Leisure Pools swimming pool of the month April 2023

Introducing the Pool of the Month for April 2023

Leisure Pools swimming pool of the month April 2023

What makes a beautiful swimming pool? Is it the style of the pool itself? The color? The enhancements you can make to it? Is it the surrounding vistas and corresponding landscape appointments? Is it the overall view it provides as you scan your backyard oasis on a perfect summer’s day? In truth, it is all of that and more. An inground fiberglass backyard swimming pool from the collection at Leisure Pools is always a showstopper no matter where it’s placed.

Loy’s Pools & Patios: a Knox County, Tennessee Legend

When your business reviews on Angi are always stellar, it says a great deal about your company. Thomas Loy, owner of Loy’s Pools & Patios, refuses to miss the mark when it comes to delivering the best in products, services, and overall presentation.

Serving Maryville, Tennessee and surrounding areas, Loy’s Pools & Patios is an authorized contractor operating a turn-key business. With all of its work done in-house, customers can enjoy best-in-class service from a company that brings experience, innovation, and integrity to each and every outdoor living project.

A Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pool installation in Clinton, TN

This design+build firm began as a simple lawn mowing business when Loy was a teenager. Never lacking in ambition or energy, Loy quickly built a customer data base of 50+ loyal clients as a result of his solid work ethic and desire for perfection in all he does. Loy soon expanded his portfolio of services to include landscaping and other outdoor living projects.

After acquiring his general contractor’s license, Loy was on full throttle to build the best organization he could, which also includes incredible fiberglass pool installations. Working in and around Knox County in Tennessee, Loy and his team bring a certain style to the area, the likes of which are truly jaw-dropping. Always committed to providing the best service, Loy is gaining a strong customer base and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“I came to play,” smiled Loy, whose down-to-earth and approachable demeanor is in equal measure as his solid work ethic.

The Eclipse 40” from Leisure Pools®: the Star of the Show

The Eclipse 40” from Leisure Pools: the Star of the Show

The story for this pool project, located on eight acres in rural Clinton, Tennessee, begins with the simple desire of the homeowners to have a place to just get wet. In short, they wanted a backyard pool to complement their home and surrounding land. Easy enough. Then, they wanted areas around the pool where they could congregate with family and friends. Not a problem. Loy’s Pools & Patios was the perfect pool company to get the job done right and well.

Described as “glam rustic” by Loy, this installation of the heated, saltwater chlorinated Eclipse 40’ in Graphite Grey from Leisure Pools checks all the boxes for an ideal presentation. It is a head-turning production, perfectly situated, beautifully accented, and ideally landscaped. Even though the word “oasis” may get overused at times, it’s just the only way to accurately describe this slice of Heaven on Earth.

“We created a staycation resort experience for them,” emphasized Loy, who noted the owners appreciate the year-round ambiance of the space, as evidenced by the added interest of multiple evergreens that populate the perimeter.

As the outdoor project relates to the home itself, Loy indicated the residence has a “cabin-like” interior with tongue-in-groove walls, floors, and ceilings. The exterior of the home easily complements that vibe with plank lap siding and wood accents.

“Bearing that in mind, it just made sense to do this particular pool design,” explained Loy.

Leisure Pools's Pool of the Month by Loys Pools in Tennessee

To enhance the rustic appeal of this space, Loy incorporated a variety of natural products, including all of the surrounding pavers. By integrating elements of natural flagstone, limestone, and fieldstone, Loy provided a layer of picturesque charm to round out the overall atmosphere.

Loy and his team fully attended to every detail, except for the electrical components. He subbed out that aspect of the project. The primary scope of this project for Loy included the 10 feet of landscape that goes beyond and around the pools, the retaining wall, and the additional landscaping appointments.

Loy did encounter a few challenges with this project, as the home sits up on a hill on land surrounded by evergreen trees that are nearly 40 feet tall. However, those challenges were nothing he couldn’t handle.

“We had to do quite an excavation job,” he explained. “This required us to dig right into the side of a steep degree slope. We had to repurpose our fill materials and do a topography change to level it out.”

The end results, though, truly speak for themselves.

“They have a good mountain view here,” reflected Loy, who angled the pool towards the side of the house to provide for an optimum view of the surrounding vistas.

What Loy enjoyed most about this fiberglass inground backyard pool installation was having the ability to work with a generous budget which in turn allowed him to build something special.

The Leisure Pools® Experience…and Difference

Loy was quick to give high praise to Leisure Pools® for the company’s attention to customer service given in tandem with an impressive communication process.

“Amanda (Miller, Regional Sales Director/Southeast with Leisure Pools) is so good at communicating, and I love that Leisure Pools makes it an easy process to get the product and also that they are located nearby in Knoxville,” said Loy. “Plus, their customer service is very good.”

No matter where you live, Leisure Pools is your go-to fiberglass swimming pool provider with a worldwide network of 500+ dealers. Connect with a dealer near you to begin living your Life of Leisure today.

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