Lisure Pools Pool of the Month for December 2022 Brooks Malone Pools

Pool of the Month for December 2022

Lisure Pools Pool of the Month for December 2022 Brooks Malone Pools

Brooks Malone has done it again. Taking center stage as the Leisure Pools Pool of the Month for December 2022 is this beautiful Brooks Malone installation of one of the most expressive fiberglass pool designs by Leisure Pools: the Pinnacle 40’ in Graphite Grey. As specialists in creating a backyard paradise that deserves a second look, Brooks Malone, a pool installer which serves the Tri-Cities area in Tennessee, makes each installation fun and easy. It also becomes one of the best decisions a homeowner can make.

From Home Builder to Pool Builder

Owners David and Holly Brooks function like a well-oiled machine. Since 1994, they have been working together to create an extremely successful swimming pool installation company. David jokingly refers to Holly as the heart of the company and himself as the brawn. No matter how this team is defined, it seems they have created quite an award-winning legacy for the outstanding fiberglass pool installations they provide to homeowners across the Tri-Cities area. Working together with their outstanding team, they become like family to the people they serve.

Originally a plumber by trade, David sort of fell into this industry. He admits he made a  good living as s plumber, taking a lead from his grandpa who was in that trade. However, he eventually wanted to become more diverse in what he offered.

Brooks Malone Leisure Pools pool installer

As such, he secured his general contractor’s license and began a successful residential construction company. To date, he has built more than 100 homes, both custom and speculative homes.  It was because of his work in this arena that David was introduced to the pool building specialty. However, his transition into building swimming pools started at more of a turtle’s pace than a hare’s clip, but for good reason. David wanted to be sure this was the right pivot to make to further enhance his professional portfolio.

“About 15 years ago, we sort of tip-toed into this area,” he recalled. “In the first year, I had a residential customer request a pool. I told home we didn’t do pools. His reply was, ‘You can’t, huh?’ In other words, he challenged us, so we did it. In fact, we found out we enjoyed it.”

Thus, the groundwork was laid. In year two, David and his team installed two swimming pools.  By the following year, he was up to four installations. In 2022, his crew nearly eclipsed 70 units. Presumably, 2023 will stand out as a banner year for Brooks Malone.

“We still build homes occasionally,” he said. “But I really enjoy this phase.”

With 14 on staff, not including himself and Holly, David has created a highly efficient team. Hence, the reason he has gained so much ground while developing his team of expert pool builders.

“I have always followed lean construction practices,” he indicated, emphasizing efficiency stands at the helm of all they do. “The other day, we started a dig in the morning and by 2:30 that afternoon, the water was flowing.”

Take In a Slice of Paradise in this Tennessee Backyard

Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 fiberglass inground swimming pool in Graphite Gray

The backyard pool of this home stands in perfect harmony with the surrounding vistas.  The modern appointments within the home surprisingly complement the farmhouse façade of its gorgeous exterior presentation.

This project came naturally to the Brooks Malone team, as everyone involved is well-versed in creating pool installations that are an extension of the home, the lifestyle of the people who reside within, and the type of personal outdoor sanctuary they desire.

The owners of this jaw-dropping swimming pool are no strangers to backyard pools and the joy they bring. They had a freeform pool at their previous residence and enjoyed many hours of fun with family and friends.  When they moved into this particular home, they opted for something sleeker and more polished.  But there was a hurdle or two to overcome before the work could commence.

Due to the elevation of the backyard, David had to put his creative wheels in motion in order to harmoniously partner the yard with the pool. The end result came in the form of building a wall on the side of the pool. To further elevate the presentation of the wall, David incorporated natural boulder rocks.

“Our specialty leans towards the natural look,” emphasized David, who noted that while the cascades and elevated deck of this installation provide a more formal look, he added that splash of natural to keep in line with his signature style.

“What pushed me in this project was the sloping topography and how I could ultimately achieve that look with the existing slope,” explained David.

While David will admit the site was challenging due to the topography of the yard, Brooks Malone is known for tackling challenging projects of this nature. Because the house has a natural look all its own, the same appearance David gave to this pool setting makes the entire installation and subsequent masterpiece a win-win scenario.

“If you are going to put money into constructing a wall, then the wall should be functional,” he expressed.

Framing the pool is stamped concrete in a slate pattern. A durable material, this will withstand the test of time and maintain its stunning presence.

But the design elements don’t stop there.

Elevating a Fiberglass Pool with Accent Lighting

David is a huge proponent of accent lighting for inground swimming pools. To him, such lighting creates the framework for what he sees as a wonderful piece of art.

“The lighting is what makes a beautiful picture,” he smiled.

Down the road, David anticipates this particular swimming pool customer will add a tanning ledge on the upper level and make a few modifications. And that is just fine with him.

Why? Well, the answer is simple:

Because Brooks Malone doesn’t just stop at the fiberglass inground pool installation part. They also offer a la cart products and services, such as hardscaping, landscaping, and a variety of outdoor living elements. Many times, customers prefer to add these on later. David kind of likes that approach, too.

Leisure Pools Pinnacle 40 fiberglass inground swimming pool in Graphite Gray

“When we build the pool, it gives the customer an opportunity to get familiar with us,” he noted. “It also gives us the opportunity to set the infrastructure so we can come back later and add any amenities they might want.”

Brooks Malone: The Fiberglass Pool Specialists

Brooks Malone understands customers desire their own personal oasis. After all, an outdoor swimming pool is the ideal place to unwind and relax.

“Most of our customers are busy professionals who just want a place to rejuvenate after they get home,” he expressed. “We like to create an outdoor environment they can’t wait to get home to.”

Turning to Brooks Malone to install a fiberglass inground pool is one of the easiest decisions to make. David, Holly, and the entire team take the time to intently listen to what the customer wants and then deliver that vision to perfection.

Like a World Series-winning baseball team, they continue to knock each fiberglass pool installation out of the park. Exceptional service is a lifestyle for Brooks Malone. Making customers happy just seems to come naturally to them.

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