Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for November 2022 Sheller Outdoor Living

Pool of the Month for November 2022

On a golden summer’s day with a warm breeze enveloping you, there is nothing more inviting than a beautiful backyard pool. It’s hard to resist kicking off your flip flops and jumping into the water for an afternoon of sun and fun.

Previously a blank slate, this backyard oasis artistically enhances the home and surrounding property without overpowering it. With ingenuity, creativity, and innovative thinking at the helm of a well-organized team, Sheller Outdoor Living, has given this backyard space a blissfully tranquil and relaxing ambiance.

Creating an outdoor living experience is what Sheller Outdoor Living is all about. This jaw-dropping fiberglass pool installation features Leisure Pools™ Eclipse 40 in Crystal Blue and is the Pool of the Month for November 2022. Craig Sheller, owner of Sheller Outdoor Living, pulled out all the stops for this presentation. In addition to the show-stopping fiberglass pool, this outdoor living space includes a tanning ledge an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and much more.  It is a masterpiece worthy of recognition.

This welcoming sanctuary is located in Leawood, Kansas, a suburban community in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It stands as a signature presentation by Sheller, whose company is a one-stop shop when it comes to creating such remarkable backyard vistas.

“We came into this project based on a referral,” he noted. “We did everything you see here, too, from the decking and the coping to the fire pit and the kitchen.”

Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for November 2022 Sheller Outdoor Living

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Take the Lead with Sheller Outdoor Living

An enthusiastic proponent of fiberglass swimming pools, Sheller only installs pools made of this material and exclusively sells the Leisure Pools™ brand. Why? Because Sheller understands that fiberglass inground pool shells from Leisure Pools™ offer many benefits, including:

  • Faster installation times

  • Durability

  • Lower maintenance

  • Lower lifetime cost

“We only install fiberglass pools now and only from Leisure Pools™,” emphasized Sheller, who has a comprehensive resume that includes vast experience in landscaping and construction since 1998.

No matter the angle from which you view this incredible inground backyard fiberglass pool installation, it never ceases to amaze and inspire. Whether seen from above or from the ground, or even in the day or the night, this tasteful display is one of pure originality and style and was an easy pick for Pool of the Month for November 2022.

Elegance and sophistication abound while still comfortably playing with casual style, as evidenced by all of the impressive details. For example, the porcelain pavers framing the pool were imported from Italy. Next, the Belgard fire pit is a smokeless one, which translates to improved airflow management and a higher temperature. Finally, while the deck was already in existence, Sheller Outdoor Living installed the accompanying pergola. The beauty is truly in the details with this particular installation.

What Makes Sheller Outdoor Living the Go-To Fiberglass Pool Builder in Kansas City

Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for November 2022 Sheller Outdoor Living

Sheller Outdoor Living aims to please. A veritable one-stop shop for outdoor living needs, this experienced company handles virtually everything from A to Z.  Even though they are a small company, their focus is on larger scale projects. This is where they shine, and for good reason.

“We take the pressure off the owner and handle everything,” emphasized Sheller, who literally means everything. Does a utility line need to be moved? Check. Is there drainage work to be overseen? Got it. Is a filtration system needed? Consider it done. Would you like head-turning accent lighting throughout  your outdoor spaces? Be prepared to be amazed.  Need a fence or an outdoor kitchen? Sheller Outdoor Living has you covered, just as they did with this award-winning fiberglass pool installation.

“We did it all but subbed out the plumbing and gas line aspects that required a particular license to do so,” explained Sheller.  “The owners also had a tree removed, but we did not handle that part of the project.”

Highlights of this Sheller Outdoor Living Fiberglass Pool Project

Sheller and his team thoroughly enjoyed working on this particular backyard pool installation. Even though it was something a bit outside of their normal scope of projects.

“We usually install rectangular pools, so I was initially a bit hesitant about the freeform style,” he recalled. “However, it grew on me, and I realized this particular pool was a perfect fit for  the overall design.”

One of the issues Sheller and his team dealt with was the utility line, which runs diagonally across the backyard.

“We had to be several feet off of it,” noted Sheller. “As a result, we were limited on the space we could actually use for the placement of the pool in the yard. However, my designer stepped in and made the presentation look intentional while still addressing the utility line issue.”

Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for November 2022 Sheller Outdoor Living

The inspiring beauty of this fiberglass pool installation and surrounding appointments fully revealed themselves when Sheller and his team saw the entire project come together.

“We spent two months working on drainage issues and the last three to four weeks seeing it all come together,” said Sheller, who appreciates all of the corresponding appointments that make this project complete.  “There are bubblers in the pool on the tanning ledge and Hayward Omnilogic color-changing LED lights, all of which can be operated from a smart phone.”

“The client is extremely happy with the pool,” reflected Sheller, who essentially took an unusable backyard and created a noteworthy masterpiece. Now, this family, which gets the privilege of enjoying the Pool of the Month for November 2022 every day, is truly swimming in quality and style.

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