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The Waterwall

The Leisure Pools Waterwall is available in two sizes and has been designed with timeless style providing endless possibilities and the most generous waterfall coverage in mind.

The Waterwall Specifications

Leisure Pools® is proud to release the Waterwall, an exclusive, design-patented waterfall. This simple, yet unique water feature can be installed adjacent to any Leisure Pool® to not only create a beautiful centerpiece, but also the calming sounds of cascading water.


The Waterwall is available in 2 sizes (3’ 11” or 7” 10” in length). Leisure Pools® has also created an innovative nook into the back of the Waterwall that can allow for hidden poolside storage.


The Waterwall comes standard in a Desert finish and ready for cladding or tiling. Alternative, other color finishes are available. The Waterwall can also be fitted with L.E.D. lighting to produce a spectacular night feature.

7' 10"2' 0"2' 0"
3' 11"2' 0"2' 0"

The Waterwall Finishes

The Leisure Pools Water Feature is available in a range of colors including Ivory, Dessert and Basalt. Each of these colors are a rough texture finish providing a rendered look.

Alternatively, in order to really customize your water feature to suit your landscape many customers will have the Water Feature finished in a variety of products from mosaic tiles, stack stone cladding to tiles. All of these finishes can be adhered onto the Water Feature providing a beautiful finish to the swimming pool landscape.

The Waterwall Options

Leisure Pools recognizes that every customer is different. With each Leisure Pools water feature you are able to customize it with various water flow options.

Installed in each Leisure Pools Water Feature is a sheer descent that controls the flow of water to create a stunning envelope of water effect. To maximise its streamline design there are 4 sheer descent options to suit your tastes with the Waterwall 2400 and 2 sheer descent options with the Waterwall 1200.

OptionDetails - Waterwall 2400
Option 12' silk flow
Option 22' silk flow and 2 x 12" silk flow
OptionDetails - Waterwall 1200
Option 12' silk flow
Option 22' silk flow and 2 x 12" silk flow

The Waterwall Lighting

A water feature will in itself make a beautiful addition to accompany your new Leisure Pools swimming pool. But why not make it even more spectacular with some creative lighting options to show off your beautiful pool and water feature at night!

The Waterwall Pricing

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  • or just to provide initial information and ideas to help you throughout this process of installing an inground swimming pool

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