Leisure Pools Pool of the Month August 2022 Kevin Sparks Signature Pools

Pool of the Month for August 2022

Leisure Pools Pool of the Month August 2022 Kevin Sparks Signature Pools

When it comes to building inspiring inground fiberglass pools, Kevin Sparks Signature Pools seems to have cornered the market. As specialists in the construction of unique and exclusive pools, this company, winner of the Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for August 2022, excels at making your pool and spa experience memorable, remarkable, and hassle-free.

This highly regarded company checks all the requisite boxes when it comes to what to look for in a reliable and trustworthy pool builder. First of all, they are locally owned. Secondly, they offer the highest quality products and services. Further, they employ experienced installers and knowledgeable personnel. And finally, they are driven by the innate ability to understand your story, what you desire, and how a backyard pool can be comfortably designed and installed around your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Of course, it also helps that the folks are just downright friendly and approachable. They understand getting a backyard pool is a significant investment. As such, the professionals at Kevin Sparks Signature Pools, who install approximately 75 pools manufactured by Leisure Pools™ on an annual basis, want to make the process and the overall journey memorable, relaxing, educational, and, most important, lots of fun.

Kevin Sparks Signature Pools: the Experts in Creating Spaces and Community

This notable inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool installation checks all the boxes in terms of overall style, design, and function. In short, it is elegance playing in concert with sophistication, redefined. However, there is another layer that expands beyond the initial blueprint, and that is one of connection.

“We create spaces of connection and community,” emphasized Lauren Womick, President of Kevin Sparks Signature Pools.  “This particular backyard setting has about six to seven spaces for people to connect.  That is our goal with each installation. We create these areas where people can gather, spend time together, and truly connect with one another.”

When designing the pool and its surrounding amenities, Kevin Sparks Signature Pools leaves no stone unturned. One might even venture to say the work this company does is grand and elaborate. This is in large part due to the close attention paid to detail that is evident at every turn, coupled with the inherent value that can not only be seen, but also experienced.

Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 fiberglass inground swimming pool with Sorrento Spa

“We give our customers what they pay for, regardless of any challenges or obstacles we may have to overcome in that process,” explained Womick, whose highly experienced team seems to effortlessly turn any stumbling blocks over into steppingstones.

Yes, installing a backyard pool can present a few challenges. That is to be expected. It is a part of what allows and inspires creative thinking to take precedence as it navigates the path to a successful installation.

“With this project, we were dealing with a smaller backyard space as well as a 28-foot setback line from the house,” noted Womick. “We then utilized as much space inside the setback line as was possible, building into the rolling hillside and redirecting some earth in the process. So, there was some excavation work involved to get the pool in and to have space. We also had to address drainage issues by re-routing water around the pool.”

Building in Harmony with the Home

Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 fiberglass inground swimming pool with Sorrento Spa

Because they install inground swimming pools with both new home construction projects and existing homes, the installers at Kevin Sparks Signature Pools have refined their approach and are able to seamlessly match the home with the backyard pool design. Bringing the home and the pool/spa in concert together is an integral part of their installation process.

“We design our projects to make sure they match the style of the home,” said Womick, who demands continuity in each project so the connection between the pool and the home doesn’t make the pool look like an afterthought.

This particular backyard swimming pool and spa installation located in Brentwood, Tennessee, speaks volumes as to the character and integrity that is standard for Kevin Sparks Signature Pools. In its simplicity of design one can clearly see the elegance and sophistication of its personal style, making it an easy choice for Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for August 2022.  This is the true essence of the popular Pinnacle 40 and the corresponding Calvi Spa from Leisure Pools.™

With its full width splash pad that seamlessly descends into the welcoming waters below and super clean design, the Pinnacle 40 invites opportunities for leisure, play, and fitness. Playing in full concert with the pool, the spa provides many contoured seating options. It gently invites you to just settle in and relax as you listen to the cascading water spill over into the attached pool.

As the fiberglass pool takes center stage, it does not overwhelm the visual aesthetic, but it still maintains a graceful presence among the surrounding elements that serve to support its appeal.

Among the outstanding highlights that accentuate this heated saltwater pool include four fire bowls, a waterfall, an outdoor kitchen, LED accent lighting, river rock perimeters to accommodate draining and add a layer of aesthetics, travertine decking, and a stack stone travertine split-face retaining wall. The corresponding square spa was constructed out of the same materials as the wall to create continuity and flow.

“The homeowners worked with some landscapers and an architect for the attached pool house,” indicated Womick. “We simply helped bring it all to life.”

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