Stressing Over Pool Installation? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sweat It

You’ve dreamed of owning a beautiful backyard swimming pool that will provide a stunning look to your home and outdoor space. But, you’re not thrilled about having your backyard in disarray for months on end–or maybe you’re looking to have your pool available to use as soon as possible. One of the wonderful benefits of a Leisure Pools high-quality, fiberglass swimming pool is that swimming pool installation can be as quick as a couple of days! In fact, Leisure Pools has even had a pool installed (dig the hole, set it in and have it ready for swimming) in under four hours! While four hours is awfully fast, you can rest assured that your pool will be ready for use, and your backyard usable again, in a matter of days.

When you buy a Leisure Pools swimming pool, the process is quick and efficient. This is because our swimming pools arrive at your home on a truck already built and ready to drop in the ground. While our customers don’t see this part of the process, a lot of work–years even–goes into the research and design of our pools.

This is what happens before your pool ever arrives at your home:


At Leisure Pools, we research and study what people want in swimming pools, taking into account style, functionality, use and trends. For example, as the movement towards more outdoor living and fun concepts emerged, we began to offer pools like the Allure and the Ultimate that have features like splash decks or built-in spas. However, we also offer our more traditional or classic styles like the Elegance for those who prefer sleek lines and simplicity.


Once Leisure Pools has conducted research, we experiment with drawing designs and sketches. All the pools you see in our  fiberglass swimming pool showroom were once just sketched! The benefit of this process is that we now have many designs for you to choose from with features like Splash Decks, diving pools, infinity pools, built-in spas and open swimming corridors. We also have both free form and rectangular designs, short pools and long pools, and thin pools and wide pools. You can rest assured we have your ideal pool covered.


After the design is solidified, we move onto the model process where we create the foundation of a pool. Each swimming pool we offer has a mold. From here, we take orders and create each Leisure Pools swimming pool by hand through our unique Composite Armour application process. In fact, our pools are made with six layers providing strength and beauty! The final step is the gelcoat application. When you purchase a Leisure Pools swimming pool, you get to choose from seven lovely colors that are also UV and blister resistant. After this gelcoat color is applied, we finish it off with a buffing and cleaning.

Leisure Pools delivers the completed pool directly to your home and ready to install! For a more detailed description of the installation process, you can read our article about the 7 steps of fiberglass pool installation.

While the process of developing our swimming pool designs has taken years, we can have your pool already made and ready to deliver. So as you’re considering a swimming pool purchase, keep in mind how quick and efficient the Leisure Pools process is. Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

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