Leisure Pools' Pool of the Month for July 2023

Introducing the Pool of the Month for July 2023

Leisure Pools' Pool of the Month for July 2023

Tranquility Found: A Dream Pool Becomes Reality

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Sea Girt, New Jersey, a beautiful new ranch home stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision and dedication. The owner, who finds solace in swimming, was thrilled to watch this dream home brought to life by the builder, also her son, who worked with a team of skilled professionals who took every step to ensure her sanctuary came to fruition. Adding to the allure of this serene abode is a gorgeous backyard fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools, stretching deeply across the length of the yard. This pool was installed to perfectly complement the newly constructed home.

The previous structure was gutted and knocked down, completely leveled. In its ashes rose a modern ranch-style home that embraced its surroundings while still offering all the comforts of contemporary living. As the home took shape, the owner’s desire for a tranquil sanctuary in her backyard was realized through a collaborative effort between the landscape architect, the pool builder and the home builder.

The backyard was once a barren landscape. However, the team at Puravida Outdoor Living, a renowned service-oriented fiberglass pool installer based in Wall, New Jersey, creatively transformed it into an oasis of natural beauty. Amidst this revitalized backdrop, the Elegance 30 in Crystal Blue from Leisure Pools stands as the crowning jewel, delightfully glistening under the sun.

A Leisure Pools masterpiece adds a touch of elegance to this ranch home

The decision to opt for a fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools was an easy one, too. Not only are these pools known for their stunning aesthetics and durability, but they also have the advantage of being installed quickly and efficiently. This team’s meticulous planning and precision ensured the pool was carefully craned into its rightful place, without causing any damage to the home or surrounding areas.

“We like to make the pool building process as easy as possible for our customers,” emphasized Chris Rauschenbach, owner and CEO. Along with Sam Folaron, owner and COO, this company always goes above and beyond all expectations with each and every installation.

Throughout the process, the team at Puravida Outdoor Living demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing an easy and enjoyable customer experience. Collaborating closely with both the home builder, the architect and the landscape company, Puravida Outdoor Living meticulously coordinated timelines to ensure the pool’s installation seamlessly aligned with the construction of the home. The result was a harmonious fusion of design and execution that has now become the talk of the neighborhood.

“We just try to get done what needs to be done,” reflected Rauschenbach.

As the finishing touches were added to the home and pool area, it became evident this place held a deeper significance for its owner. The backyard sanctuary symbolized not just a beautiful addition to the property but a space where she could find comfort, solace and joy. That is due in large part to the mindset that embraces the Puravida Outdoor Living team.

“We grew up with pools,” stated Folaron. “We understand this is a big investment. Therefore, we believe clients should be comfortable with the people they work with on these projects.”

Puravida Outdoor Living: the Ultimate Backyard Fiberglass Pool Experience

The Ultimate Backyard Fiberglass Pool Experience

Creating a dream backyard required more than just a skilled pool installer. It also demanded a team of professionals who understood the owner’s desire for the essence of renewal through nature. Business partners Chris Rauschenbach, owner and CEO, and Sam Folaron, owner and COO, of Puravida Outdoor Living, delivered above and beyond with this particular fiberglass pool installation. Beyond merely installing a pool, they envisioned a space where tranquility and joy would intermingle seamlessly.

Collaborating closely with the owner and the builder, Chris and Sam embarked on designing a stunning fiberglass pool that could cater to the owner’s passion for lap swimming as well as for entertaining. This fiberglass pool is an ideal choice, as The Elegance maximizes swimming space while also maintaining a stylish and timeless appeal. Its crystal-clear waters gently reflect the rays of the sun, creating a soothing and mesmerizing ambiance that further elevates the space.

Additionally, the owner also wanted a few safety features to further add to the functionality of her pool.

“Because she is older, she wanted straight forward stairs with a railing and no-slip entry and exit steps,” said Rauschenbach. “Also, The Elegance is a fiberglass pool that has one consistent depth, which makes it ideal for the owner’s lap swimming sessions.”

Puravida Outdoor Living also integrated a heater in this pool to cater to the owner’s active lifestyle.

“She enjoys exercising in this pool and can do so comfortably from mid-April through mid-October because of the heater,” indicated Folaron.

Additional appointments, such as a saltwater chlorination system, a variable speed pump and coloring-changing micro bright lights help to make this pool as maintenance-free as possible for the owner.

The surrounding hardscape includes Techo-Bloc patio slabs in the Blu Grande slate color, complemented by river rock on the side to keep the mulch at bay.

A small pool house was constructed to the other side of the pool, which contains a mini kitchen, bathroom and changing area. There is also a spot for pool equipment storage directly behind the pool house.

“This is an all-inclusive spot, with just the right amount of everything incorporated into it,” reflected Folaron.

Crafting Backyard Paradises: The Excellence of Custom Pool Building by Puravida Outdoor Living

When it comes to designing and building custom pools, Puravida Outdoor Living’s mission is not only about creating a mere body of water in your backyard; it is also about crafting an aquatic paradise where your family’s dreams come true. As premier custom pool builders, these experts firmly believe in delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary and delivers unforgettable memories of laughter, leisure and tranquil moments.

With a deep-seated commitment to quality, Puravida Outdoor Living believes every family deserves the best. That is why they exclusively use high-quality, durable materials and cutting-edge technologies. This commitment ensures every pool they create is not just a visual spectacle, but also a long-lasting investment, which is as reliable as it is beautiful.

Also, this company strives to fully understand and meet clients’ unique needs from the start. They comprehend your vision and then work tirelessly to bring it to life. Every pool they build is tailored specifically to the individual client’s desires and requirements, taking into consideration the overall architecture and aesthetic of the home, the landscape of the backyard and the personal preferences shared by the client. By factoring in all these elements, Puravida Outdoor Living creates a custom pool that truly reflects the client’s style and complements their home.

Puravida Outdoor Living handles every phase of the pool construction process, from initial consultation and design to final installation and aftercare, providing you with the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of by seasoned professionals. This team believes in open, transparent communication, as well, keeping clients informed at each step, ensuring that the process is as gratifying as the final product.

Exceeding Expectations: The Puravida Outdoor Living Way

In essence, the focus of Puravida Outdoor Living as custom pool builders is to exceed expectations and deliver a pool clients will love, crafted with an unmatched attention to detail, supreme quality and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

So, with Puravida Outdoor Living, you don’t just get a pool; you embark on a journey that transforms your backyard into an oasis of joy and relaxation. This company doesn’t just deliver a pool. It provides a custom-crafted aquatic experience tailored to individual dreams.

When you are ready for a new way of life, Puravida Outdoor Living is ready to deliver that and more with a backyard fiberglass swimming pool by Leisure Pools. Your Life of Leisure is right at your fingertips. Contact your local dealer today to get started.

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