Arm floaties not needed.

MaxFlo-VS500-variable-speed-pool-pump-Hayward Slide


Ledge Length

Ledge Width

Ledge Depth

10' 4"

7' 3"

1' 1"

Curved Tanning Ledge

The Opal

The combination of a curved wall and straight wall on either side of this ledge ensure an easy fit alongside any swimming pool. Spill Over options create the calming sound of cascading water, while the 1’ depth provides an ideal place to bask in the sun or a safe area for young children to play.

Creates a soothing ambience of a restful waterfalll

Ideal for adult relaxation, sunbathing and children’s play

Elevates the surrounding environment with the artistry of a water feature focal point





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The Leisure Pools® range of Tanning Ledges serve as the ultimate addition to any swimming pool. The popularity of Tanning Ledges continues to increase, and for good reason; these shallow depth structures create an ideal space for adults to lounge and bask in the sun, and a shallow space for children to play.

Tanning Ledges can either be installed standalone or positioned as a natural focal point alongside a swimming pool. Integrated spill overs naturally elevate the surrounding environment with the soothing ambience and tranquil sounds of flowing water. These versatile ledges can also be easily retrofitted with eye-catching bubbler jets.

Leisure Pools® offers Tanning Ledges in three different configurations and various spillover options, allowing you to choose the style that best compliments your Leisure Pools® swimming pool.

Stand Alone Tanning Ledges come with the Tanning Ledge Plumbing Kit that includes everything necessary to set up your new Tanning Ledge.


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