Back to School pool party in a fiberglass inground swimming pool

How to Throw an Epic Back-to-School Party at the Pool

We don’t know how it happened, but it did.  Summer is coming to an end.  It does this every year. Somehow, though, it seems to come sooner with each passing year.  Undoubtedly the kids are bummed about having to say their goodbyes to summertime fun. However, there is still plenty of time to throw an epic back-to-school swimming pool party that you can host at your inground backyard swimming pool.

Throwing an unforgettable pool party before the summer ends is a great way to gather extra memories, have a lot of fun, celebrate with old friends, and perhaps even make some new ones.  If you want your kids to go back to school in style, then consider throwing them a one-of-a-kind backyard pool party before that school bell rings.

Kids back-to-school party at an inground fiberglass pool

Inspirational Ideas for a Back-to-School Pool Party

1. Make Memorable Invitations

You can’t have a great pool party without friends and family, right? You have to send out invitations to get the ball rolling. In fact, invitations should be one of the most creative elements of your party.  They should stand out and set the tone for the celebration to come.  Here are some fun ideas for pool party invitations:

  • Write the invitation on a pool floaty, pool noodle, or even a beach ball. Then, your guests can bring them to use at the party.

  • Put an invitation in a bottle with some sand.

  • Add a bit of 3-D texture to your invitations by gluing some small seashells or sand on your invitations.

It best to get started on your pool planning now. We all know how schedules fill up, especially as people are preparing to get back to school. There are those last-minute vacations, school shopping excursions, and family outings people are trying to squeeze into their calendar.

2. Get Some Fun Decorations

You’ve set the date and have sent out the invitations.Now comes the fun part: the decorations.  Hopefully you have a theme in mind.  If you are uncertain as to which direction to go, check out some great back-to-school pool party ideas here.

To get you started, however, we will suggest a few fun ideas, and you can take it from there.

Beach theme pool party ideas: fill an inflatable kiddie pool with sand and decorate it with pails and shovels.  Make festive centerpieces from shells and starfish.  Set up a photo booth with fun props. Think: beach balls, surf boards, sunglasses, pool noodles, and flip flops. Crank up the music with a kids’ pool party playlist.

Pirate party theme: Have plenty of eye patches, fake skull tattoos, and bandanas on hand for your guests to wear. Hang nets to give the appearance of an old pirate ship.  If you have a diving board, decorate it to look like an old wooden ship plank.  You can even hide treasures in and around the pool.  Challenge your more adventurous and daring guests to swim into the deepest part of the pool to retrieve their prizes.

Go tropical: Grab some tiki lights, leis, hula skirts, and Hawaiian shirts. These will definitely set the mood. Put pineapples and coconuts on all the tables. Put a couple of inflatable palm trees on the pool deck.

Pirate themed back-to-school fiberglass swimming pool party

Granted, these are just a few fun ideas we have tossed out there. And if you are on a budget, you don’t have to let that stop you.  Check out a local hobby, thrift, or discount store for some amazing finds. You might even have some fun stuff at home to help liven up the party.

3. Organize Some Backyard Swimming Pool Games

While there are definitely a ton of fun games to play in the water , you don’t have to have all the fun centered in the pool.  There are plenty of fun activities you can do outside of the water. Besides, your guests may appreciate a break from the water. There’s nothing to be ashamed about wanting to be on dry land. Therefore, we have rounded up some fun game ideas to implement outside of the water, too:

  • Challenge guests to a water balloon fight.

  • Break out the old croquet set.

  • Have a hula-hoop contest.

  • Invite the younger guests to do some artwork with sidewalk chalk.

  • Engage in a good old-fashioned game of “Go Fish.”

It best to get started on your pool planning now. We all know how schedules fill up, especially as people are preparing to get back to school. There are those last-minute vacations, school shopping excursions, and family outings people are trying to squeeze into their calendar.

4. Prepare a Mouth-Watering Menu

Great food for a party at a backyard fiberglass swimming pool

You can’t have an epic back-to-school swimming pool party without some delicious eats, right? While you could fire up the backyard grill and serve up some hot dogs and hamburgers, why not jazz up the menu a bit? A great backyard swimming pool party deserves some special treats.  First, you could have some appetizers such as guacamole with chips and maybe some small sandwiches cut into the shape of fish. Or maybe you are in the mood for some pizza or even a salad buffet for the adults.  Another great idea is to just serve some small bites and finger foods that will delight both kids and adults.

5. Think Safety First

When you are entertaining guests by the pool, water safety should be a top priority.  Prior to the big event, make sure you are aware of your guests’ swimming abilities, allergies, and any other health conditions that might be of concern. Next, be sure you have a few adults available who can help you supervise the party. Then, have a first aid kit handy as well as some bug repellent, a few life jackets, and floatation devices.  While it may sound a bit much right now, you never know if and when these could come in handy. It’s always a good idea to be prepared.  Also, be aware of any signs of heat stroke in guests. Finally, stay tuned to weather updates and potential storm warnings.

Ease the Transition by Creating Memories

Saying goodbye to the summer can be a sad time for a lot of kids.  Having that one last epic back-to-school swimming pool party can definitely help to ease the transition from the outdoors to the classroom.

Once the pool party is over and you are too tired to clean up the pool and surrounding areas, then consider calling a pool cleaning and maintenance company such as Ultra Pool Care Squad. You can be your kids’ hero for throwing such an awesome party.  Ultra Pool Care Squad can then be your hero!

No matter what you do for that ultimate back-to-school pool party, however, be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos. One of the best things about having such a fun time is all of the memories you will have to share later on.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin.  A back-to-school pool party is yet another great way to enjoy a life of leisure with Leisure Pools.

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