getting a fiberglass pool in the fall

Is It Too Late to Get an Inground Backyard Fiberglass Swimming Pool in the Fall?

getting a fiberglass pool in the fall

Springtime seems like the ideal time to get an inground backyard pool, doesn’t it? After all, thoughts of warmer months are usually at top of mind at this point. In most places throughout the United States, when people think of swimming and inground backyard swimming pools, they think of summer. So, if you decide to wait until September, October, or even later to get a swimming pool, are you out of luck and have you made the craziest decision of your life? No…and no. Just because summer has packed its bags for the season doesn’t mean you can’t get the backyard pool of your dreams installed. Actually, getting a backyard pool in the fall has many benefits.

If you’ve put away your swim trunks for the season but still feel the need to take the plunge by getting a beautiful inground fiberglass swimming pool, here are five compelling reasons to get one now. Just because the leaves are starting to fall doesn’t mean you have to put your backyard pool dreams to sleep for the winter.

5 Amazing Reasons to Get a Backyard Pool in the Fall

1. The weather.

Typically speaking, when September and October roll around, most areas in the country notice a decrease in rain. The weather conditions at this time of the year are actually quite conducive to pool installations. Plus. The ground is drier and harder, thanks to the summer moisture drying up. Not only is drier soil easier to deal with for construction purposes, but it is also cleaner. This makes it easier for all that heavy machinery and trucks to get the installation completed. Further, there is less chance for damage to your lawn that you typically might get when installing a pool in wetter seasons.

2. Landscaping.

The fall is an ideal time to work on the landscape in your backyard. Most homeowners enjoy landscaping around their pool, especially after it has been installed. Sod and many shrubs, trees, and bulbs perform well when you plant them in the fall. You can get started on creating your backyard paradise now. There’s no need to wait until next summer.

3. Less Anxiety and Reduced Wait Times.

Let’s face it. During the summer months, pool builders are notably busy. They will have several projects going on at the same time. When you are in that rotation, you could have to wait a bit longer to get your inground backyard fiberglass pool installed. However, if you decided to do this in the fall, your wait time could be dramatically reduced. The pool builders most likely have more time on their hands. They can quickly move your project along at a faster pace. As a result, you don’t have the associated anxiety you might have if you did this in the summer. Can you imagine wanting to go for a swim, but you have to wait just a little bit longer? With your pool installed in the fall, you will be ready to go come swim season next year.

4. Be prepared.

When you install your inground backyard pool in the fall, you have all winter and spring to prepare yourself in so many ways. First of all, you can take this time to learn how to care for your pool. Secondly, you can familiarize yourself with the pool’s maintenance system. Next, you can finish up any backyard projects. And finally, you can make those final payments. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of that work behind you when you are ready to race outside the backdoor to jump into your pool next summer?

5. Taxes.

While this may not be your favorite subject, it demands a bit of our attention. In many cases, an interest you spend financing your swimming pool in the current year can possibly be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year. However, we do advise you speak with a tax advisor first before making any assumptions in this regard.

Install Now and Avoid the Rush

If you are seriously considering getting that inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool of which you have been dreaming, the fall is a great time to push that idea forward. The summer rush for pool installations is winding down. Pool installers may not be as busy as they typically are during the rush of summer. As a result, your pool project will most likely get started sooner and completed much quicker.

Get More Mileage out of Your Inground Backyard Fiberglass Pool with a Spa

a luxurious spa installed with a fiberglass swimming pool in the fall

If you want to start enjoying your backyard paradise before summer rolls around again, consider getting one of the luxurious spas available from Leisure Pools. Choose between The Calvi Spa™, The Sorrento Spa™, or The Amalfi Spa™. When installed in conjunction with your inground backyard pool, you can enjoy the delights of dipping into the water throughout the year. These beautifully crafted spas allow you to soak in luxuriously heated water for the ultimate in relaxation and bliss. Simply get in, sit down, close your eyes, and dream about how you will enjoy your inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool next summer. You will have so much fun and enjoyment using your spa on a regular basis this winter that next summer will eb here before you know it.

Discover the exciting benefits of a pool and spa combo from Leisure Pools here.

At Leisure Pools, our focus is on providing high quality inground fiberglass pools and spas. If you want to know more about our available pool and spa options or just want to learn more about our installation process, call 855-857-7527. We will connect you to a pool dealer/installer near you.

Let’s get started on the life of leisure you deserve.

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