Choosing the Right Features for Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool

Choosing the Right Features for Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool

Choosing the Right Features for Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool

When designing the perfect backyard oasis, an inground fiberglass pool can be the centerpiece of your outdoor space. However, choosing the right features to enhance safety, functionality and aesthetics is crucial. From fencing and pool covers to self-closing doors, each element plays a vital role in ensuring your pool is not only beautiful but also secure and convenient. Leisure Pools is ready to help you navigate the essential features for your backyard fiberglass pool, making it a true haven for relaxation and enjoyment.


Safety Fencing: A Necessary Barrier

One of the most important considerations when installing a pool is safety, especially if you have children or pets. A safety fence is a mandatory feature in many areas, and for good reason. It serves as a physical safeguard, preventing accidental drownings and blocking unauthorized access. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a pool fence:

Material: Pool fences come in various materials, including aluminum, vinyl, wood and mesh.
Aluminum and vinyl are favored for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Mesh fences are also a good option as they are removable and provide excellent visibility.

Safety Fencing: an important pool feature

Height and Design: The fence should be at least four feet high, with vertical bars spaced closely enough to prevent climbing. Consider a design that complements your landscape and home architecture.

Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gates: Make sure the gate is self-closing and self-latching, with the latch positioned out of young children’s reach. This adds an extra layer of security.

Pool Covers: Protection and Peace of Mind

Pool covers are another essential feature for any pool owner. They serve multiple purposes, from maintaining water cleanliness to enhancing safety. When choosing a pool cover, consider the climate in your area and your specific needs. Here are a couple types of pool covers to consider:

Safety Covers: Made from durable mesh or solid materials, safety covers can support the weight of a person, preventing accidental falls into the pool. They are ideal for families with small children and pets.

Automatic Covers: For ultimate convenience, automatic covers can be operated with the push of a button. They provide excellent safety and help keep debris out of the pool.

Safety Alarms: Extra Precautions

In addition to fences and self-closing doors, pool alarms add an extra layer of safety. These alarms can detect unauthorized entry or accidental falls into the pool:

Surface Wave Alarms: These alarms detect disturbances on the water surface and sound an alert if someone falls into the pool.

Subsurface Alarms: Installed below the water surface, these alarms detect changes in water pressure and are less likely to be triggered by wind or small objects.

Wearable Alarms: These are worn by children and sound an alarm if they get wet, providing an immediate alert to parents.

Get extra protection with poolside safety alarms

Self-Closing Doors: Convenience and Safety

If your pool area is accessible through doors from your home, self-closing and self-latching doors are a must. These doors prevent children from wandering into the pool area unsupervised. Here’s what to look for:

Quality Hinges and Latches: Invest in high-quality hinges and latches that ensure the door closes securely every time.

Alarm Systems: Some self-closing doors come with built-in alarms that sound if the door is left open, providing an additional safety measure.

Ease of Use: Choose doors that are easy for adults to operate but challenging for young children to open.

Pool Lighting: Safety and Ambiance

Proper lighting around and inside your pool enhances both safety and aesthetics. Well-placed lighting ensures visibility during nighttime swims. Plus, it adds a magical touch to your outdoor space. Consider the following lighting options:

Underwater Lights: These lights illuminate the pool water, making night swimming safe and enjoyable. LED lights are energy-efficient and come in various colors to create different moods.

Landscape Lighting: Pathway lights, garden spotlights and accent lights around the pool area improve visibility and highlight landscaping features.

Motion Sensor Lights: Installing motion sensor lights around the pool area can deter intruders and alert you to any unexpected movement.

Consider pool lighting around your pool for safety and ambiance

Decking and Surrounding Areas: Comfort and Style

The pool deck and surrounding areas contribute significantly to the overall experience of your backyard fiberglass swimming pool. Choosing the right materials and design can enhance both safety and comfort:

Non-Slip Surfaces: Select materials like textured concrete, natural stone or composite decking that provide a non-slip surface. This will help to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Heat-Resistant Materials: Consider materials that stay cool under the sun, making the area comfortable to walk on barefoot.

Seating and Shade: Include comfortable seating options like loungers and outdoor furniture. Shade structures such as pergolas, umbrellas or cabanas offer respite from the sun.

Pool Automation Systems: Modern Convenience

Automation systems can simplify pool maintenance and operation, allowing you to enjoy your pool with minimal effort. These systems can control various aspects of your pool, including:

Water Temperature: Automated systems can maintain your desired water temperature, ensuring your pool is always ready for a swim.

Cleaning: Robotic pool cleaners can keep your pool sparkling clean without manual effort.

Lighting and Water Features: Control lighting, fountains and other water features with a smartphone app or remote control.

Choosing the right features: Aesthetic Enhancements:

Finally, consider adding aesthetic features that reflect your style and enhance the beauty of your pool:

Water Features: Waterfalls, fountains and bubblers add visual interest and soothing sounds.

Fire Features: Fire pits or fire bowls create a stunning contrast to the water and provide warmth on cooler evenings.

Landscaping: Thoughtful landscaping around the pool area can create a lush, tropical ambiance or a sleek, modern look.

Choosing the right features for your fiberglass pool from Leisure Pools involves balancing safety, functionality and aesthetics. By investing in quality fencing, reliable pool covers, self-closing doors and advanced automation systems, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for your family and friends. Don’t forget to add personal touches with lighting, decking and aesthetic enhancements to make your pool area truly unique. With careful planning and attention to detail, your backyard fiberglass pool will become a cherished retreat for years to come.

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