Full Circle Pool Care


“To make swimming pool ownership even simpler, we have developed the Leisure Pools Full Circle Pool Care program.”


The Leisure Pools Full Circle Pool Care program has been developed to make ownership of a Leisure Pools swimming pool simple, easy, low maintenance and low cost. The Leisure Pools Full Circle Pool Care program has been developed to offer the following amazing benefits:

  • The right pool chemicals and pool maintenance products shipped directly to your home.
  • Leisure Pools has selected the correct chemicals so you do not void your Leisure Pools Warranty.
  • Regular emails and instructional videos to simply explain how to maintain your swimming pool.
  • Speak with a Leisure Pools Pool Care Expert to provide advice and guidance on maintaining your swimming pool when you require.
  • Save money by buying direct from the manufacturer and avoid unnecessary pool care products.

One of the major benefits of the Full Circle Pool Care program is that you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, providing you with the not only the right advice, but the opportunity to save money at the same time. We have found that many pool stores and pool maintenance companies simply do not know how to correctly care for, or maintain, a composite fiberglass swimming pool, often prescribing expensive chemicals that you do not need. This can lead to frustration both in terms of costing more money and using products that could potentially damage the surface of your swimming pool.

How It Works

Step 1Complete the "Request More Information Form."
Step 2A Leisure Pools Pool Care Expert will contact you to provide pricing and answer any questions you have.

From here, you can enroll in the "Full Circle Pool Care" program.
Step 3Leisure Pools will ship to your home at regular intervals, the pool care products that are required for your Leisure Pools swimming pool.
Step 4Leisure Pools will email you regularly to provide you with simple-to-follow instructions on how to care for your swimming pool.
Step 5Relax and enjoy your new Leisure Pools swimming pool, knowing that you have the most simple and cost-effective program to maintain your swimming pool.

Request More Information Form

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