Celebrating Halloween by Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool

Celebrating Halloween by Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool from Leisure Pools: A Delight for All Ages

Celebrating Halloween by Your Backyard Fiberglass Pool

The autumnal hues of oranges, yellows and deep reds are a gentle reminder that Halloween is around the corner. This season, we invite you to look at Halloween with a refreshing twist. What if, instead of the traditional front porch celebrations, we move the festivities to your very own backyard oasis – your inground fiberglass swimming pool from Leisure Pools? Imagine the moon reflecting off the water’s surface, the gentle rustling of leaves and the laughter of your family echoing through the night.

7 Fun Ideas to Create a One-of-a-Kind Halloween Backyard Pool Party

Your carefully crafted pool deserves a worthy protector. An automatic pool cover from Integra Pool Covers offers a silent, effective defense, keeping it leaf-free and ready for your next quiet moment or lively gathering with a simple press of a button. Your aqua oasis stays clean, inviting you to dive into tranquility whenever you choose.

1. Jack-O-Lantern Luminescence

Adorn the pool with floating Jack-O-Lanterns. For the kids, it’s the magic of floating pumpkins. The adults, on the other hand, can appreciate the artistic interplay of light and water as LED-lit pumpkins cast their serene glow.

Organise a poolside halloween party with Leisure Pools

2. Tales by the Pool

For the little ones, share enchanting tales of friendly ghouls and magical creatures. Later, as the children drift off to slumber, adults can indulge in spine-tingling ghost stories, all framed by the tranquil backdrop of the pool.

3. Moonlit Swim Sessions

Children can revel in a delightful, eerie swim surrounded by soft-lit decorations. Meanwhile, the adults can enjoy a serene dip, perhaps with soft jazz music playing in the background, embracing the calm of the night.

Leisure Pools present our top tips for throwing a poolside Halloween party

4. Poolside Potion and Beverage Bar

The kids will love mixing non-alcoholic concoctions with fun names and fizzy effects. For the adults, offer a selection of mocktails, along with some sparkling water, ginger beer, iced coffee, smoothies, fresh lemonade and a variety of teas. Enjoy sipping your favorite beverages while sharing Halloween stories around the pool.

5. Dusk-till-Dawn Treasure Hunts

Glow-in-the-dark toys and trinkets can be scattered in the pool for kids to retrieve. As the night matures, adults can engage in their version with more intricate clues leading to hidden treasures.

6. Dual-Themed Photo Booth

A backdrop showcasing the shimmering pool, equipped with props ranging from playful witch hats for the kids to more refined, vintage Halloween items for adults. This activity ensures everyone gets their picture-perfect moment.

7. Movie Marathon

Set up an outdoor projector and watch a family-friendly Halloween movie by the pool. Whether it’s a classic like “Hocus Pocus” or a new favorite, watching it by your Leisure Pools’ fiberglass pool will make it even more special. As the credits roll, wrap your loved ones in warm blankets and enjoy some poolside hot cocoa.

May your Halloween be filled with shared laughter, hauntingly fun and spooky tales and countless memories by the shimmering waters of your pool. Dive into the magic, cherish the moments and embrace the spirit of the season. Contact your local dealer at Leisure Pools today to enjoy no tricks, just treats, and a fun-filled life of leisure.

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