Closing Your Fiberglass Pool: Tips for a Leisurely Winter

Closing Your Fiberglass Pool: Tips for a Leisurely Winter

Closing Your Fiberglass Pool: Tips for a Leisurely Winter

As the days cool down, winter is on its way. That means it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool. Your Leisure Pools fiberglass swimming pool needs attention to weather the cold. Proper pool closing keeps it in excellent condition. Think of the sparkling water and the joyful moments. They’re not gone, just on pause. Take the right steps to close your pool now, and you’ll be set for a season full of fun and laughter when summer rolls back around.

Come with us as we tap into the important process of closing your pool for the season. Our aim? To help guarantee that when the world blooms once more, your stylish fiberglass pool is as ready as ever to help you make more precious memories with friends and loved ones in and around your pool next season.

Winterizing Your Fiberglass Pool to Ensure a Smooth Shutdown

1. Balance the Water Chemistry

Begin by testing the water a week before you plan to close the pool. The pH should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.6. Alkalinity should range from 80 to 120 ppm, and calcium hardness between 180 and 220 ppm for fiberglass pools. Properly balanced water not only protects the fiberglass surface but also prevents potential algae growth.

Test the water chemistry of your fiberglass swimming pool

2. Clean the Pool Thoroughly

A pristine pool during winter means less work in the spring. Remove leaves, debris and any other particles using a pool vacuum. Scrub the waterline to keep it free of grime, keeping your fiberglass surface spotless and gleaming.

3.  Lower the Water Level

While fiberglass pools are more forgiving than their concrete counterparts, it’s still recommended to lower the water level approximately an inch below the skimmer. This prevents possible damage from freezing water. Make sure to blow any water out of the pipes, pumps and other vessels that house water. This will help mitigate any damage from water expansion that can occur from freezing.

4. Attend to the Filter and Pump

First, backwash your filter. If you have a DE filter, be sure to recharge it after backwashing. After this, thoroughly clean out the pump basket. This process allows for optimal performance and longevity.

Remove leaves, debris and any other particles from your pool

5. Protect the Plumbing

Water expands upon freezing, which can lead to burst pipes. To prevent this, drain the water from your pool’s plumbing system. Blowing out the lines can be beneficial — using a shop vac can do the trick. Check that all water is removed, then plug the return lines to keep water out over the winter.

6. Add Winterizing Chemicals

Invest in a quality winterizing kit suitable for fiberglass pools. These chemicals work over the dormant months, ensuring your pool water remains balanced and algae-free. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results. If you prefer professional help in this regard, contact the experts at Ultra Pool Care Squad.

7. Consider an Automatic Pool Cover

A high-quality automatic pool cover, such as those from Integra Pool Covers, is a solid investment for your fiberglass pool. It protects your pool from debris and contaminants, helping to keep the water clear and clean. It can also help to prevent accidents and deter curious wildlife.

8. Safety First

With the pool closed, safety remains paramount. Be sure barriers like gates and fences are secure, deterring children and pets from approaching the pool area during the off-season.

9. Regular Checks During Winter

Even as your pool hibernates, periodic checks are essential. Examine the cover for damage, check water levels and occasionally test the water’s chemistry. Addressing any issue promptly means fewer surprises when spring arrives.

A life of leisure revolves around the precious moments we create, and the high-quality fiberglass pools from Leisure Pools stand as a testament to that end. By ensuring your fiberglass pool is well-prepared for the winter months, you’re not just maintaining a structure; you are preserving countless memories yet to be made. When spring returns, with its promise of sunlit days and gentle breezes, your backyard fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools will be waiting, ready to help you jump right back into the fabulous life of leisure you deserve.

Reach out to your local Leisure Pools dealer today for more information on winterizing your pool or to take the plunge and invest in an oasis of fun and relaxation for you and your entire family.

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