Leisure Pools pool of the month September 2023

Introducing the Pool of the Month for September 2023: A Harbor View Masterpiece in Long Island

Leisure Pools pool of the month September 2023

Infinity Elegance: A Leisure Pools’ Fiberglass Pool Overlooks Port Jefferson Harbor

Nestled in the cozy hamlet of Strongs Neck, Long Island, and perched on a bluff just feet above sea level, this installation doesn’t merely add elegance to a newly constructed home. It magnifies the allure of the panoramic Port Jefferson Harbor views.

Spotlight: Dymond Pool and Spa

The visionary behind this aquatic marvel is Kevin Dymond, President of Dymond Pool and Spa. With roots in Medford, NY, this company has carved a niche in delivering an array of backyard amenities. Dymond, working alongside vice presidents Jason Pontieri and Adam Hamill, boasts 15 years in the paving and masonry business and a three-year journey in the backyard fiberglass pool installation arena. The company’s passion for the latter all began with a Leisure Pools fiberglass installation in Dymond’s own backyard.

“After visiting the Leisure Pools facility in Knoxville, Tennessee and being able to touch and feel these high-quality pools, I put one in my own backyard,” expressed Dymond. “Once family and friends saw it, word began to spread.”

A Harbor View Masterpiece of a swimming pool in Long Island

Dymond’s ensuing admiration for the top tier Leisure Pools’ products led to a thriving business collaboration. Today, their portfolio shines with over 40 exclusive fiberglass installations from Leisure Pools. Plus, the company anticipates installing 50 more in the coming year.

The Crown Jewel: The Ultimate 35

A Leisure Pools’ Fiberglass Pool Overlooks Port Jefferson Harbor

For this unique Long Island residence, the ideal choice was Leisure Pools’ Ultimate 35 in Graphite Grey, further enhanced with a splash pad and in-built spa. A classic rectangular design, its positioning in the yard and its integration with the property’s natural gradient makes it distinct in its own show-stopping way. The result? A breathtaking infinity edge that seamlessly appears to merge with the harbor below.

Achieving this was no small feat, however. Five tiers had to be built, starting from the bottom. These structures predated the pool installation, with the emphasis on the infinity edge aligning seamlessly with the walkout basement. Thus, offering unobstructed, picturesque harbor vistas.

“No matter where you stand out here, it appears the water just falls from the infinity edge directly into the harbor,” indicated Dymond.

The Ultimate 35 by Leisure Pools: State-of-the-Art Features

This particular fiberglass pool installation is a modern marvel with attributes that include:

  • Full automation using Hayward equipment.
  • LED Color Logic lights from Hayward add a vibrant touch.
  • A saltwater chlorination system for a natural feel.
  • A surrounding deep blue Marmiro marble patio.
  • 12” x 24” porcelain tile in a pier blue color accentuating the infinity edge.
  • Pool coping made of elegant blue stone.
  • A custom cut quartz countertop along the infinity edge designed to mimic the cascade of a waterfall.

“By having the edge come out a few inches from the wall, it allows the water to present as a sheer waterfall instead of just trickling down the wall,” noted Dymond.

Additionally, Dymond gave a strong hat tip to Hamill, who was wholly responsible for the overall plumbing of the pool and its exciting infinity edge.

“Adam came up with the design for the edge,” stated Dymond, further emphasizing that plumbing an infinity edge on a bluff like this going uphill and backwards required the ultimate in precision, insight, knowledge and innovation.

Additionally, multiple diverse spaces like a river rock terrace, a beach area and a relaxation lounge area add to the overall charm and appeal to the setting. Each space was meticulously crafted to ensure distinct utility and aesthetics. Further, the hardscaping, rock walls and various elevations were all installed by Dymond’s team, reinforcing their holistic approach to backyard transformations.

“We rarely say ‘no’ to a request or an idea from the customer, unless it is completely unachievable,” said Dymond.

Dymond Pool and Spa: Elevating Fiberglass Pool Design to an Art Form

Dymond’s conviction for providing the best in products and services shines through his words.

“We knew the destination from the beginning and where we wanted to go,” he emphasized. “I enjoyed the creative side of this project, coming up with different ideas and making them work.”

This project, embedded in the side of a bluff, stands as a testament to Dymond Pool and Spa’s dedication, creativity and precision. It also underscores why Leisure Pools’ fiberglass swimming pool offerings are seen as premium alternatives to traditional gunite pools, and the residents of Long Island are taking notice. First, the fiberglass pools from Leisure Pools are very low maintenance pools. Next, they are highly durable and can be installed efficiently, much sooner than typical gunite pools.

 Dymond Pool and Spa, winner of pool of the month

“The fiberglass swimming pools from Leisure Pools are simply a superior product,” stated Dymond.

This creation is not just about luxury but also about harmonizing architecture with nature, making every ripple resonate with quality, innovation and brilliance. In short, it is a magnificent fiberglass pool installation on so many levels.

“The demand for fiberglass swimming pools from Leisure Pools has been great in this area,” reflected Dymond. “The reception has been fantastic, and we look forward to installing many more pools in the future.”

Get ready to begin your exciting journey to a well-deserved Life of Leisure. Elevate your surroundings and your lifestyle by connecting with a Leisure Pools dealer today.

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