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Suction Cleaner Overview


While Robotic Cleaners are a superior automatic pool cleaner, there is the cost effective option of an automatic suction cleaner.

Leisure Pools uses the PoolCleaner™ suction cleaner.

All the PoolCleaner™ cleaners have the patented self-adjusting turbines, which maximizes the power from the water flow and allow for the easy passage of large debris.

The PoolCleaner™ has patented adjustable skirts that allow the cleaner to maintain optimal suction under the machine even when it encounters obstacles.

The PoolCleaner™ comes with a patented automatic bypass valve that regulates the suction to the PoolCleaner™. This bypass valve regulates the suction so that the PoolCleaner™ does not exceed the optimal 11-13 RPM (revolutions per minute). This Bypass Valve serves another important purpose. Should your PoolCleaner™ get clogged by an object the valve will snap into a completely open position, preventing your pump from running dry. Once in this completely open position, the system must be turned off, the cause of the problem identified and solved, and then the Bypass Valve must be manually reset.



Suction Cleaner Benefits

One of the main benefits that a suction cleaner offers is that it provides an easy and hassle free way of cleaning your swimming pool. With a suction cleaner the cleaner will automatically work its way around the swimming pool floor cleaning any leaves or debris that has fallen into the pool. The suction cleaner offers a great alternative to manually cleaning the pool yourself with the manual Handover Kit.


How does it work:

  • Suction cleaners work by having a vacuum hose connected from the suction cleaner to the skimmer box in the swimming pool.
  • When the pool pump is turned on this will draw water from the skimmer box and therefore draw water through the suction cleaner.
  • Any debris collected by the suction cleaner will get caught in the skimmer box basket.

The skimmer box basked can be easily cleaned.