So you are thinking about installing a swimming pool. Are you wondering how to find a local fiberglass pool dealer?

Maybe you are just starting out and need guidance on everything from costs to build times. Maybe you have done your research — like comparing Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Liner vs. Concrete Swimming Pools — and still have questions that you need answered. Maybe you’ve made your decision and are ready to talk deal.

No matter where you are in the process of creating your backyard oasis, a Leisure Pools fiberglass pool dealer can provide whatever help you may need.

Finding the right Leisure Pools dealer is easy. Our independent dealer network is over 500 strong, and just like us, the majority of our dealers are locally owned, family-run businesses. Our relationship is founded on a shared philosophy: We are responsible for producing the highest quality pool shell, and they are responsible for the highest quality installation.

It makes no difference where you live in the United States, Leisure Pools has a local dealer that can help make your dreams come true.

However …

We recognize that this is a big decision. An in-ground swimming pool is a huge commitment, both in time and money, and it’s important that you go into it with all the information that you need to feel comfortable. So here are a few pointers you might want to consider:

  • Do your homework
  • Take your time and be selective
  • Get references from swimming pool industry leaders and pool owners
  • Familiarize yourself with the warranty on any swimming pool and installation you consider
  • Work with manufacturers who will back their products and services for the lifetime of the pool

Why Dealers Want to Join the Leisure Pools Team

Before we get down to how to contact your local dealer, it’s worth considering why a dealer might want to join the Leisure Pools team. After all, there are three types of in-ground installations and each type has many different manufacturers and suppliers. What sets Leisure Pools and its dealers apart? Here’s our Top 10 List of why fiberglass swimming pool dealers want to sell Leisure Pools.

  1.  The highest quality composite fiberglass swimming pools available
  2.  Fastest time to swim – pools are installed in days, not months
  3.  27 fiberglass pool designs to select from
  4.  66 unique pool models, shapes and sizes
  5.  Designs ranging from contemporary and organic to classic.
  6.  Innovative features such as spas and tanning shelves
  7.  7 Gelcoat color options
  8.  Industry-leading innovation in raw materials and technology
  9.  Highest level of quality control production
  10.  The best warranties in the industry
    • Lifetime structural warranty
    • Lifetime structural Osmosis warranty
    • Ten year Gelcoat warranty

Now that you know why dealers want to join the Leisure Pools USA Network of certified dealers, let’s cover what they’ll offer you in return.

Fastest Time to Swim

Composite fiberglass pools offer the fastest time to swim because they require significantly less time to install. Leisure Pools are designed, engineered and manufactured in controlled factory conditions and delivered as a finished product, no assembly required. It really is as simple as a crane lowering the pool into into a pre-dug hole. Onsite installations can happen in a matter of days, not weeks, compared to concrete pools. Also, weather becomes less of a factor when installing pre-formed composite fiberglass pools.


Leisure Pools has the largest logistics and distribution network of any fiberglass pool manufacturer, with a vast fleet of skilled contract drivers. With over 500 independent Leisure Pools dealers to work with, you can can rest assured that you will be dealing with some of the industry’s best. Out network management team is highly skilled, licensed, bonded, and permitted. Your experience pre-to-post installation will be second to none, and stress and worry-free.

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Leisure Pools is strategically growing its already substantial number of distribution centers throughout the United States and beyond. What this means to you, is that by working with a local distributor, you’ll get your fiberglass swimming pool faster, and at a lower cost. With distribution yards in strategic positions across the country, Leisure Pools and our network of dealers can have a pool ready to install in your backyard in no time at all.

How to Find and Select a Local Fiberglass Pool Dealer

We’ve covered why swimming pool dealers are drawn to joining the Leisure Pools USA network. Now let’s cover how to find and select a local fiberglass swimming pool dealer.

To begin your search for a Leisure Pools certified dealer in your area, fill out this swimming pool dealer locator form to receive a complimentary design consultation. Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll put you in touch with a Leisure Pools dealer in your area. Best of all, you’ll receive a FREE PROJECT STARTER KIT to get you on your way to pool ownership.

