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The Ultimate™ 35 in Graphite Grey installed by Dymond Pool and Spa

For this unique Long Island residence, the ideal choice was Leisure Pools’ The Ultimate™ 35 in Graphite Grey, further enhanced with a splash pad and in-built spa. A classic rectangular design, its positioning in the yard and its integration with the property’s natural gradient makes it distinct in its own show-stopping way. The result? A breathtaking infinity edge that seamlessly appears to merge with the harbor below. This project, embedded in the side of a bluff, stands as a testament to Dymond Pool and Spa’s dedication, creativity and precision. It also underscores why Leisure Pools’ fiberglass swimming pool offerings are [...]

The Ultimate™ 30 in Sapphire Blue installed by Pools123

In the heart of the picturesque upscale neighborhoods of Austin, Texas, lies a hidden gem that has become the talk of the town – the Ultimate™ 30 in Sapphire Blue by Leisure Pools, masterfully installed by the renowned pool building company, Pools123. This particular installation stands as a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to transforming dreams into reality. The attention to detail exhibited by Pools123 is truly commendable, as well. The pool’s patio, crafted from luxurious marble, seamlessly extends from the pool’s edge, creating a cohesive and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. To maintain a harmonious unity, [...]

The Elegance™ 30 in Crystal Blue installed by Puravida Outdoor Living

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Sea Girt, New Jersey, a beautiful new ranch home stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision and dedication. Adding to the allure of this serene abode is a gorgeous backyard fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools, stretching deeply across the length of the yard. The backyard was once a barren landscape. However, the team at Puravida Outdoor Living, a renowned service-oriented fiberglass pool installer based in Wall, New Jersey, creatively transformed it into an oasis of natural beauty. Amidst this revitalized backdrop, the Elegance 30 in Crystal Blue from Leisure Pools [...]

The Reflection™ 26 in Crystal Blue installed by Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools

This award-winning fiberglass pool project, located in a residential community in Bullhead, Arizona, is a testament as to how talented pool builders can transform limited areas into extraordinary retreats, where relaxation and serenity know no boundaries. The choice of fiberglass pool designs for this installation adds a touch of magic to the entire experience, as well. The homeowners chose The Reflection™ 26 in Crystal Blue with The Sorrento Spa spillover from Leisure Pools stylish portfolio of fiberglass pool and spa designs. One of the secrets to the success of this project is the clever utilization of all corresponding elements. By [...]

The Eclipse™ 30 in Sapphire Blue installed by Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa

Thanks to Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa, this installation of The Eclipse™ 30 in Sapphire Blue by Leisure Pools is a stunning focal point within this converted garage. Sporting a head-turning sapphire blue gelcoat color, it adds a layer of pop to the existing rustic charm of the space. The owners are thoroughly satisfied with their selection of the Eclipse 30’. Perfect for all ages with a deep end and swim up bench for more advanced swimmers, it also has a splash pad for the younger kids to enjoy the water. For the owners, this project was everything they wanted [...]

The Eclipse™ 40 in Graphite Grey installed by Loy’s Pools

The story for this pool project, located on eight acres in rural Clinton, Tennessee, begins with the simple desire of the homeowners to have a place to just get wet. In short, they wanted a backyard pool to complement their home and surrounding land. Easy enough. Then, they wanted areas around the pool where they could congregate with family and friends. Not a problem. Loy’s Pools & Patios of Tennessee was the perfect pool company to get the job done right and well. Described as “glam rustic” by Loy, this installation of the heated, saltwater chlorinated Eclipse™ 40 in Graphite [...]

The Ultimate™ 40 in Graphite Grey installed by Fairfield Pool

With over 13 acres comprising this envy-inducing property in Connecticut, the homeowners of this particular slice of paradise wanted to transform their backyard into their own personal Zen. Working from a blank slate, the options for creativity and inspiration were seemingly endless. The owner knew her backyard needed a transformation. As such, she turned to Blum and Fairfield Pool to get the job done. She wanted that perfect Zen getaway. Blum and his crew knew precisely how to deliver. It came in the form of The Ultimate™ 40 in Graphite Grey, complete with a saltwater chlorination system and heater, along [...]

The Supreme™ 35 in Crystal Blue installed by Emerald Pool Works

Installed by Emerald Pool Works, this pool – the Supreme™ 35 in Crystal Blue – is a striking reminder of just how beautiful a fiberglass inground backyard pool can be. Located in the luxurious coastal development community of Spinnaker’s Reach, North Carolina, the owners of this home have undoubtedly elevated their entire homeownership experience with the addition of this noteworthy backyard oasis. Recently purchased as a second home, the owners wanted to transform what was essentially a blank slate of a backyard into their own private sanctuary. Thanks to the technology implemented by Emerald Pool Works, the owners were treated [...]

