5 Reasons Why a Fiberglass Backyard Pool is Better than a Beach Vacation

5 Amazing Reasons Why a Fiberglass Backyard Pool is Better than a Beach Vacation

5 Reasons Why a Fiberglass Backyard Pool is Better than a Beach Vacation

When it comes to beach vacations, there are many options available to you. Whether domestic or international, beach vacations are definitely a popular choice among travel enthusiasts. When you are at the beach, you can enjoy many wonderful benefits:

  • Soothing salt water.
  • An opportunity to work out in the waves.
  • Exposure to essential vitamin D.
  • An opportunity to clear the mental clutter.
  • A chance to detox from the chaotic pace of life.
  • A place to spend time with family and friends creating fantastic memories.

Alternatively, going to the beach can also come with a few downsides. So, what if we told you that you could enjoy all of the benefits of the beach without the hassles – and expenses – that often come with travel?

With an inground fiberglass backyard swimming pool from Leisure Pools™, you can indulge in a staycation every day without leaving your home and still reap all of the exciting rewards that come with relaxing by the water’s edge, soaking up the sun, and casting all your cares away for the day.

 Top 5 Reasons a Fiberglass Pool is Better than the Beach

Yes, beaches can be breathtakingly beautiful places to visit and can be a great place to curate some pretty spectacular memories with your family and friends. However, if your primary goal is to have a nice place to swim and to spend time near the water, there are many exciting reasons why a fiberglass backyard pool is just as good as an option, if not better than, going to the beach.

 1.) The water in a pool is cleaner than the water in the ocean. From a distance, the sea may appear to be so clean, blue, and pristine, but when you examine it a bit more closely, it can change its visual tone. The ocean contains a variety of contaminants, natural debris, human-related pollution, and more that can end up making you ill if ingested. However, with a fiberglass pool, you are in the driver’s seat. First of all, you control the chemicals going into your pool. Plus, you can maintain a cleaning schedule to make sure your pool water is always safe and healthy. (And if you want to spend more time just chilling by the water’s edge, ask a professional to do the “dirty work” for you!) Additionally, with a salt-water chlorinator, you can enjoy the benefits of a salt water pool that just might make you feel as if you really are swimming in the ocean!

Advantages of a home fiberglass pool over a beach vacation

2.) Having a backyard pool is more convenient than traveling to the beach. We agree that spending a day at the beach can be quite relaxing. Nevertheless, in order to actually get to the beach, you have to spend countless hours planning your vacation, dealing with crowds at the airport or contending with other drivers on the road, finding someone to watch after your pets and your home, and so much more. Then, you may have to wait for additional services at restaurants, hotels, and restrooms. Finally, unless you actually live relatively close to a beach, you have to pack up all of your supplies so you can have access to them on your “vacation.” Wouldn’t it be easier and less stressful to just walk right out your backdoor into a relaxing and inviting oasis made just for you? In a matter of minutes, you are already well on your way to getting rid of the mental clutter and chaos of everyday life.

3.) A backyard pool equates to privacy. Even the best of beach vacations can have downsides. More often than not, you will have to contend with crowds. If it is tranquility you seek, you may not find it in heaping helpings while at the shore. When you have a backyard pool, tranquility and peace are always at your disposal.

4.) A backyard pool is much safer than the ocean. When you swim in the ocean, you run the risk of encountering any number of sea creatures: jellyfish, sharks, and more, Further, you are up against the unpredictability of the waves, riptides, and dangerous undertows. Even for the most advanced swimmers, these represent great hazards. A pool, on the other hand, is absent of these risks. Plus, you can always keep a close eye on your kids and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing where they are.

5.) You can control the temperature of the water with a backyard pool. Ocean water can be quite chilly in certain geographic regions. As a result, you may not be able to swim as comfortably as you’d prefer. However, with a heated fiberglass backyard swimming pool, you can enjoy all of the physical and mental benefits of swimming every day of the year.

The Backyard Pool vs. The Beach Checklist

As you can see, the benefits of having a fiberglass backyard pool reflect all the benefits of going to the beach…and more:

  • Access to soothing salt water (if you choose to integrate a salt-water chlorinator).
  • Access to a great workout while swimming or doing some resistance training in the pool.
  • Access to lots of good ol’ vitamin D from the sun.
  • Access to a clear mind as you toss your cares away for the day.
  • Access to creating the best memories with your family and friends.
  • Access to a private oasis that YOU own, control, and can design to fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

As always, Leisure Pools is ready to help you discover the Life of Leisure you deserve. Instead of reaching out to a travel agent or accessing your preferred travel web site, why not connect with a local dealer who can put the best staycation plans in place for you? Further, take a minute to peruse our Brochure and our Great Ideas Pack, as well. Then, just close your eyes and begin dreaming about discovering paradise right in your backyard whenever you please.

Safer cleaner and more private: advantages of a home pool

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