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Pool of the Month for July 2022

Life is Better by the Water (The View from an Inground Fiberglass Pool)

If you have been dreaming of an inground backyard pool but are uncertain as to what that might look like for you, feel free to take a cue from this stunning oasis — the Leisure Pools July 2022 Pool of the Month. Even if you think your backyard might not even accommodate an inground pool, this stunning presentation may just make you think again.  Your slice of paradise may be more readily within reach than you realize. With the right products, materials, and team of professionals on hand, the outcome can be more than you ever expected.

The Ideal Inground Fiberglass Pool: It All Began with a Vision

Many of us have probably spent hours just dreaming about the paradise we’d love to have in our backyards. Perhaps we envision living like a Hollywood star or even royalty. Whatever that dream may be, one family residing at Smith Mountain Lake in the Roanoke Region of Virginia   is now enjoying a luxurious slice of heaven on earth they can enjoy throughout the year with family and friends. This is a place where memories are vivid, heartwarming, and unforgettable.

With 500 miles of shoreline, this upscale community boasts one of Virginia’s most popular lakes for recreation. From its parks, beaches, and cornucopia of activities, residents seemingly have it all within arm’s reach.

However, when you have a luxurious piece of land with breath-taking views of the surrounding vistas, it never hurts to consider an upgrade to your environment.  Why not create your own resort to which you can retreat at the end of a long day? Or perhaps you simply want to share in the fun with others throughout all seasons of the year.

Leisure Pools Eclipse 40 fiberglass inground swimming pool

The homeowner of this captivating residence had a vision for what he desired. After consulting with Terry Francisco of Dominion Pool & Spa in Blairs, Virginia, the blueprint for what the owner desired began to take shape.

Formerly a vinyl pool user while previously living in California, the owner expressed a desire for something different in this yard. In short, he wanted a complete outdoor living experience. The project had to check quite a few boxes, however, which included the following:

  • It had to require less maintenance

  • It had to come with a strong warranty

  • It had to be a product of integrity

  • It had to have a tanning ledge

  • It had to have a stand-alone spa

  • It had to have sleek curves

  • It had to come with tinted concrete

As an exclusive dealer for Leisure Pools, Dominion Pool & Spa easily rose to the task, delivering a high-quality product of value on many levels.

“The owner had done his research on fiberglass pools and knew it was what he wanted,” said Francisco, who relies on the upstanding reputation of his company, established in 1944, and his existing workforce to accomplish his goals. It is because of this workforce that Dominion Pool & Spa can provide a one-stop shopping experience.  All work is done in house in order to control the flow of work from beginning to end. Translation? The customer experiences a pleasant journey throughout the entire process.

Building a Pool that Makes the Lake Jealous

Leisure Pools Eclipse 40 swimming pool installed by Dominion Pool & Spa

Just one look at this stunning place and you realize hanging out here could never be a chore. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the view. After spending time dreaming and planning what this space would become, the homeowner invited the experts at Dominion Pool & Spa to bring his idea of a swimming pool paradise to fruition.

Francisco and his team started this project with 180 feet of segmental retaining walls. This included a built-in set of steps leading to an upper existing patio.

“The owner has a beautiful view of the lake, but he could only see it from that one small patio,” noted Francisco. “By using the walls and the steps, we created a completely new space and two separate levels to enjoy the view.”

Unique to this particular project is that the pool actually sits in the front yard, which did present somewhat of a challenge to the Dominion team.

“The lake view is from the front of the home,” explained Francisco. “The house already had a 12’ x 12’ patio but the owner desired a pool and a whole new space that included the same view of the lake. However, there was nowhere on the front of the property that was good for a pool. So, we created a space using those 180 feet of walls.”

Despite the inherent challenge with a project of this scope, Francisco enjoyed every part of it.

“A challenging lot is always fun for us,” he emphasized. “We charge towards something like this. The challenges with this project involved unique planning and overcoming the terrain, as well the craning, pluming, and materials needed.”

This focus on the challenge as the reward is what separates Dominion Pool & Spa from other pool builders. This is their niche and where they excel.

The Eclipse 40 with the Calvi Spa

In this project, Dominion Pool & Spa installed the Eclipse 40  in Sapphire Blue.  This design features a tanning ledge which gives an additional place from which to soak in the view. The pool is partnered with a round Calvi Spa, a stand-alone, year-round feature with its own independent pump, filter, and heater.

“We trimmed this out with locally sourced stone and coping and added a sheer descent waterfall feature,” said Francisco. “This makes it a true year-round destination for a life of leisure.”

The pool is fully automated with a Hayward Omnilogic salt system and gas heater for minimal maintenance.  It is covered by tinted concrete with a diamond cut finish.  A black ornamental aluminum fence safely surrounds the space.

Leisure Pools Eclipse 40 swimming pool with the Sorento Spa

“We feel this pool exemplifies all the elements needed to truly enjoy a life of leisure,” expressed Francisco. “When you look across the pool deck and see the open space, it appears to have a fake vanishing edge with the lower yard below.”

Experience Vacation Living with an Inground Fiberglass Backyard Pool from Dominion Pool & Spa

Dominion Pool & Spa refers to their projects as Dominion Signatures. In order to be a premium pool project of this nature, there are certain standards that must be met:

1. All pools are outfitted with cantilever bullnose coping.

2. All pools come equipped with multi-colored LED lights and have at least one color and no white lights.

3. All pools come with a lifetime warranty on structure and surface, with Dominion Pools & Spa as an exclusive Leisure Pools dealer.

4. All pools include the first six feet of concrete around the pool.

“We try to provide everything you would need to swim in our base package,” noted Francisco, whole team last year installed 50 pools and this year is on track to install 55 pools.

This inground fiberglass pool definitely met all the requirements of the customer and resulted in two referrals, a five-star review on Google and Facebook, and an ongoing premium service agreement throughout the year.

Dominion Pool & Spa: Just another Day in Paradise

This project allows one to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding vistas from any angle. Meticulously designed, the raised and lower areas of this outdoor living space create variety in seating and viewing areas. It’s what makes it a perfect choice for Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for July 2022.

“This is probably one of our most beautiful outcomes,” smiled Francisco.

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