A Leisure Pools Reflection, installed in Texas

Leisure Pools Highlights a Texas Haven with a Mediterranean Touch

A Leisure Pools Reflection, installed in Texas

Welcome to the Texas hill country, a place that surprises many with its rich topography, warm-hearted locals, breathtaking views and an abundance of wildlife. Plus, it is a great area in which to own a pool, especially an inground fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools.

A Hill Country Surprise

Imagine waking up to cliffs, hills, a sea of trees and perhaps a deer or two gracefully strolling by. That’s precisely what happened to this recent Texas transplant when he visited San Antonio from his native Wisconsin for a business trip several years ago. Having arrived at night, the real beauty of the place unveiled itself to him with the morning light. This orthodontist-turned-retired Texas homeowner and his wife fell in love with the sweeping terrains, the friendly Texans and the vibrant wildlife.

Building the Fiberglass Pool Dream at Villa Alta

Fast forward a few years, and Villa Alta, as named by the owners, is a 14-acre property that boasts an enviable 25-mile view from its backyard and stands at the heart of this picturesque setting. With 55 olive trees swaying in the wind, countless tractor implements and deer and other critters harmoniously coexisting with the homeowners, it’s clear this couple has created a very personal and inviting Mediterranean paradise blended with the bounty of Texas nature, wildlife and incredible landscape vistas.

And the real magic started with one missing piece.

After their home was constructed, the couple felt something was still lacking. They wanted an additional amenity to complement the incredible views they enjoyed from the back of their property. It didn’t take long to decide to engage in a collaboration with John Mehrman of Pools123 and the stylish fiberglass swimming pool and spa collection from Leisure Pools to complete this amazing picture.

Dive into Tuscan Luxury

The Reflection 26’ in Crystal Blue from the Leisure Pools’ portfolio was chosen, as it mirrored the Tuscan elegance of the house and has quickly become the property’s crown jewel. Connecting to the home through a courtyard, the pool features a waterfall wall, the brainchild of the homeowner. Inspired by a picture he found on the internet, this wall, with its three cascading waterspouts and light features, became a reality thanks to the combined efforts of the home builder and Mehrman’s team.

“The builder constructed the wall based on the homeowner’s ideas and vision and we incorporated the plumbing for it,” noted Mehrman.

Using regular chlorination and equipped with a heater, the pool promises year-round enjoyment. To further enhance its overall appeal, an automatic pool cover was added, and the surroundings were adorned with travertine hardscape.

A Leisure Pools Reflection fiberglass swimming pool, installed in Texas.

Trials, Tribulations and Triumph

This fiberglass pool installation wasn’t without its challenges, however. The hill country’s rolling and sometimes rugged topography posed a particular difficulty. Mehrman and his team had to construct a retaining wall due to the seven-foot drop on one side of the pool. Intense preparation, compacting material and meticulous planning preceded the actual pool installation. But the result? A masterpiece the couple and extended family will enjoy for many years to come.

Family, Fitness, Fantastic Views and Furry Friends: Creating a Wonderful Life of Leisure

Today, Villa Alta serves as a serene respite for the couple, offering both fitness opportunities (thanks to the pool) and a space to bond when their children and grandchildren visit. Overlooking the town of Wimberley, and frequently visited by deer and other wildlife, the night view is as spectacular as the daytime panorama.

The owners have nothing but praise for Mehrman and Pools123, emphasizing their promptness, responsiveness and quality of their work.

“John was so great to work with,” they expressed. “He truly listened to us, what we wanted and to any questions and concerns we had, always responding quickly.”

From a business trip surprise to a magnificent hill country haven filled with nature’s wonders and the best in fiberglass pool designs, Villa Alta stands as a testament to dreams realized. Cheers to many more glorious days and nights savored by this stylish pool from Leisure Pools. This is definitely a spot to create magical memories while embracing a welcoming Life of Leisure.

To get started on your backyard oasis, connect with a local dealer today. You never know what vistas await you!

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