To receive a free design consultation from a qualified dealer in your area, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Answer these three questions, and you’ll be on your way:

  1. Tell us know who you are and where you’re located.
  2. Choose the style, shape, and size of fiberglass swimming pool that interests you.
  3. Select amenities, features, and fittings that you could see in your swimming pool.


Fit. Form. Function. Fabulous. Fun!

Before you can live a Life of Leisure, we need to get down to the fun stuff – picking out the fiberglass swimming pool you’ve been dreaming of. One that suits your lifestyle, your property, and your style of home. And, of course, your budget.

Leisure Pools’ award-winning design styles cover the design gambit — sleek, rectangular, and modern minimalist; free-form tropical; compact plunge pools. We have the design shape, size, and feel you’re looking for. Click the link below to take a look at the complete range of composite fiberglass swimming pools we offer.

Leisure Pools Design styles.

Modern Rectangular

Do you love contemporary design? Clean lines and sharp edges? Then our Modern Rectangulars may be for you. Stylish and crisp, pools like The Reflection and The Pinnacle can give your backyard that fresh, yet classic form you are looking for.

Specialty Rectangular

Would you like your rectangular swimming pool to stand out from the others on the block? Check out our Specialty Rectangular pools, which feature such amenities as a built-in cover box (like The Cube) or a deep end that can accommodate a diving board (such as The Infinity).


Freeform pools are ideal for those who are looking for a more casual and relaxed approach to their pool design. Forget straight edges and corners and think arcs and curves. If you are a go-with-the-flow type of person, then The Riviera or The Eclipse might be just right for you.

Accessorize. Stylize. Bedazzle!

Once you’ve selected your fiberglass swimming pool, it’s time to think about the extras. Are you dreaming of a spa or tanning ledge? We have you covered in style.


Soothing jets of water. Blissful relaxation. Rejuvenating massage. All this and more is what can be added to you backyard with the addition of a Leisure Pools Spa. Our Amalfi Spa will have you imagining yourself on a trip to the coast of Italy, while our round or square Sorrento Spa can help you create your own little tropical island getaway.

Tanning Ledges

Stay cool with the hot addition to any fiberglass swimming pool — a Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge. These popular features provide a great place for adults to pull up a lounger and relax and are the perfect spot for young kiddos to play. Suit your pool and landscape by selecting from a curved edge in The Opal, a straight edge in The Topaz or an extra-long ledge in The Quartz.

Color System

Often the first thing that gets noticed about a fiberglass swimming pool is its color. And if you have a Leisure Pools swimming pool, you can be sure that’s going to be the case.

Our AquaGuard™ Color System offers a stunning array of colors that have a built-in, diamond-like sparkle that allows for all kinds of self-expression. But Leisure pools are not just beautiful, they also set the standard in performance. Our gelcoat system provides the ultimate in protection from ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and blistering. You can be sure that with a Leisure Pools swimming pool you have the absolute best durability, color performance, and soft-to-the-touch surfaces you can buy.

SAPPHIRE BLUE, our most popular color, offers a cool, refreshing look to any pool. This is a bold and beautiful color, and conjures up images of the rooftops and pools of the Greek island Santorini.


CRYSTAL BLUE is as equally beautiful as Sapphire Blue, but with a more calming vibe. Picture the crystal-clear waters of a Caribbean island getaway. Crystal Blue will take you there.


GRAPHITE GREY is traditional, yet contemporary.  It’s perfect for an individual who admires a classic grey flannel suit, but with a twist of personal style. It’s clean, crisp, timeless — yet unforgettable.


SILVER GREY pools sparkle like the pristine waters of a mountainside lake or stream. Subtle, balanced tones of blues and greys will inspire you.


EBONY BLUE is strikingly bold and absolutely stunning. This color adds an element of drama to any nighttime gathering, and paired with well-placed landscape lighting makes a pool instantly elegant.


Have a favorite memory of wiggling your toes into a beautiful beach on some distant shore? Then let DIAMOND SAND help you bring back to that experience with its soft, natural lighting.


