Valentine’s Day is Almost Here: Create Romance with a Pool

The most romantic holiday of the year is only two weeks away: Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate romance and your loved one, but pool owners are in luck. When you have your own pool, you can enjoy romantic experiences throughout the year right in your own backyard oasis!

These are some of the top ways pool owners can enjoy pool-side romance without ever leaving their home:

A Romantic Staycation:  A pool is a great way to escape the frenzy of every day life.  With a pool, you can put the phone down, turn on romantic music, and feel like you’re on your own mini vacation with your date.  It’s a great way to feel like you’re in paradise without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

Relax and Enjoy Each Other: A pool provides an environment where you can relax and de-stress, making your time with your loved one even more enjoyable.

Date Night Without Leaving Home: When you have kids and pets, sometimes it’s difficult to leave the house, even for a date night.  With a pool, you can put the kids to bed and have an entertaining and romantic evening right in your own backyard

Budget-friendly Night Out: Skip the fancy restaurants with the expensive menu items you can’t even pronounce.  A pool provides an atmosphere that will make your date nights feel luxurious without breaking your budget.

Moon Lit Romance: Moonlight has quite a romantic feel.  Imagine taking a relaxing night time dip in the pool under the moon while listening to crickets and enjoying a night cap with your date. Need an activity for your date night?  Recline poolside while counting the many shooting stars lighting up the night sky.

Get to Know Your Date: Why go out to a noisy establishment when you have a serene pool?  With a pool you can enjoy conversations and can get to know one another without having to talk over people.

Dining Al Fresco: Everything is better by a pool.  Instead of cooking for your date in the kitchen, you can grill dinner outside in the fresh air.  Or have your own poolside picnic instead of carrying your picnic basket to the park.

Get Spicy with a Spa:  If it’s a chilly evening, you and your date can get cozy and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the spa.

Make Your Own Special Place: A pool provides a place where you and your date or loved can not only create romance, but can look forward to enjoying it in the future.  Your pool can become your own special place.

Up the romance factor all while enjoying all the benefits of pool ownership.  Contact Leisure Pools today ( and get Swimming in Quality and Style.