Pool of the Month for June 2022

The winner is … Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools

If envy is not a feeling with which you are readily familiar, prepare yourself to experience a serious case of it when you set your eyes upon this magnificent – and magnetic (we’ll get to that a bit later) — backyard fiberglass pool design. Installed by Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools, this luxurious setting is a strong testament to the artistic, innovative, and award-winning presentations for which the Osterhus Outdoors team is known. It made it an easy pick for the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022

Osterhus Outdoors is a family owned and operated small business specializing in custom pools built with quality and care. Located in Salisbury, North Carolina, it always seems to stand a head above the rest. Owners Ken and Cyndi Osterhus, along with their three sons, have run this business with integrity and authenticity since 2006.

A Fiberglass Pool from Osterhus Outdoors is Sure to Please

The Osterhus team is not one to allow excuses, explanations, or regrets dampen their efforts in any project. In a sense, they are wise and intentional in what they do today so there is no room for frustration tomorrow. This well-oiled machine does not focus on concerns about the projects they take on; instead, they celebrate the magnificence of the outcome. And this particular installation is no exception.

A standout among the noteworthy portfolio of Leisure Pools, this Pinnacle 35 with accompanying Amalfi spa in graphite grey takes center stage in this exquisite Salisbury area backyard that is definitely dressed for the occasion. An intentional complement to the architectural style of the home and the surrounding grounds, this pool installation offers a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living.

Leisure Pools Pinnacle 35 fiberglass inground swimming pool with Amalfi spa

A Glowing Recommendation From a Trusted Source

But this incredible project almost didn’t happen. It took a strong recommendation from a trusted source to bring the homeowners and Leisure Pools and  Osterhus Outdoors together.

“The homeowners had recently added a porch and a new gym to their home and wanted to get a backyard pool,” explained Cyndi. “The architect had one put in his own yard by another company and encouraged the homeowners to get a Leisure Pools fiberglass pool and let Osterhus put it in.”

Results that Speak for Themselves

Without hesitation, the project gained the requisite momentum, and the results speak for themselves. This well-designed pool and surrounding spaces easily blend function and form, working in relaxed yet intentional concert with all of the surrounding landscape appointments.  The pool definitely stands as a breath-taking focal point without taking anything away from the overall palette of the backyard landscape.  Its classic and simple beauty make it a decided winner.

The Osterhus team subcontracted the hardscape and landscape elements, working with local people they know and trust. This resulted in keeping the bones of the space timeless while still providing a lot of visual flavors to the space.

A Fiberglass Spa from Leisure Pools Makes All the Difference in the Design

“The owner wanted the Amalfi Spa, as she wanted a place to just sit and chat with the jets on,” said Cyndi.

There was a bit of challenge in this regard, however.

“There really wasn’t room for the spa, so we worked with the architect to make it happen,” noted Cyndi. Again, a strong nod to the team for maximizing the space without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. It’s a major reason why it this combo of the Pinnacle and the Amalfi was such a natural for the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022.

Why a backyard fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools just makes sense

When asked if any concerns arose during the installation of this pool, Ken had none. Instead, this project excited him.

“I like doing pretty work,” he emphasized.

Ken made it clear, though, that he is not in the business of selling pools. He is, however, in the business of uncompromised service to his clients. He prefers to listen to them, understand their lifestyle and desires for their backyard, and then present them with photographs that support that vision. This gives each client the express freedom to choose and get exactly what they want.

“I just listen to my customers,” indicated Ken. “I actually figure out what they don’t want, and then I go in the opposite direction.”

Looking in the rearview mirror at this project, Ken has no regrets about anything.

“I always tell customers we get it right the first time,” he emphasized. “Our job is to make something magnetic.”

Ken knows he is competing not only against other Leisure Pools and fiberglass pool dealers but also with the gunite pool builders, whose clients typically have more of an expansive budget (think: a million dollars!) for high-end customization work. However, that never deters Ken. He just knows what he has to do to stay competitive in this business.

“Fiberglass is extremely popular. Why? Because it gives you minimal to zero problems and it looks good,” noted Ken. “You can make a fiberglass pool look like a million-dollar pool, too, by putting a good deck around it and highlighting the surrounding areas. That’s the magnet.”

That magnetic touch: making a fiberglass backyard pool speak for itself

Each fiberglass pool installation completed by Osterhus Outdoors commands attention on multiple levels.

First of all, its obvious beauty must not go unnoticed.

Secondly, it is more than just a backyard pool. It also needs to offer the essence of a private resort known, elevating the backyard experience to an entirely new level.

Finally, it has to speak to the customer’s lifestyle and make them excited about the space.

“We want the pool to be the homeowner’s favorite place,” said Ken. “We make it so it is something they want to go home to and get out there. As such, it has to be magnetic.”

Beyond the backyard fiberglass pool installation

Ken and Cyndi have also opened up a retail store to support their business: Osterhus Outdoors Pool Warehouse.  This is a place where customers can purchase outdoor furniture, pool loungers, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and more and also get their pool water tested.

Again, Osterhus takes the relationships they initially create with customers and treats them like family.

“We are staying in touch with our customers beyond the completion of their fiberglass pool,” noted Cyndi. “We care about their backyards.”

Award-winning fiberglass pools from Leisure Pools

Ken is understandably thrilled to be honored with receiving the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022. But he has set his sights on even grander accomplishments.

“Winning Pool of the Month is nice, but winning Pool of the Year would be better,” he mused. (*Dusts off mantel!)

Perhaps that could be a prophetic sentiment. Who knows? After all, Osterhus installed a whopping 93 pools in 2021 and to date this year have 63 installations on record working with an expanded crew of 11.  Not only is this team gaining more experience, but they are also enjoying continued velocity in the world of luxurious backyard fiberglass pool design and installation.

Kara Duke, District Sales Manager working with Osterhus Outdoors indicated, “Ken and Cyndi are just great people. They both love people and pools. They have been in business a long time and have been growing an empire.”

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