Fiberglass pools

Ease of installation. Low maintenance. Durability and strength. This trifecta of perfection makes fiberglass inground pools the best choice for many homeowners. Designed to withstand the test of time, a fiberglass swimming pool you to build a lifetime of memories.

Fiberglass inground pools.

For creating the perfect backyard oasis, one-piece inground pools are a great choice. Beautiful and built to last, these pools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, depths, and colors. Less expensive to maintain and easier to clean than their concrete and vinyl liner counterparts, fiberglass pools also require less long-term repairs. An investment in a fiberglass swimming pool translates to years of enjoyment and fun.

Fiberglass pool manufacturing

Because of their sturdy and durable composition, fiberglass pools are the ideal material for your backyard pool. Created from a handcrafted mold and uniquely reinforced with multiple layers of resin and interwoven fibers, these water-tight pools come ready for installation upon delivery to your home.

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fiberglass pool color Ebony Blue

Fiberglass inground pool colors

With a palette of eye-catching pool colors from which to choose, you can easily find one that works in conjunction with your home and backyard setting. No matter your preferred style – modern, minimalistic, traditional, transitional, or otherwise – your pool color should complement the surrounding landscape and outdoor setting. Of course, the style of your home is also an integral part of the design equation. It’s all about harmoniously tying the space together.

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Fiberglass swimming pool cost

If you want an affordable and low-maintenance pool option, a fiberglass swimming pool is the way to go. Of course, the overall cost will depend on the type of pool you want and any options, upgrades, and accessories you might choose. The best way to get started is to develop a budget and a corresponding plan for the anticipated long-term costs of pool ownership.

Fiberglass pool cost overview
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One-piece pool installation

The installation of a fiberglass swimming pool is relatively quick and easy when compared to other types of inground swimming pools, such as vinyl liner pools and concrete pools. After laying out the site and excavating the grass and dirt, the pool is delivered and installed to specific measures, followed by the requisite plumbing, backfilling, reinforcements, and coping appointments.

Fiberglass pool installation in 7 steps

Prefabricated pools and pets

Pets are family, too. Why should they miss out on all the pool fun? It’s perfectly fine to invite your furry friend to join you to make a big splash in the water.  Fiberglass inground pools and pets go together like backyard pools, family, and friends. Plus, swimming is a great way to give your pet some fun exercise.

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A composite swimming pool with a dog

Buying a pool

Let’s get you started

Having a one-piece pool in your own backyard will elevate your lifestyle and enhance time with family and friends. We are at your side as you choose your design and ensure that within a short period of time you get to enjoy your new pool and experience a new life.

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Fiberglass pool designs showcase

Perfecting the style of your backyard space has never been easier with the award-winning collection of inground fiberglass pool designs from Leisure PoolsFrom uncomplicated to magnificent, our showcase of landscaped pools curated from Leisure Pools dealers worldwide opens the door to the breath-taking backyard oasis of which you have always dreamed. 

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