Introducing the Pool of the Month for May 2023

Introducing the Pool of the Month for May 2023

Introducing the Pool of the Month for May 2023

Unmatched Design and Customization

One of the key reasons fiberglass swimming pools have garnered prestigious awards is their remarkable design versatility. Unlike traditional concrete or vinyl pools, fiberglass pools offer a wide array of design possibilities, allowing homeowners to create unique and captivating swimming environments. Whether you desire a sleek and modern pool or a more traditional and timeless design, fiberglass pools can be customized to suit your preferences seamlessly. This particular installation checks all the boxes in terms of aesthetic appeal, functionality and innovative use of materials. Plus, it has been uniquely elevated with its indoor configuration.

Thanks to Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa, this Eclipse 30’ by Leisure Pools is a stunning focal point within this converted garage. Sporting a head-turning sapphire blue gelcoat color, it adds a layer of pop to the existing rustic charm of the space.

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa was excited to be a part of this magnificent fiberglass pool installation. In part, this was due to the parameters of the project. However, it was also due to the story behind the project. Co-owners Shane Decker and his brother Chase worked alongside J.W. Sellberg, Construction Manager. They clearly had their work cut out for them with this installation. However, with their innovative and enthusiastic approach, the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

Leisure Pools Pool of the Month May 2023

Old Garage + Licensed Contractor + Innovative Pool Builder = the Perfect Inside Job

When the current owners purchased this property, known as Walden’s Creek Lodge, from Joyner, they did so with the understanding they would turn the old garage/storage building into a pool house. Upon completing the purchase from Joyner, the new owners contracted Joyner to oversee this pool project.

Joyner, a licensed contractor, collaborated with Decker and Sellberg on this project and the excitement further escalated. As the previous owner of the property, Joyner knew its potential. He had purchased this property in 2017, and while he never did anything to the building in which the pool now sits, he knew this building would make a great pool house.

Michelle and Chris proceeded to hire an architect and went back and forth on various plans for this project before ending up on this particular design. Transforming the former garage into a beautiful indoor pool setting did take a “roll up your sleeves and wipe the sweat from your brow” approach, however, but this was not something with which Joyner was unfamiliar.

The Covid-19 pandemic initially presented a host of challenges and interrupted the timeline to get the pool in place. However, this gave the owners time to consider many ideas and inspirations as to how they wanted the place to look. Joyner was up to the task to fulfill the owners’ vision for this space.

“We had to cut the solid concrete floor and then dig the hole for the pool,” explained Joyner, owner of D&K Builders in Sevierville, Tennessee. “Then, we craned out the roof in six separate sections. Next, we gutted it all and took the front wall down. We left the back wall and other two side walls intact.”

The Tennessee Valley crew subsequently dug for the pool, integrated the plumbing and bedded the gravel. While this process was on-going, a temporary wooden structure was put over the pool itself to protect it during construction.

This indoor fiberglass pool installation near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee stands out as a true masterpiece.

Joyner then created a stick-framed roof in order to integrate a high-vault ceiling. He also constructed the mechanical room, along with a full bathroom and shower, which was important to Michelle. Completing the exterior presentation of the pool house is painted cedar and stonework.

In addition to the outstanding work provided by Joyner and Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa, the owners gave a strong hat tip to Jimmy Whetstone, who was an integral part of this project. Formerly owner of County Meadows Landscaping & Pools, Whetstone, a Leisure Pools installer for many years, now sells pools for Tennessee Valley, who purchased his original company.

“(There were) lots of logistics that David and Jimmy handled and coordinated,” emphasized Michelle. “These two guys are the rock stars of this project.”

Indoor Fiberglass Pool and Condensation

The pool was placed and covered in order to complete the pool house construction. This included the HVAC system with dehumidifier and fan. This also included the rock wall and the tongue-and groove design. Additionally, the pool house was created with an amazing dormer and several windows. The owner was intentional on bringing copious amounts of natural light into the space. Additionally, the owners wanted a full bathroom with shower for guests.

Next, in order to combat any condensation issues with this indoor pool installation, Joyner insulated the space with flash-and-batt insulation. This is a combination of spray foam insulation with fiberglass batts.

This award-winning design by Tennessee Valley Pool & Spas has garnered accolades for its imaginative approach

“We then put in an exhaust fan system to monitor the humidity and also incorporated the de-humidifier system,” he noted, further emphasizing there have been no issues with condensation as a result.

“I enjoyed working with Tennessee Valley Pools & Spa,” smiled Joyner. “I was very impressed by them. They are good builders and good at what they do.”

The Big Reveal

Once the building was completed, this indoor fiberglass swimming pool was ready to take center stage. First, the concrete was laid and stamped. Next, the pool was uncovered. Next, it was drained and cleaned. Then, it was time for the big reveal. Celebratory “oohs and ahhs” could presumably be heard across the valley.

Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa: Excellence in the World of Aquatic Luxury

The owners are thoroughly satisfied with their selection of the Eclipse 30’. Perfect for all ages with a deep end and swim up bench for more advanced swimmers, it also has a splash pad for the younger kids to enjoy the water. For the owners, this project was everything they wanted and planned for, creating a vision come true. Of course, this fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools made a huge impression on everyone involved with the project.

“I’ve seen competitors’ products and they do not match the quality, well-made pools from Leisure Pools,” expressed Decker. “At Tennessee Valley Pool & Spa, we focus on quality over quantity and strive to make each customer’s vision a reality. We have built a great team that truly listens to what our customers want.”

J.W. confirmed that sentiment by adding, “We are all perfectionists here. We do it right the first time and make everything serviceable for our customers. We want to ensure they get the best product they can get.”

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