Hosting a Backyard Fiberglass Pool Movie Night

A Splashing Good Time: Hosting a Backyard Fiberglass Pool Movie Night

Hosting a Backyard Fiberglass Pool Movie Night

Hey there, pool and movie lovers…do you have any plans the weekend?

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for unique ways to beat the heat and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. How about combining two of everyone’s favorite pastimes – swimming and movie watching – into one incredible evening? That’s right! We are talking about hosting your very own backyard fiberglass pool movie night. No matter what style of fiberglass pool you choose from Leisure Pools, center stage has already been set.

And we realize it might sound a bit daunting at first, but it’s way easier – and more fun – than you might think. So, let’s dive into the details!

Set the Stage

The first thing you need to host an unforgettable pool movie night is, of course, a pool. The advantage of a fiberglass pool in this regard lies in its smooth interior surface. This makes it comfortable for those lounging poolside. Plus, the ease of maintenance of a fiberglass swimming pool means you have more time to focus on planning your event.

Now, onto the main attraction: the movie. You’ll need a projector and a flat, light-colored surface on which to project your movie. Inflatable screens are great for this. First of all, they are easily set up and stored. Second, they add a cool touch to the event. Just make sure to set it up a safe distance from the pool to avoid any accidental water splashes.

Pick the Flick

Select a movie that’s fun for all ages. Summer blockbusters, classic comedies or animated films are always a good bet. The key here is to pick something that most people have seen, so they won’t mind if they miss a few lines while making a splash in the pool or getting a refill on popcorn and other snacks.

Comfort Is Key

Make your pool area as comfortable as possible. Scatter some waterproof bean bag chairs, hammocks and pool floats around for those who prefer to lounge and watch the movie dry and on land. You can even add some fun inflatable pool toys for those who prefer to float and watch.

Tips for planning a pool movie night

Let There Be Light

Lighting is key for your backyard fiberglass pool party event. Soft, subtle outdoor lighting enhances the movie-watching atmosphere. Plus, it provides enough light for safety. String lights, lanterns or even LED pool lights can also do the trick. Just be sure to keep the lights dim enough so they don’t interfere with the movie projection.

Consider some amazing light features from Hayward for that perfect touch.

Pool movie night snacks

Snack Time

No movie night is complete without snacks. A popcorn machine is a big hit at outdoor movie events. However, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can set up a DIY nacho bar, hotdog station or even hire a local food truck if you want to go all out.

For drinks, you could set up a self-serve soda station or make a big batch of iced tea or lemonade. Just remember to keep plenty of water available to keep everyone hydrated during their swim.

The Extras

For a truly memorable night, add in some extras like glow sticks, pool games during intermission or even a themed movie night where guests dress as their favorite character.

And there you have it – everything you need to know to pull off the ultimate backyard fiberglass pool movie night. We’ve swum through the preparations, dived into setting the ambiance and floated on to choosing the perfect film. Just add a dollop of your creativity to bring your unique touch to the event.

With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can host a pool movie night that your friends and family will be talking about for many summers to come. This charming, out-of-the-ordinary movie night setting creates memories that will last a lifetime, proving that a backyard fiberglass swimming pool from Leisure Pools can serve as a multipurpose hub for family fun and entertainment.

If you are ready to set the scene for a fantastic movie night in and around your own personal backyard fiberglass swimming pool, contact your local Leisure Pools dealer. This is your ticket to host a summer soiree that is guaranteed to make waves.

Ready, set…action!

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