Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pool in the snow.

How Cold Weather Affects Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pool in the snow.

As a backyard pool owner – or a potential one – you are undoubtedly most confident as to how they stand up to the elements of summer. After all, a swimming pool is designed to be out in the sun, the heat, and the balmy breezes. But how does your fiberglass inground pool react when the temperatures plummet and the winter winds blow? Should you be concerned for its overall structural integrity?  Well, we have some good news for you in this regard.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools and Winter Weather

Thanks to their exceptional design and structural constitution, the fiberglass swimming pools from Leisure Pools™ are made to withstand temperature changes from one extreme to the other. In fact, they can easily transition from season to season and from year to year, barely showing signs of age and wear.

Fiberglass pool shells check all the boxes for year-round stability when it comes to the high-quality and innovative materials with which they are made:

  • Structural Stability

Check. You are in luck here. Fiberglass pools are less likely to expand and contract due to changes in temperature like their vinyl and concrete pool counterparts.

  • Chemical Stability

Check.  Thanks to its chemically inert composition, fiberglass doesn’t tend to react with other substances. In other words, chemicals, cleaning solutions, and UV light won’t cause any harm to it.

Plus, fiberglass swimming pools are both strong and flexible. The shell is highly resistant to damage and easy to move into place. And when the ground surrounding the pool moves and shifts, a fiberglass pool just takes it in stride. It won’t crack under pressure.

If you still aren’t convinced, then let’s take a little trip to visit our friends in Canada. This country is known for its harsh winters. However, when this Canada’s plumbing systems are properly winterized, the swimming pools up north can easily transition from cold weather days to summertime fun relatively unscratched and ready to welcome a warmer season of fun.

Translation? When you put a fiberglass pool into the ground in Canada, you will quickly discover that can be the ultimate stress test. These pools score in the top percentile. Inground backyard fiberglass swimming pools definitely have the upper hand on surviving brutally cold weather.

Believe it or not, fiberglass swimming pools are one of the best pool material options for cold climates. The strength of our fiberglass pools makes them highly resistant to cracking, despite repeated exposure to the wintertime dance of freezing and thawing.

Plus, because fiberglass pools are natural insulators, they require less energy to heat! How is that for a bonus?

So, let our pools do the heavy lifting over the winter months. They can handle it. Then, you can anticipate the coming summer months without worry. Your Leisure Pools™ fiberglass swimming pool works hard for you, no matter the season. We welcome you to always swim in quality and style.

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