AQUAMARINE is beautifully centered among all of our AquaGuard blue colors. Like the aquamarine gemstone, it’s famous for its brilliance, clarity and transparency, and the sea blue tones impart eternal youth and happiness.


Can’t decide? Check out this article on 7 Smart Pool Colors. You’ll see more examples of these colors in actual applications. Another great article is What Do Swimming Pool Colors Really Look Like?

Choose Passion … Your passion for a Life of Leisure in a beautiful backyard experience that is uniquely you. The passion of a swimming pool manufacturer that delivers excellence on the experience you desire. The passion of certified dealers that are committed to making your dreams come true.

About the Finest Quality

Not all fiberglass pools are created equal. With Leisure Pools, you can be assured we’ve invested in the innovation, raw materials and exceptional quality control to manufacture the finest fiberglass swimming pools in the world.

Composite Armour™

Superior craftsmen mold every Leisure Pool composite fiberglass swimming pool from a patented core of Composite Armour™, which is a blend of three high-performance fibers. These are the same materials found in law enforcement body armor and used in the aerospace, automotive and boating industries. Combined with Vinyl Ester Resin-reinforced fiberglass, they form an impenetrable barrier to chemicals, water and virtually anything which can come in contact with your swimming pool.

These luxuriously soft to the touch and beautiful materials are solid to the core. The pool floor, walls, steps, splash pads, spas, benches and tanning ledges will be tough as armor, yet engineered with the flexibility to withstand the natural swelling and contracting of the earth surrounding your pool.

Composite Armour

70% Resin Composite

Vinyl Ester Resin is by far the most concentrated ingredient of Leisure Pools fiberglass pool shells. It creates a better bond between layers, and it’s responsible for the long-lasting flexibility and durability of our pools. Some fiberglass pool manufacturers offer only a single exterior layer of Vinyl Ester Resin and use the less expensive polyester resin to comprise the remaining layers. However, Leisure Pools incorporates Vinyl Ester Resin through the entire manufacturing process. Doing so will protect your investment against osmosis, the silent killer of swimming pools. Osmosis takes place when groundwater penetrates and traps water between a swimming pool’s layers, which doesn’t happen with the way we manufacture our pools. With Leisure Pools, you will have peace of mind; your fiberglass swimming pool’s beauty and integrity will be protected from osmosis.

Osmosis Warranty

For more on the ins-and-outs on raw materials, technology, construction, and warranties, read up on Leisure Pools Advancements.

It’s a Wrap

So now that we have gone through the planning and selection process, let us help take your stress away. We will assist you in:

  1. Choosing a reputable pool dealer. We team with only the very best.
  2. Selecting a swimming pool shape and size that will suit you and your landscape. Our trained specialist will help you decide what’s right for you, your landscape, and your budget.
  3. Refining your pool selection with features and color finishes. We want to inspire you to make your new backyard the best it can possibly be.

We’ll help you dream big and deliver on those dreams.

Our Collective Promise to You

With Leisure Pools, you know that you have the best designed, engineered, and constructed fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. We expect perfection, and we do our very best to deliver on it.

Just as we strive for 100% excellence and 100% customer satisfaction, we expect no less from our fiberglass pool dealers. We’re selective in our dealers and it shows.

Our independently-owned, certified fiberglass pool dealers will deliver on our promise to you… to ensure that every Leisure Pools swimming pool is  constructed for both durability and beauty. And installation is on time, on budget, and with equally world-class results.

You’ll live the Leisure Life – swimming in quality and style, quickly. We’ll ensure piece-of-mind that you chose the right product.

Do you still have questions Regarding Finding Your Local Fiberglass Pool Dealer or More?

We hope you have gained valuable knowledge reading our article, “How to Find a Local Fiberglass Pool Dealer”. If you still have questions we’re here to help. Whether your questions are about different pool types, fiberglass vs. concrete pool, fiberglass vs. vinyl pool, finding the right fiberglass pool dealer in your area or about Leisure Pools USA’s offerings, contact us today. One of our fiberglass pool professionals would be delighted to answer your questions.

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