Enjoy a Terror-ific Evening at the Pool

It is that time of year again, and while this spooky season may have you thinking about what you are going to wear to that highly-anticipated Halloween party, your swimming pool can join in the outlandish fun, too. Bring some creativity to your backyard oasis during this frightfully festive time of year.

While it might seem a bit odd to have a pool party in October, depending upon where you live (and if your pool is heated), you can still enjoy a poolside celebration. Even if the temperature is not ideal for jumping in the pool, you can easily host a memorable backyard party and make your backyard swimming pool the talk of the town. There is no reason your backyard swimming pool, whether suitable for swimming at this time of year or not, cannot make the perfect backdrop for a spook-tacularly fun event with your family and friends. This is just one of many ways you can enjoy your Leisure Pools fiberglass backyard swimming pool all year long.

7 Ways to Dress up Your Swimming Pool to Scare Up Halloween Fun

Put a new twist on “trick or treat” this year with some of these imaginatively inspiring ideas to make your backyard fiberglass swimming pool the guest of honor. With these fun ideas, you can make your Halloween party the last bash of the year, going out with a bewitching bang. It will be something your guests will remember throughout the year.

  1. First of all, you need the swimming pool. Check. Be sure to turn on the pool heater if you have one.
  2. Get some fun decorations to give your swimming pool its terror-ific vibe. Anything Halloween-style will do the trick: skeletons, pumpkins, headstones, coffins, and maybe even some hay bales and fall foliage placed around the pool. Glow sticks are also fun to have on hand, whether floating in the pool or used as accent lighting around your decorations. You may even want to put a zombie or a scarecrow at the entrance to the pool area to greet your guests.
  3. A fog machine can set a spooky mood around the water’s edge.
  4. Put together a playlist of some spooky tunes to enhance the mood.
  5. Set out some Halloween-themed candles.
  6. Put some battery-operated tea lights into carved pumpkins and set those on the tables. Don’t forget to put some pumpkins into the pool, too (they float) for added style and fun.
  7. Pour some liquid refreshment into some Halloween-themed cups and mugs. Red punch, anyone?

Let the fun begin

With your swimming pool all decked out in style, it’s time to have some fun. Here are a few ideas to get the party started:

  1. Set up a pumpkin carving station. With kid-friendly carving utensils and even some stencils, let your guests dig into their creative side and see what spooky fun designs they can come up with. You can host a contest and have your guests vote on the winning pumpkin. Display the pumpkins around the pool to further add to the pool’s Halloween style.
  2. Have a Halloween costume contest. Offer prizes for scariest, funniest, coolest, and most imaginative costumes.
  3. Stage a treasure hunt. If your pool is still open, put some party-themed trinkets into the pool. Glow sticks will come in handy when diving for sunken riches.You can also place items around the pool area for party-goers to find.

Safety first

To ensure the safety of your guests, make sure your pool is well lit and safe for swimming, if swimming is an option at this time. Have a few responsible adults on hand who won’t mind keeping a watchful eye on those who might go in the pool or linger around the water’s edge. Keep warm towels on hand for your guests should they need one.

Once you have all the spooky charmed turned up, it’s time to invite your friends over for a fun-filled Halloween Boo Bash! There is no rule that keeps you from having fun at the pool even in October. No matter if you spend time in or around the pool, hosting a fun-filled event by the water will make for some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. The fun is only limited by your imagination.

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