Best swimming pool accessories - water curtain

7 Great Add-ons to Your Leisure Pool

Best swimming pool accessories - water curtain

A Leisure Pool provides a beautiful addition to your home, and it’s fun a process to choose your design, size, and color. But do you know what’s just as much fun as the pool itself? The wealth of different add-ons that can help make your pool uniquely your own or even just add some extra features or pizzazz. These are the best swimming pool accessories we offer for your Leisure Pool.

1. Water Features

If you’re looking to create a stunning and eye-catching pool space that takes peoples’ breath away, water features are a great addition. We offer three different styles but each style can be customized with different spillways or clad with the tile of your choosing. In addition to the beauty of our water features, they also provide the tranquil and serene sound of cascading water–which is perfect for those relaxing days by the pool.

2. Wall Panels

Privacy is important when you own a pool, but fences aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we offer Leisure Pools wall panels. Walls panels offer a unique and modern touch that allows you to separate and decorate your space around the pool.  These panels will afford you the privacy you need without causing you to feel cramped or restricted. The wall panels are available in a variety of colors to suit your home and the landscape you are creating.  In addition, the wall panels can be customized through the incorporation of either tile or glass inserts.

3. Water Curtain

A water curtain is a swimming pool water feature which provides fun and lifts our spirits. Its architectural design and the veil of water it creates provide the optical highlight for every pool. Decades of experience in the development and perfection of water curtain systems stand behind the Cobra™ Water Curtain.

4. Tanning Ledge

Doesn’t it feel great to relax in the cool, shallow water at the beach and work on your tan? You can have that same feeling with a Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge. Our tanning ledges offer a consistent, shallow depth of 12″ that’s perfect for relaxing in the sun. They’re also a great fit for families with young children or grandchildren–it’s the perfect play area. Choose from our Topaz, Opal or Quartz Tanning Ledges.

best swimming pools accessories: underwater lighting

5. Pool Lighting

Underwater lights make swimming pools come alive at night! It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, swimming pool lighting is essential to get the most out of your swimming pool.

Underwater Lighting Features:

  • Makes swimming at night safe and enjoyable
  • It provides a beautiful feature that enables you to enjoy the aesthetics of your swimming pool no matter what time of year!

6. Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

The best raw materials crafted by experts: Behncke stainless-steel integrated parts for swimming pools are true premium products. Behncke uses the high-quality raw material AISI 316 stainless-steel as a base material for skimmers, nozzles and many other products. This makes the finished products extremely durable and robust.

7. Spa

A spa can also be added adjacent to your pool. Leisure Pools offers the Calvi Spa, the Sorrento Spa and the Amalfi square spa. A spa provides many benefits. If you live in an area where it’s cold, it enables you to still use your pool space even in winter–and your pool can serve as a cold plunge! Spas are also great for sore muscles, relaxation, and joint pain. In addition to our spas, we also offer pool design with built-in pool and spa combinations.

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