Making Waves of Memories with Pool Ownership

The Pool Ownership Experience: Making Waves of Memories

Making Waves of Memories with Pool Ownership

Summer 2024 can’t come soon enough for one Kansas City area family. Although they enjoyed their Leisure Pools’ fiberglass swimming pool in the summer of 2023 after the installation was completed in the last part of 2022, their youngest son is already counting down the days until he can jump back into the water. When this family decided to upgrade their backyard a couple of years ago through pool ownership, they turned to the experts at Aqua Blue Designs, a Leisure Pools dealer. Their backyard presented an opportunity for an exciting transformation and the chance at pool ownership. As such, they seized the chance to create a sanctuary that offers privacy, relaxation, and endless summer fun.


The Epitome of Pool Ownership: A Backyard Transformed

With a backyard that had potential but lacked functionality, this family faced a unique challenge. A beautifully landscaped wall and berm adorned one side of their yard, but the other half was awkwardly shaped and largely unused. It was time to change that. With three kids, including the youngest with special medical needs, a community pool was no longer a suitable option. Their youngest child needed a safe space to swim and play. Their backyard was the perfect answer.

In their journey to pool ownership, the family opted for a free-form style pool, ultimately choosing The Riviera in Graphite Grey from Leisure Pools’ expansive collection of fiberglass pool designs. The choice was driven by its natural appearance, seamlessly blending into their yard’s aesthetics. To meet their young son’s medical requirements, they even had a heater and cooling system installed in the pool, ensuring precise temperature regulation.

The Dream Team

Aqua Blue Designs took charge of the installation, crafting a pool deck that harmoniously matched the existing stone wall. Additional landscaping elements (provided by another company) were added for privacy, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. Norm Whitted, owner of Aqua Blue Designs, skillfully constructed the retaining wall that encircles the pool, creating a serene and cohesive environment.

The pool itself is a saltwater pool, known for its low maintenance requirements, which was a priority for the homeowners. They were impressed not only by the pool options but also by the top-quality equipment Whitted used. Having grown up with a backyard pool, the husband was keen to enjoy a pool that required less upkeep and minimal overall maintenance. Leisure Pools delivered just that. The family also fell in love with the vibrant color palette offered by Leisure Pools, making it a perfect fit for their backyard setting.

The experience of Pool Ownership with Leisure Pools

The Installation Journey: from Beginning to Pool Ownership


The installation process, though initially daunting, turned out to be reassuringly smooth. Despite being a bit worried about how the overall installation process might go, the owner found herself at ease throughout the entire project. She had initially worried about her two dogs’ well-being during construction. However, a temporary orange plastic construction fence provided a safe space for them. Documenting the transformation from a blank slate to their dream oasis, she took photos at every stage, sharing the progress with her husband daily. Whitted’s effective communication throughout the project, detailing who would be working on what and when, ensured a sense of control and peace of mind for the homeowner.

Living the Dream

The entire family now revels in their backyard paradise. For their youngest son, it’s a haven where he can step directly from the house into the temperature-controlled pool, enjoying both privacy and safety. The regulated water temperature enables him to exercise while monitoring his medical condition, turning the pool into a cherished space for therapy and play.

“My husband and I also use the pool for exercise; he swims in it daily during the summer,” the homeowner shared. The two older kids are expected to spend more time at home, now that they have this enticing aquatic retreat in their own backyard.

Making Memories

The pool ownership experience from Leisure Pools is about more than just convenience; it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. The family has already hosted a few memorable parties around the pool, including their oldest daughter’s high school graduation celebration. They even added a stunning floating balloon display to the pool, making it a unique and festive setting for the occasion.

“For us, this was totally worth it,” the homeowner beamed. “After spending 400 days on lockdown at home during Covid, this was our reward!”

Indeed, pool ownership has turned their backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation, fun, and family bonding.

Creating memories that last a lifetime with pool ownership

For this Kansas City family, the decision to invest in a Leisure Pools’ fiberglass swimming pool from Aqua Blue Designs has been a game-changer. It’s not just a pool; it’s a haven that has provided their youngest son with the space he needs and their entire family with endless summer joy. The installation process was seamless, and the result is a backyard paradise that has become the backdrop for cherished memories and celebrations. As they eagerly await the arrival of summer 2024, one thing is clear: their fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools has brought them closer together, offering an escape from the everyday and a promise of more unforgettable moments to come.

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