa.

Stop Waiting! Add a Spa to Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool Now

Adding a spa can be an easy and affordable process. And once you have it completed, you will wonder why you didn’t think to incorporate one in the first place.  Explore our lineup of exciting fiberglass spas that will undoubtedly enhance your tranquil backyard experience:

Sorrento Spa

Leisure Pools Sorrento Spa

With contoured seating options, you can enjoy a variety of comfortable places to relax. The spill over water feature provides the perfect finishing touch to your backyard landscape.

Calvi Spa

Leisure Pools Calvi Spa

This classic spa shape has an easy walk-in entry step and ample wraparound bench seating.

Amalfi Spa (Square)

Leisure Pools Amalfi Spa

Designed with flexibility in mind, this spacious square spa with open seating provides a relaxing therapeutic water massage.

At Leisure Pools, our focus is on providing high quality, inground fiberglass pools and spas. If you want to know more about your pool and spa options, call 855-857-7527 to find a pool dealer/installer near you or visit our website.

We are here to help you enjoy the life of leisure you deserve.

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