Life of Leisure: The Leisure Pools Story

At Leisure Pools, we’re thrilled to have served over 50,000 families to date in 22 different countries through a network of 400 dealers. We’re pleased to share the joy and memories of pool ownership with so many people across the globe. Before Leisure Pools achieved this significant global reach, our company had a humble beginning in Yatala, located in Queensland, Australia.

The company began with our company president, David Pain, along with his father and mother nearly 20 years ago in a space not much larger than a three-car garage. The company flourished from its ability to develop new designs, new innovations and the most spectacular pools in the world. The company has been committed to building quality pools that will provide a lifetime of good times spent with family and friends.

We hope you’ll take a couple minutes to learn more about Leisure Pools’ intriguing history and how the company came to be what it is today as David shares the Leisure Pools story and wishes everyone a Life of Leisure.

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