Top 10 Things Dads Love About Owning Their Own Pool

We recently had a post about the reasons why moms love having their own pool. But, there are many reasons why dads love having a pool too! Pool ownership comes with a lot of perks! These are some of the benefits:

1. Pool-side Grilling

A lot of dads are grill masters. When you have your own backyard swimming pool, you can take your grilling pool-side, so while you’re family is enjoying the pool, you can be out there with them–and hop in the pool to cool off! Grilling is that much more fun when you have a pool as a beautiful view. If you want to take things to the next level, install an outdoor kitchen by your pool.

2. Investment

The National Association of Realtors found that a pool can increase your home value. While a pool is an up-front cost, you may find you get the money back–plus some–when you go to sell your home. At Leisure Pools, we manufacture pools that are built to last a lifetime and provide a good investment. What’s not to love about that?

3. Family Bonding

Just like moms, dads also enjoy time with family. A pool provides a place for the family to converge and enjoy one another whether you’re playing pool games, competing or just having fun.

4. Your Family Will Love It

Want to be “Dad of the Year”? Install a pool! Pools are enjoyable for any age, any gender–so your family is certain to appreciate it.

5. Unwinding From Work

Do you put in long hours at work providing for your family? Or do you work hard as a stay-at-home-dad? When you own a pool, it creates the perfect opportunity to unwind after a hard day. Whether you de-stress with a swim, or just relax in a lounge chair, you’ll find a pool provides ultimate relaxation so you’ll be recharged for the next day.

6. Who Needs a Man Cave? 

Owning a pool means that instead of a man cave, you can have the guys over to enjoy the pool instead! Whether you choose to install outdoor TVs to catch football games, or a pool with a spa to relax with a beverage, a pool is a great place to catch up with the guys.

7. Creating Moments That Matter

Your family means a lot to you, and a pool enables you to enjoy important moments. For example, birthday parties by the pool, teaching your child how to swim, family reunions or date nights by the pool with your spouse.

8. Staycations

Let’s be honest–vacations can be expensive and exhausting. Instead of dragging the family around amusement parks or hanging out in airports, why not have a vacation by your pool? It’s so much more convenient and will save you a lot of stress. You can even create a Hawaiian luau theme to make it more fun.

9. You’ll Enjoy It As You Get Older

Sure, a pool is great when you’re young and have kids. But, as you age, you’ll also find your pool enjoyable. Pools are great for arthritis or limited range of motion and can help you stay fit as you get older. Also, if you’re retired, you’ll find a pool to be a great way to enjoy the bliss of not having to work. For those with grandchildren, a pool is a lot of fun for them. They’ll love going to their grandparents house!

10. Health

It’s important to stay healthy for your family. A swimming pool can actually provide longevity as swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise. Plus, by using the pool to de-stress, you’ll also find there are many health benefits. By owning a pool you’ll feel (and look) better.


Are a dad, or do you have a dad in your life, who would benefit from a swimming a pool? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.