The Supreme™ 40 in Sapphire Blue installed by Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas

This installation in Cheshire, Connecticut by Pioneer Valley Fiberglass Pools and Spas showcases a Leisure Pools™ star: The Supreme™ 40 in gorgeous Sapphire Blue, complemented with a raised Sorrento Spa and automatic pool cover by Integra Pool Covers. Previously a blank slate, this backyard is now home to a show-stopping ensemble. In addition to the stunning pool, there is also a pool house. Although this structure was designed and built by another firm, Clancy’s team was involved with the placement of all of the pool equipment that is stored in the building. Read the full story

The Pinnacle™ 40 in Graphite Grey installed by Brooks Malone

This beautiful Brooks Malone installation of one of the most expressive fiberglass pool designs by Leisure Pools™: the Pinnacle™ 40 in Graphite Grey. As specialists in creating a backyard paradise that deserves a second look, Brooks Malone, a pool installer which serves the Tri-Cities area in Tennessee, makes each installation fun and easy. It also becomes one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. The backyard pool of this home stands in perfect harmony with the surrounding vistas. The modern appointments within the home surprisingly complement the farmhouse façade of its gorgeous exterior presentation. This project came naturally to [...]

The Eclipse™ 40 in Crystal Blue installed by Sheller Outdoor Living

Creating an outdoor living experience is what Sheller Outdoor Living is all about. This jaw-dropping fiberglass pool installation features Leisure Pools' The Eclipse™ 40 in Crystal Blue. Craig Sheller, owner of Sheller Outdoor Living, pulled out all the stops for this presentation. In addition to the show-stopping fiberglass pool, this outdoor living space includes a tanning ledge an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and much more. It is a masterpiece worthy of recognition. This welcoming sanctuary is located in Leawood, Kansas, a suburban community in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It stands as a signature presentation by Sheller, whose company [...]

The Reflection™ 23 in Graphite Grey installed by Parmount Pools

With this particular backyard setting in Lexington, Kentucky, the owner of Paramount Pools applied his philosophy of building one pool at a time, focusing on quality, not quantity. This approach is standard modus operandi. In other words, he has a particular way of accomplishing things, so the end result is well-established. Meet The Reflection™ 23 in Graphite Grey with Automatic Cover. All thermal stone decking frames this stunning fiberglass pool. The gazebo to the side complements the glamorous engineered flooring directly across from it. The layers of material used to highlight the pool work in total concert to provide an [...]

The Supreme™ 35 in Graphite Grey installed by Pools123 DFW

The star of this backyard show is The Supreme™ 35, one of the traditional swimming pool designs from Leisure Pools®, installed by Pools123. This classic and in demand swimming pool boasts a generous swimming area with limited entry steps and a more compact deep end seating area. The homeowner chose the graphite grey color. The optional raised tanning ledge further enhances the swimming experience. Because this is lakefront property, they opted to maintain continuity in visual presentation by incorporating a vanishing edge by virtue of the raised tanning ledge. Natural stone comprises all of the surrounding flat surfaces. Copious accent [...]

The Pinnacle™ 40 installed by Kevin Sparks Signature Pools

This notable inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool installation checks all the boxes in terms of overall style, design, and function. In short, it is elegance playing in concert with sophistication, redefined. However, there is another layer that expands beyond the initial blueprint, and that is one of connection. This particular backyard swimming pool and spa installation located in Brentwood, Tennessee, speaks volumes as to the character and integrity that is standard for Kevin Sparks Signature Pools. In its simplicity of design one can clearly see the elegance and sophistication of its personal style, making it an easy choice for Leisure [...]

The Eclipse™ 40 in Sapphire Blue installed by Dominion Pool & Spa

The homeowner of this captivating residence had a vision for what he desired. After consulting with Terry Francisco of Dominion Pool & Spa in Blairs, Virginia, the blueprint for what the owner desired began to take shape. Just one look at this stunning place and you realize hanging out here could never be a chore. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the view. After spending time dreaming and planning what this space would become, the homeowner invited the experts at Dominion Pool & Spa to bring his idea of a swimming pool paradise to fruition. In this project, Dominion Pool [...]

The Pinnacle™ 35 in Graphite Grey installed by Osterhus Outdoors

Installed by Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools, this luxurious setting is a strong testament to the artistic, innovative, and award-winning presentations for which the Osterhus Outdoors team is known. It made it an easy pick for the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022. A standout among the noteworthy portfolio of Leisure Pools, this installation of The Pinnacle™ 35 with accompanying Amalfi spa in graphite grey takes center stage in this exquisite Salisbury area backyard that is definitely dressed for the occasion. An intentional complement to the architectural style of the home and the surrounding grounds, this pool [...]

The Limitless™ 26 in Graphite Grey installed by Leisure World Pools and Spas

Leisure World Pools and Spas were winners of the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month Award for May 2022. They installed the pool and landscaping for the 2022 HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes, which was an upscale modern cabin with all the bells and whistles located in Warren, Vermont. HGTV was highly involved when it came to the pool’s design and style for this Dream Home’s backyard. The final choice was the Limitless 26, which offered many characteristics that made it a great fit for this project. “The graphite grey was the natural color that blended into the beautiful, lush [...]

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