It’s Not Too Late to Give the Gift of a Pool!

The holidays are here and Christmas is around the corner. Are you looking for that special gift that will “wow” your family and be the most memorable holiday season ever? It’s not too late to give the gift of a pool! First we’ll discuss why a pool makes a great gift and then we’ll share some ways you can gift it to your family–since a pool won’t fit under the tree.

1. The Entire Family Will Love It

Pools are appealing to any age and gender. If you’re looking for a gift the entire family will enjoy, a pool is a great choice. Whether you have babies, young children, teenagers, or aging parents, everyone will have a great time in the pool.

2. It’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A pool brings happiness not just for a day, week or year, but for many, many years to come. In fact, a swimming pool provides a lifetime of positive memories and fun times. Every time you enjoy your pool with friends and family, it’s like receiving a gift all over again.

3. It Just May Be The Best Gift Ever

What can top the gift of a pool? If you’re looking to give your family a gift that’s really special, and certain to be exciting, a pool is a great choice.

4. Give the Gift of Health

One of the best gifts you could ever give someone is the gift of good health. A swimming pools provides a means for exercise and fitness. It also provides relaxation and stress reduction. The time in the sunshine and fresh air provides many health benefits too. All these health benefits can increase longevity. Now that’s a gift!

5. It’s Awesome Yet Practical

Swimming pools provide endless entertainment and fun, but they can also be practical too. A pool can increase the value of your home, usually by 5 to 7 percent–possibly more depending on the area of the country and neighborhood. A pool also provides added convenience since you no longer have to drive to a pool, and you can ditch your gym membership and use the pool for fitness instead.

So now that we’ve discussed reasons it makes a great gift, how to gift wrap a pool? Although it would be next to impossible to wrap up a pool with a bow, here are some creative ways:

  • Put a picture of the pool design you’ve chosen in a picture frame and gift wrap it for the family to open
  • Surprise the family with fun pool-related gifts like goggles, pool toys, beach towels or sunglasses
  • Create a holiday card with pool images to open

How to Get Started

Are you ready to give the gift of a pool? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and a representative will walk you through the pool buying process. And buy summer your family will be Swimming in Quality and Style!