Water Babies: Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Pool








Did you know swimming can help children learn developmental skills like balance and coordination? But, if you have a baby, you many wondering if the swimming pool is safe–and how to best introduce your baby to water. The good news is, yes, your baby can safely enjoy the pool with these helpful tips.

1. You can start introducing babies to water when they are about 6 months old.  While they won’t be able to swim, they will be able to encounter the water and get comfortable with it.

2. You’ll need swimming diapers for your baby and a swim suit.

2. Make sure your baby has sun protection including sunscreen and a sun hat.

3. It can get hot in the sun, so give your baby breaks in the shade and make sure he or she doesn’t get too hot. But, you’ll also want to make sure the water isn’t too cold for you baby.

4. Always keep a close on your baby outside the pool. Pools should have a fence and child-proof lock to prevent your little one from accessing the pool area.

With safety measures in place, your baby will be ready to start learning to swim! These are some tips to get your baby started in the water:

  • Entering the swimming pool for the first time is a new experience, so it’s helpful to hold your baby so he or she is facing you–and sees your familiar, smiling face.
  • According to Olympic swimming Rebecca Adlington, you can then cradle your baby on his or her back and close to your body so your baby feels secure. Once your baby gets comfortable entering the water, practice buoyancy by standing behind your baby and holding him or her under the back so your baby gets a feel for floating.
  • You can start to get your baby used to putting his or her head under water during bath time by trickling water on the head. Once your baby is comfortable getting his or her face wet, you can then practice dipping your baby quickly but gently in the water. Reassure your baby with lots of eye contact and smiles.You may think floaties are a good idea for small swimmers, but many websites actually advise against them, stating that they hinder the child in learning to swim properly. Do some research to help make your decision before you put floaties on your child’s arms.

Did you know that Leisure Pools have an added safety feature for children? All Leisure Pools have a safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool!


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