Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Pool

Kids have already started back to school in most areas and stores are stocking fall clothing. But, summer isn’t over until September 22 and warm weather is still here. Before you begin lamenting over the end of summer–and prime pool season, let’s take a step back and appreciate that summer is still here, and make the most of it!

1. Take Advantage of Sale Items

As stores begin preparing for fall and turning over their inventories, pool related items are on sale! With a solid month (or more) left of warm weather, long days and relaxing afternoons by the pool, why not stock up on discounted items? Swimwear, flip flops and sandals, pool towels, pool floats, lounge chairs, tikki torches–you name it, are all on sale. Sure, the selection may be more slim than the start of the season, but the discounted pricing may be worth it.

2. Private Pool Time While the Kids are in School

Pools are a wonderful place to enjoy pool time and create memories with your kids. If you’re a parent, you may find it challenging though to have peaceful alone time at the pool without rambunctious children. As kids start back to school and enjoying after school activities, you can have the pool all to your self! Plan some quiet time to enjoy your reading or to catch up on sleep–or even to spend quality time with your spouse or significant other.

3. Plan an End of Season Pool Party

Before the weather turns cool, plan an end of summer bash. So that you have ample time to plan, start now and begin inviting friends and family. There’s always time for one more pool party–or two!

4. Make the Most of the Warm Fresh Air

In many climates, once winter rolls around it will be too chilly to enjoy your outdoor patio or to enjoy meals outdoors. There are many benefits to fresh air, so be sure to get outdoors and enjoy your pool space. Whether it’s a family BBQ by the pool, post-dinner pool side drinks or a night time dip before bed, plan the time to get outdoors and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!

5. Start Planning a Pool (or Spa) Purchase

If you don’t yet have a pool, why not start now planning for one? There’s never a bad time to start planning your pool purchase, and this way you’ll have it for the start of next summer. If you already have a pool, this would be a good time to consider a spa. In the winter months, you’ll be glad you installed on!


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