Leisure Pools Mediterranean inground fiberglass swimming pool

Why You Should Choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Leisure Pools Mediterranean inground fiberglass swimming pool

So, you have decided it is time to create the backyard sanctuary of which you have always dreamed.  Congratulations! Now you will soon have a place to spend time with family and friends, relaxing, enjoying life, and making some incredible memories along the way.

However, have you decided what type of swimming pool you will choose? Concrete? Vinyl liner? Fiberglass? If a fiberglass inground swimming pool from Leisure Pools™ is at the top of your list, you are well on your way to enjoying peace of mind about this exciting investment. Here are 11 reasons why.

Top 11 Reasons to Choose a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

1. Fiberglass pools enjoy a faster installation process

Your fiberglass swimming pool will arrive directly from one of our Leisure Pools™ manufacturing facilities, pre-made and ready to install. In as little as just a few days to a few weeks, you can be ready to jump in and enjoy the water. A concrete pool, on the other hand, can take several months to construct. Plus, that process can wreak havoc on your backyard. Also, do you really want a swimming pool construction company taking over your yard for months?

An inground fiberglass pool is being lifted

2. Fiberglass pools come with a smooth gelcoat finish

Fiberglass pool shells from Leisure Pools™ come with a smooth, clean gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about rough finishes (hard on the skin and feet!) or sharp edges.

3. Fiberglass pools are low maintenance

The gelcoat finish of our fiberglass pools not only looks great, but it is also easy to maintain. Its non-porous surface also makes it highly stain resistant. When people tell you that swimming pools are a lot of work, you may want to remind them that the majority of fiberglass swimming pool owners spend just about 30 minute each week maintaining their pool.

4. Fiberglass pools require less chemicals

While some types of inground backyard swimming pools require consistent monitoring and expensive chemicals to clean them, a fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools™ just won’t ask that much of you in that regard. As a result, your long-term cost of owning a fiberglass pool is less due to less demand for chemical maintenance.

5. Fiberglass pools come in a gorgeous range of colors

Our dazzling range of beautiful colors will catch your eye and inspire your soul. Choose the color the best reflects your lifestyle and tastes. The AquaGuard™ fiberglass pool color range lets you customize your backyard pool. Our premier gelcoat colors are not only show-stopping, but they also raise the bar for high quality UV, blister, and chemical resistance performance.

6. Fiberglass pools are potentially more appealing to homebuyers

As word spreads about the benefits of fiberglass swimming pools over their concrete and vinyl linter counterparts, potential home buyers probably won’t see them as a lot of work. Instead, they may appreciate their value (and fun!) in them.

7. Fiberglass pools ward off algae

Due to their non-porous surface, fiberglass swimming pools keep the algae monster at bay. What a relief that is, huh?

8. Fiberglass pools offer plenty of seating space

Our fiberglass pool designs include built-in steps and benches. Some of our designs also have tanning ledges. Go ahead and soak up the sun. You will definitely have plenty more time to do so, as you won’t be spending all of your time cleaning and maintaining your pool.

9. Fiberglass pools are compatible with saltwater systems

Fiberglass swimming pools work in harmony with saltwater systems. Their algae-resistant and low-maintenance surface also equates to the ability to hold up to saltwater.

10. Fiberglass swimming pools come in many great styles

Granted, we may be a bit biased here,  but Leisure Pools™ does offer a stunning selection of pool styles and colors. We invite you to stick around and browse for a while. We think you will agree with us just how stylish your inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool can be.

11. Fiberglass pools are strong and durable

A fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools translates to durability and strength. Our patented Composite Armour™ Core of Strength is the highest level of technology in fiberglass pool manufacturing. Translation? You have a fiberglass swimming pool built to last.

We’d love to hear your reasons for choosing a fiberglass swimming pool. When you are ready to dive right in, contact us to connect with a dealer near you. Your well-deserved life of leisure is easily within reach. Happy swimming!

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