Leisure Pools' Pool of the Month June 2023

Introducing Leisure Pools’ Pool of the Month June 2023

Leisure Pools' Pool of the Month June 2023

Brace yourselves for a breathtaking fiberglass pool installation that defies expectations. Nestled within a smaller space without compromising on the beauty of its surrounding landscaping and hardscaping appointments, the superior results simply speak for themselves.

A Compact Slice of Paradise

Who says you need acres of land to create your own personal paradise? Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools in Fort Mohave, Arizona has proven that a smaller space can pack an incredible punch when it comes to designing and constructing a backyard pool.

With several years of landscaping experience, Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools has taken its expertise and elevated it to an entirely new level with the availability of fiberglass swimming pools from Leisure Pools.

Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools in Fort Mohave, Arizona wins Pool of the Month

“The two services go hand-in-hand,” emphasized owner Caleb Huseman, who, along with his team of backyard artisans, enjoy creating one-of-a-kind unique projects that speak to the homeowner’s dreams and lifestyles. Through every step of the project, clients can be assured that no detail is overlooked and that worries and concerns about the project are cast aside.

This award-winning fiberglass pool project, located in a residential community in Bullhead, Arizona, is a testament as to how talented pool builders can transform limited areas into extraordinary retreats, where relaxation and serenity know no boundaries.

Essentially a blank slate at the onset, aside from the turf and corresponding wall, Huseman and his team took this backyard and gave it an entirely new look.

“The owner wanted as big of a pool and spa as she could fit that worked in alignment with the city’s guidelines,” noted Huseman, who further indicated the owner had an outdoor shower, patio and grill integrated outside the scope of this project.

Fiberglass magic

The choice of fiberglass pool designs for this installation adds a touch of magic to the entire experience, as well. The homeowners chose The Reflection 26’ in Crystal Blue with The Sorrento Spa spillover from Leisure Pools stylish portfolio of fiberglass pool and spa designs.

The smooth and glossy surface of the pool not only looks stunning but also provides a luxurious feel when taking a dip. Fiberglass offers durability, low maintenance and excellent resistance to stains, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both beauty and practicality in their backyard pool.

Pool of the month: Landscape artistry at its finest

Landscape Artistry at Its Finest

The beauty of this fiberglass pool installation lies not only in the pool itself but also in the stunning surrounding landscaping. It’s like stepping into a carefully curated masterpiece where every element complements and enhances the overall ambiance. The greenery and strategically placed foliage create a natural oasis that evokes a sense of tranquility and escape.

Maximizing Space with Hardscaping

One of the secrets to the success of this project is the clever utilization of all corresponding elements. By incorporating elements such as water features, cool deck coating concrete (which reflects the sunlight so walking in barefoot is more tolerable) and matching veneer stacked stone on the fountain wall and the spa, Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools has created a seamless blend between the pool and its surroundings. These structural elements not only add functionality but also serve as design elements that elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the backyard.

A Haven of Escape

Despite the limited space, this fiberglass backyard pool installation exudes an undeniable sense of escape and relaxation. The thoughtful design ensures that every inch of the backyard is utilized to create functional areas for lounging, entertaining and enjoying the pool. It’s a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools team, who have proven that size is no barrier to achieving exceptional results.

Exceptional Results, Unparalleled Satisfaction

Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools not only delivers outstanding craftsmanship but also prides itself on providing an exceptional customer experience. From the initial consultation to the final touches, their team of experts ensures that your vision is understood and brought to life. They work closely with you to navigate any space constraints and design a backyard oasis that exceeds your expectations, leaving you with a pool installation that you’ll cherish for years to come.

“The process of this particular project did have its challenges,” expressed Huseman, whose team had to bring the pool and the equipment up and over the existing wall, as well as contend with extremely hard terrain prior to digging. “We actually took down and put back up the fence on a daily basis. However, we are proud of the end result. We enjoy seeing our clients happy.”

Further, Leisure Pools has once again showcased their expertise in crafting a stunning fiberglass backyard pool that effortlessly complements this backyard.

“We appreciate the Leisure Pools brand for their aesthetically-pleasing, modern designs,” emphasized Huseman. “Plus, we like the colors they offer.”

By seamlessly integrating beautiful landscaping and hardscaping elements, this pool installation has transformed an ordinary backyard into a slice of paradise.

A stunning fiberglass backyard pool that complements this backyard.

So, whether you have a compact space, or a vast expanse, Leisure Pools and Southern Desert Landscaping and Pools together have proven that exceptional results can be achieved. Dive into the magic of Leisure Pools and prepare to turn your backyard into an oasis that will leave you and your loved ones in awe. Contact your local dealer today to get started on your Life of Leisure.

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